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March 20, 2012 12:09 pm


QB Matt Flynn
Status: Signed a 3-year, $26 million deal with Seattle

DT Jason Jones
Status: Signed a one-year, $4.5 million deal with Seattle.

OG Steve Hutchinson
Status: Former Seahawk visited Seattle last week, but signed a three-year, $16 million deal, $6 million guaranteed with Tennessee.

TE Visanthe Shiancoe
Status: Visited Seattle this week.

TE Jacob Tamme
Status: Visited Seattle this week.

CB Corey Graham
Status: Visited Seattle last week.

RB Mike Bush
Status: Scheduled to visit Seattle today, currently in Cincinnati.


RB Marshawn Lynch
Status: Signed a four-year, $32 million deal, $17 million guaranteed.

OT Breno Giacomini
Status: Signed a two-year, $6 million deal.

LB Heath Farwell
Status: Signed a 3-year deal.

DE Red Bryant
Status: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Bryant signed a 5-year, $35 million deal, with $14.5 guaranteed.

OL Paul McQuistan
Status: Re-signed with Seattle on a two-year, $4 million deal.

FB Michael Robinson
Status: Signed a two-year, $5 million deal to stay in Seattle.


TE John Carlson
Status: Carlson signed a five-year, $25 million deal with Minnesota, including $11 million guaranteed.

OL Mike Gibson
Status: Signed a two-year deal with Philadelphia.

OG Robert Gallery
Status: Signed a one-year deal with New England.

S Atari Bigby
Status: Signed a two-year, $2.5 million deal with San Diego.

QB Charlie Whitehurst
Status: Signed a two-year, $4 million deal with San Diego.

LB David Hawthorne
Status: Scheduled to visit New Orleans on Friday

CB Marcus Trufant
Status: Released just before the start of free agency, visited Denver.


DE Raheem Brock, RB Justin Forsett, DL Anthony Hargrove, LB Leroy Hill, LB Matt McCoy, LB David Vobora, DE Jimmy Wilkerson, DB Roy Lewis, DT Clinton McDonald, CB Kennard Cox.

NFL free agency
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  1. wallinator says:

    Come on John Schneider & Pete Carroll…….give us something good on day 1 of free agency!

  2. NYHawkFan says:

    Get in the mix Seahawks! Get Williams and Flynn out to Seattle for an interview!

  3. Dukeshire says:

    This would be a nice regular feature, during the early part of FA.

  4. Brandon Marshall to the Bears, getting back with Cutler. I’m guessing Reggie Wayne and Peyton Manning is logical to land in Miami, who does Miami have at receiver right now, besides Bess who is nothing more than a good slot guy.

  5. ChrisHolmes says:

    Even if it doesn’t happen today, as long as the front office makes the necessary moves.

    Flynn first. He’s a must have, and the more reading I do on him the more I like him.

    Williams – would fill a huge need. But I worry about the price tag. I wish this were a deeper draft for pass rushing DE’s. But all it takes is one guy, and maybe PC and JS are thinking that is what they want to address with the 12th pick.

    And if that’s the case, get some of our guys resigned with the money we would have spent on Williams.

  6. We still have no idea if our FO is interested in Flynn. We’ll know very soon.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    And it seems I say this every year at this time.

    Unless the Seahawks are in the kidnapping across State lines business they can’t force these guys to come for a visit.

    Just because Flynn and Williams aren’t here yet, may never be here for a visit, doesn’t mean the FO isn’t ‘getting busy’ and doing their job.

    It takes two sides to sign a free agent. Who’s to say Williams and Flynn haven’t told Seattle no thanks but thanks for caring enough to call? That is what Manning did, isn’t it?

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    Chad Henne to visit Seattle? WTF?!? That sounds like a move for Barkley if I ever saw one.

  9. chuck_easton says:

    Um, maybe because he’s the only one to say yes to a visit so far? Read my earlier post.

    I’m sure I can make it known I’m interested in Gizelle, but she kinda has to want to talk to me too or I’m just a stalker.

  10. Flynn in negotiations with Cleveland and Miami? Honestly, how many years will it take for Schneider and Carroll to get serious about the QB position? Love what they have done so far but at some point they need to put a priority on -and possibly overpay- a possible franchise QB.

