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Russell Wilson: “I believe God placed me in this city for a reason”

Russell Wilson and the Super Bowl? He says he was destined for it.

He told the Seattle Seahawks before Sunday’s NFC Championship game that they were there for a reason. Now with Seattle searching for its first Super Bowl in franchise history, he believes this is the team that is destined to bring it the Lombardi Trophy.

“I believe God placed me in this city for a reason,” Wilson said. “I’m going to trust that. That never wavers for me. I’m going to trust that the Lord has put me here for a reason and

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Richard Sherman: “I wasn’t committing any crimes, doing anything illegal, I was showing passion.”

Richard Sherman spoke in a press conference for the first time since the now viral interview following the NFC Championship victory against the San Francisco 49ers when he called wide receiver Michael Crabtree “sorry” and said he is the best cornerback in the game. It came minutes after sealing the Seahawks’ victory with a deflection of a pass to Crabtree in the end zone that linebacker Malcolm Smith corralled for the interception.

Here is most of what Sherman had to say:

It is what it is. Things like that happen

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Kam Chancellor: Let 49ers do the talking and Seattle the playing

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor has heard the yapping from the 49ers wide receivers, specifically Anquan Boldin, in past games.

He said if the Seahawks let the 49ers do the talking, keep the emotions in check and let them distract themselves with all of the chatter, Seattle has a good chance to win this weekend.

That was one of the highlights of Chancellor’s press conference today. Here’s most of the rest of what he had to say:

What kind of challenge are the 49ers receivers for you?

I think

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Golden Tate: “Every now and then we make a boneheaded mistake”

The boneheaded plays will be costly.

That was one of the highlights of what Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate spoke about today. He referred to it as “keeping on schedule” and said as long as they veer from penalties that could hurt drives and big plays, the Seahawks have a great chance to win this weekend when they host the San Francisco 49ers.

He also spoke on Percy Harvin and seemed very confident this receiving core is just fine without him and has made the big plays all season to

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News, notes and quotes Wednesday: Harvin on the run

In addition to the possible return to practice of Brandon Browner, Percy Harvin was back in the mix Wednesday doing some light running.

Pete Carroll once again said Harvin is day-to-day, and was cryptic when asked what procedure Harvin had done over the weekend.

“Doctor’s procedure stuff,” Carroll said. “They did some stuff to him to make sure he was relieving and kind of inflammation. He’s in good shape now. He won’t practice today, but he will run and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

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Seahawks 27, Titans 17: Postgame reader reaction blog

AP photo

The postgame read reaction blog is back and ready for your emotional venting, nonsensical ranting and logical thoughts. Remember this is the preseason so lets not overreact. Forget that, go crazy if you want to.

1. What did you think of Matt Flynn’s performance? Did you like the tempo and the accuracy? What didn’t you like?

2. What did you think of Russell Wilson’s performance? Did you like the playmaking and the improvisation? What didn’t you like?

3. The first-team defense didn’t play a lot, but what are your thoughts on the unit?

4. Which player surprised you the most in the first game, and why?
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