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Golden Tate: “Every now and then we make a boneheaded mistake”

The boneheaded plays will be costly.

That was one of the highlights of what Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate spoke about today. He referred to it as “keeping on schedule” and said as long as they veer from penalties that could hurt drives and big plays, the Seahawks have a great chance to win this weekend when they host the San Francisco 49ers.

He also spoke on Percy Harvin and seemed very confident this receiving core is just fine without him and has made the big plays all season to

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Sunday Primer: Bad blood, Jon Ryan’s hang time and bacon in cookies

Richard Sherman was happy during the first game against the 49ers. / AP photo
Richard Sherman was happy during the first game against the 49ers. / AP photo

Good morning.

Let’s get rolling with Seahawks stuff:

> My advance of the game talks about a lot of the “bad blood” quotes are coming out of San Francisco while the Seahawks sit back and let it be. Maybe that’s because the 49ers need this game much more than Seattle.

> Our Dave Boling writes about the stunning lack of yardage allowed by the punt team. I know we’ve touched on this prior, but the numbers just continue to get more ridiculous. From Boling:

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Sunday Primer: Maxwell steps in, Tate talks some trash and jambalaya is served

Good morning.

Let’s get to it with Seahawks stuff:

> Our Dave Boling writes about Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane being a big part of things at cornerback now.

> I wrote about Percy Harvin stopping and starting, and that this is a situation that will likely continue.

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Seahawks 41, Vikings 20: Postgame reaction thread


All right. There it is: 10-1, and a bye week. The Seahawks put together their second consecutive blowout, dominating the Vikings in the second half of a 41-20 win.

With two weeks off, and everything rolling, let’s take a quick look back and then forward with our questions today:

1. Who gets the game ball in the win? Who is the goat?

2. How do you grade the team so far heading into the break?

3. What should be the Seahawks’ biggest focus during the bye week?

4. Now that we’ve seen Percy Harvin, what are your expectations of

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