    They have made poor choices in the QB department so far with Hassellbeck, Jackson, Whitehurst. I don’t think they are scared of missing on a QB again necessarily but I think they are so averse to overpaying for someone that they may not even get a shot at Flynn.

    With all that cap space, would it be the end of the world to swing and miss at Flynn? Is he really going to be worse than Jackson? He may not justify his salary, o.k. that’s a risk, but we are going to have to take a risk on a QB at some point to get anywhere.

    Jackson is not the solution. They passed on Dalton last year. When are they going to get serious about a QB? Stop gap journeyman QBslike Jackson and Henne (SP?) are not going to get us where we need to go. We are going to have to take a risk on a QB. I almost wish they would hire a QB-only guru to advise them. Very frustrating! Arrrrrrrgggggggg!

  11. freedom_X says:

    If Williams signs with Buffalo, he’s probably going to get a contract that totally blows away any other defensive player ever. I’d have made him the highest paid player on D, but I don’t think I’d have gone to A-Rod contract extremes to get him to sign.

  12. This is all just posturing, in preparation for trading 37 first round picks for Luck.

  13. SeahawkFan12 says:

    At this point, I’m pulling for Manning to sign with Tennessee, Tennessee to release Hasselbeck, Hasselbeck to come back to Seattle and for us to move as aggressively as we must to draft Barkley or another Top Gun in next year’s draft. I’m even cool with trading down next month as opposed to reaching fro Tannehill, who is NOT a top 15 pick in my humble opinion.

  14. This day is unfolding nothing like I thought it would. It’s surprising to someone who expected surprises.

    BM gone? In an attempt to get Manning (BMs attitude)? So, I’m like, okay, now they are going to get Wayne for Manning to throw to. Okay. Then, bam, Wayne stays in Indy, a team with no chance to be good for a couple of years. I thought for sure Wayne would want to stay home (and Miami is his home, college & off-season). I didn’t see that coming.

    Mario to a terrible team in bad weather (potentially) and having to play against Brady and the Jets (and possibly Manning)? He’s a liar if he said (which he did) it wasn’t about the money. Lets see… terrible team, not much chance to win. I don’t fault him for making as much as he can, but don’t be a liar a few weeks ago and come out and say you won’t let your decision be based soley on money if that’s what you’re really going to do (which will be obvious by going to Buffalo.

    I’m also surprised that the market is this cool on Flynn. I hope it helps us and we get involved.

    It probably sounds stupid, but I hope we sign McQuistan pretty soon. It was so nice having a decent player like that you could plug in all over.

  15. Mario going on a visit somewhere else? That’s more like it.

  16. bulldog80 says:

    With those WR changes who is going to get Manning? I’m more confused now than three days ago. You’d think we’d have an even better shot with the other teams going a different direction.

  17. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Sh1t, Finnegan signed with the Rams. I was kinda hoping he didn’t land in the NFC West.

  18. Ok maybe it’s not “about the money” but is someone is offering like WAY more than you were expecting.

    Now if he doesn’t shop around and just sign the first deal handed to you that is crazy, but if you shop and then decide that would be okay with me.

    If I was hoping to make $100,000 and someone offered me $200,000 I am pretty sure I would take it!!!

  19. nidhighe says:

    Jason Campbell signed with the Bears, so there’s another QB possibility that can be scratched off the list.

  20. nighthawk2 says:

    “He’s a liar if he said (which he did) it wasn’t about the money. Lets see… terrible team, not much chance to win. I don’t fault him for making as much as he can, but don’t be a liar a few weeks ago and come out and say you won’t let your decision be based soley on money if that’s what you’re really going to do (which will be obvious by going to Buffalo.”

    If they’re going to make you the highest paid defensive player in the league, why not? Like Vincent Jackson signing with Tampa, Williams signing with Buffalo will help attract other free agents.

    Finnegan? Blech. What I can’t figure is why they gave a 30 year old corner a $50 million contract.

    So why aren’t they making a push for one of the top 3 guards in free agency (Carl Nicks, Ben Grubbs, Bobbie Wiliams)? None of them want to visit either? Seattle suck that bad?

  21. Need a QB NOW! Tannehill may be a reach, but that kid has incredible upside and super athletic. Only one year experience, but what a year!

    OR, hope like hell Manning signs with Titans and we can pry Locker away for a small ransom. Then you draft Trent Richardson at #12. Smashmouth running game with two bionic warriors as Jake develops.

  22. Random post of the day but how good would our secondary be if we still had Josh Wilson covering slot…. Miss that guy.

    Browner, Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor, and Wilson…. That would be a very effective secondary.

  23. Some of you really didn’t think Mario Williams would be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL? Really? He has all the leverage in the world and he does, arguably, the most important thing after playing quarterback (rush the passer). Of course he’s going to get a monster contract. It’s just which team is he going to choose to make him the highest paid defender ever. It’s not like anyone has any leverage over him (like some teams do with franchise tags, another year on a contract or whatever). He owns this scenario. All I’m saying is he’s going to be unbelievably rich one way or another and he knew that and went on record as saying it “wasn’t about the money.” By him leaving Buffalo, it looks like he’s a smart man and using that crap Buffalo situation as leverage over some sucker team who he thinks he can win with (in addition to them paying him the biggest NFL defensive player contract ever).

  24. Thank the good lord posters do not run the franchise or you guys would have Flynn signed to a 18 year deal for 30 million a year with 25 of it guaranteed.
    Oh what the hell, lets just trade our next 5 #1′s to minny so we can jump to the three and make sure we get Tannehill.
    Do we need a franchise QB? HELL YES WE DO! but not at the expense of screwing the team for the next 10 years. look at the Gelbaugh, McGwire, Mirer era of the hawks. that series of blunders fucked this franchise so bad even a HOF’er like Moon couldn’t set it right.
    Even better look at the Skins, that piss poor excuse of a team has reached and whiffed for a QB so many times now even Shanahan cant seem to fix that decrepit mess. RG3 will help but even that kid will not win with a roster that bad.
    this FO is up to bat, and they are smart enough not to swing at balls but instead wait till the pitcher buts one right in the sweet spot!

  25. Seems as if i’m channeling my inner Nighthawk tonight =)

  26. I was excited for day 1 of FA and well….. now I’m not. If they sign Jones I can live with that he’s a good solid player who is versatile and will help the team. I am disappointed but that’s probably because they didn’t follow my plan I mean how could they not it was beautiful. So it’s back to guessing what they are gonna do now. I really need some Don Julio anybody else care to join me?

  27. bobby where is mario goin?

  28. bigmike04 says:

    That easy not Seattle.. Seattle is not going overpay once again for DE.. Sorry Red just not worth your contract, if all you are good is against Run than his contract should be lot cheaper 4-5 million range.. Seattle defensive could barley get to QB that was one of their problems on Defensive..

    I do think Mario Williams & his Agent are going to be holding on to the Bills contract offer & if another team is interested their going to used that as starting point..

    Who ever is hoping for Locker need to get on some good meds because Titians are not going to released a guy who is their future, if anything it will be matt.. Peyton not going to have that much control with who they signed or keep, sorry he no GM.

  29. Macabrevity says:

    Here’s how I see the Henne to Seattle deal coming about;

    JS in his office: “let’s see know, we’re interested in a back-up QB, what was his name again? I think Miami was somehow involved, let’s take a quick peek at the Dolphins depth chart on Yahoo sports… huh, Chad Henne. Is he really worth 8-10mill a year like they’re saying? Oh well, only one way to find out.”

    PC pitching the idea to Chad: “Chad buddy, you’ll never find a better place than Seattle for back-up QB’s to compete. We’re all about competition at the back-up QB position. How does that sound to you?”

    Chad: “Do I still get 8-10 Million even if I just come in to hold the clipboard?”

    Meanwhile… Flynn down in Miami: “Look, your backup just went and signed a deal for 8-10 mill, no way you’re getting me for anything less than Peyton money. Show me the money!”

  30. JS knows Flynn better than anyone on this board and better than a lot of people in the league. If he decides not to make a move, he obviously has his reasons and I fully support that.

    However, the Henne move baffles me, he was horrible last year and I just dont see him providing any sort of competition for Tjack let alone an upgrade. Sure Campbell would have been a better bet if thats the route youre going down, unless of course has been stated none of the big names want to come all the way to the PNW and play for a team that are floating around par, in a division getting a hell of a lot better and a schedule next year which on paper at least looks tough.

    I dont like the Henne move at all, but sometimes beggars cant be choosers

  31. Macabrevity with a giant swing and miss.

  32. Macabrevity says:

    Hey guys… take a joke much?

    Seriously though… PC and JS are starting to build a pretty dubious track record when it comes to QB’s.

  33. Macabrevity says:

    Also not so sure it’s true that Schneider knows Flynn all that well. He wasn’t the one who did the footwork in drafting him – I believe it was Ted Thompson who was responsible. It’s possible he has some inside track on info not available to the rest of the league, but difficult to claim that’s true just by past association. It’s not like he was QB coach at the time in GB.

  34. Soggybuc says:

    Henne actually has a nice arm and is fairly accurate, 60% completion average. his major issue is making dumb throws for too many ints.
    If you could halve that “issue” he would go from a 70 career rating to a 90 rating guy.

    While he makes bad decisions at least he makes them, as opposed to TJ who just stands and goes ‘der,derr,duerr,derr! *sack*!

  35. ChrisHolmes says:

    ” If he decides not to make a move, he obviously has his reasons and I fully support that.”

    Why on Earth would you support someone who, up to this point, hasn’t shown any ability to understand or properly evaluate the QB position at the NFL level?

    What has JS (or PC) done since their tenure here to instill confidence that they know what they are doing with the most important position on the team?

    Let’s examine their track record with regards to quarterbacks, shall we?

    1) Dumped Matt Hasselbeck. The smartest, most capable and most proven QB on the team. We could have retained him for a 2-year deal and modest money. Ooooops.

    2) Overpaid in terms of draft picks AND money for Charlie Whitehurst, who previously had no starting experience and had NOT shown the potential of other guys like Matt Flynn or Kevin Kolb. Charlie subsequently stunk and is now a FA.

    3) Passed on Andy Dalton in the draft last year and instead drafted OL Carpenter. Dalton went on to have a great rookie season (would have been rookie of the year if not for Newton) and looks to be a legit starting QB. Oh, and that didn’t come out of nowhere either – Dalton had a lot of pre-draft hype and several mocks had Seattle picking him. Peter King thought Dalton was going to Seattle too, but alas, unfortunately for Peter, he didn’t know that the Seahawks Front Office doesn’t actually understand how to evaluate the QB position.

    4) Pass on Ryan Mallet (twice) in the draft. I’ve beat this horse dead. We should have drafted him. Moving on…

    5) Brought in Tavaris Jackson to helm the team in 2011, despite Jackson’s horrible four year performance in Minnesota and the fact that no one else in the NFL wanted the guy, because everyone else already knew he sucked. And what did we get? That’ right: suckage. Only one problem – the rest of our team improved so much that we didn’t suck enough for Luck or RGIII. The team won despite Jackson’s horrible performances. So now we’re not in a position to draft one of the two obvious franchise-changers.

    So yeah, PC and JS have obviously made so many GOOD decision at the QB position that we should trust them blindly, right? I mean, it’s so clear! These guys clearly know what they’re doing!

    I like what PC and JS have done with the other 21 positions on the field. But their ability to evaluate QB talent and to evaluate the important traits and characteristics of great QB play is clearly lacking. They give me the impression that they do not have a clue what they are doing with regards to Quarterback. They give me the impression that they simply do not value the position appropriately. And they give me the impression that they do not understand what tools make a QB good or successful at the NFL level.

    This is going to be one of those things where I’m just going to have to shut my mouth now, wait a couple years, and come back when these two clowns have been fired and ask ya’ll: How did you like those PC and JS years everyone? Wasn’t that a fun waste of time?

    Because right now, that’s what this is. A waste of time. They’re building a hell of a team at the other 21 positions on the field, but it’s a complete WASTE if they don’t understand the QB position. This is like spending your days hand-crafting bullets and then going to war without a freakin’ gun in your holster.

  36. Southendzone says:

    Really like Chicago’s moves so far. A backup QB that isn’t horrible and a big threat at WR are 2 huge needs for them. Two third rounders isn’t a bad price for Marshall at all.

    Am concerned though that the Hawks aren’t mentioned as being in contact with Flynn though. Who gives a crap about Henne? He’s not that bad but not really an upgrade. I don’t see the point.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who knows- perhaps the FO is looking at all the money that they wasted last year on free agents and are holding back this year until some of the more ridiculous signings are done.

    Mabey we will get lucky in the draft and find a future qb.

  38. Eric – Has your team source said if the Seahawks have totally given up on the Manning thing? The reason I ask is because keep reading here and there about a possible “mystery” team swooping in and potentially landing him. And, really, as demoralized as I am about our QB situation, I at least want something to hold on to so I don’t have to think about the reality of what we have and what we may be bringing in.

    Mac – I got your joke and thought it was pretty funny. Aside from QB, we all know they know their stuff but that doesn’t mean we can have fun once in awhile:)

    mad – I have no idea.

    Chris – I enjoy your QB rants. Misery likes company:)

  39. chuck_easton says:

    The Browns have dropped out of the Flynn bidding. They don’t want him.

    I know this is going to drive all of us arm chair GM’s crazy, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, all these teams know something about Flynn that we do not?

    Perhaps that is why he isn’t signed?

    Maybe he’s asking for WAY too much money?

    Sit tight guys.

    I’d rather have the team continue to build a winning team from the ground up, than to panic and grab the next Cassell, Kolb, or Mitchell in desperation.

    TJack is not great, but he doesn’t stink either. I’m going to be patient here and accept that the team is waiting for the right QB not just any QB.

  40. Seahawks2620 says:

    I cannot help but be overly dramatic about the start of free agency!
    The Rams have signed Cortland Finnegan, and are on the verge of signing Jason Jones. And everyone alluding to the fact that they have been able to find talent in the draft, you are correct. However, no one is guaranteed to succeed in the NFL. I would like a proved pass rusher for this team. If there hope is that we are just going to drastically improve from last year by standing pat with the current roster, they are delusional. It just isn’t going to happen, not with the improvements and additions that the other teams in the division are making.

    They really need to step it up a bit. I don’t want a “splash”, I just feel as if we definitely need some improvement. We need some players guys.

  41. Seahawks2620 says:


  42. FleaFlicker says:

    Let’s be real about “losing” Hass to free agency. The way the O-line started the year, Matt would have lasted about four games. It would have been an $8 million price tag to put a guy on IR by Halloween.

  43. Seahawks2620 says:

    This FO is gone next year if we produce another 7-9 season. They need to move.

  44. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Chris – I enjoy your QB rants. Misery likes company:)”

    Thanks BobbyK :-)

    Loved this team since I was a child… so hard to sit back and watch the most important position go unattended.

    @FleaFlicker – I tend to agree with that assessment. I mean, TJack got hurt as well. I think anyone behind that green line was going to get hurt. But that said – Matt’s still a way better QB than TJack will ever be. And if I’m an owner of an NFL franchise, I want the best players I can get at every position while still staying under the salary cap. I owe that to the fans who pay my bills.

    Anyway, it’s Day 2. Let’s see what shakes out. I’m still hopeful about Flynn.

  45. Hey Chris,

    “Because right now, that’s what this is. A waste of time”

    I guess when Paul sees what you see and the “clowns” that are Pete and JS are fired he should come knocking at your door as you obviously are far better at evalauating NFL players and in particular QB’s from your armchair.Its easy in hindsight about Datlton and Mallet isnt it.

    Ill give you Charlie that was a dumb decision and one thats not worked out, the remainder I feel they played a reasonable hand with the cards they were dealt.

    The O-line had been a point of contention for several years and needed addressing before any QB was bought in and so they made that decision rather than taking a young raw QB who would have been murdered behind a sub par line, the same could be said for Hass, how many games would he have lasted at the start of the season.

    TJack isnt the answer long term but he isnt garbage either and given the tools he had to work with last year, being a continually banged up O-line and continually injured receivers his production wasnt as bad as many want to moan about.

    Looking at the options this year, tell me should we overpay for a QB that JS has history with on the basis of 2 pro games or should we reach for a rookie QB when everyone had him going end of the first or early 2nd round only a few weeks ago.

    I guess you should get in touch with Pete and JS and offer your services as they clearly cant evaluate QB’s and really have no clue what they are doing

  46. Seahawks2620 says:

    Like I have said, you can take care of your players all day, but you have to add players from the outside. The Rams of last year are not the team that you will see in 2012. They will be much better if they can just stay healthy. A healthy Bradford and offensive line, as well as signing a wide receiver or two and they have the already feisty defense now with Finnegan and most likely Jason Jones. It’s gonna be a long year. I would like to say that we would be able to compete without bolstering our pass rush, but I just don’t see it. Banking on a healthy season giving us the 3 or 4 more wins we will need just to make the playoffs, is ludicrous.

  47. Seahawks2620 says:

    Looks like Flynn is set to visit Seattle on Thursday night, into Friday. Per Adam Schefter.

  48. Seahawks2620 says:

    Henne is visiting before that, this afternoon.

  49. I love you!

  50. About the Flynn part:)

  51. I see the Seahawks offering Flynn a 3 year, $20m contract and a chance to compete with Jackson as the starter. I thought Cleveland would go the 6 year, $66m Kevin Kolb route, but it looks like they have no interest.

    However, when Manning turns Miami down, I see them going Kolb like for Flynn.

  52. Seahawks2620 says:

    Haha yeah. I figured it wasn’t about the Henne part.

  53. Seahawks2620 says:

    Fortunately I am on leave all week. So I have nothing to do but look for Seahawks updates and hang out with my wife. haha

  54. ChrisHolmes says:

    @Boycie I didn’t call them “clowns”. Don’t put words in my mouth.

    I’m being, what I feels, is objectively critical of their personnel evaluation skills for ONE position on the team. That’s it.

    I think I’ve stated several times that I really like what they’re doing with the other 21 positions on the field. We’ve seen some serious upgrades in talent since Holmgren left. I’m particularly pleased with our secondary considering it’s long been a weakness of this franchise.

    But that said, you do realize there is NOTHING WRONG with being critical of someone’s performance, right? I mean, why is it okay for us to be critical of Aaron Curry’s play, but not PC and JS’s QB evaluation skills or QB choices? Where’s the difference? They both affect the outcome of games…

    And I’m not being mean-spirited about this. And I don’t feel like anything I’ve said has crossed over into the mean-spirited territory.

    And I’m not talking about hindsight. I’m talking about evaluating their work up to this point as a FO tandem. It’s THEIR JOB to get this stuff right. There is NOTHING WRONG with taking an honest look at the job they’ve done over their tenure as front office leaders on this team and see what they’ve done and what they haven’t done. And history is not being kind to them. This is not me being mean – this is them missing on QB’s.

    Don’t try and shift responsibility away from where it should rest. The responsibility to identify and procure talent is the job of the front office. For 21 positions on the field, PC and JS have done a good job. For the most important position, they’ve been pathetic. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to examine the evidence and draw conclusions that possibly these two guys, together, just don’t understand what it takes to be a successful NFL QB.

    And I’m not saying their evaluation techniques are lacking; these guys have to be watching film and doing their research.

    What I’m saying, and what I’ve been saying, is that given their history and the results we’ve seen so far, they do not **appear** to value the characteristics that are common among successful **NFL** QB’s. College is a different game. And what I am seeing is two guys who appear to value traits that would make for successful college QB’s. But that doesn’t work in the pros.

    You think they’ve done a good job with the cards they’ve been dealt. Great. That’s your opinion. I’m expressing mine as well. We’re all free to do that. And I won’t be stooping to the level of attacking you personally with some sarcastic remarks about your GM skills. Get it?

    I’m being critical of the two people who count: PC and JS. They still have time to right the ship. But that time WILL run out. Fans won’t sit for this sort of management. If PC and JS continue to FAIL to identify a quality QB for this franchise, they WILL get fired. That won’t be me doing the firing; that will be Paul Allen. And he’ll be justified, I think, if a year from now we’re still lamenting the failures of Tavaris Jackson and appear to still have no clear path to a QB of the future.

    This isn’t me being mean. This is THEIR JOB. They have to do it. They have to find an answer at QB. It’s the MOST IMPORTANT position in all of sports. Right now, they are failing at their job.

    I’m hoping they right the ship. Because honestly, I think they’re putting together one heck of a roster at the other positions. And I think with good QB this team is young enough and talented enough to contend for several years…

  55. Hammajamma says:

    Just heard Millen on KJR. On TJack’s QB rating:

    Ahead by 16+ points — 111
    Down by 6+ points — 70

    His take is that TJ can’t make clutch plays when needed.

  56. Hugh Millen is a smart guy who talks a lot and ends up saying his share of dumb things. It wasn’t just TJack who failed to make clutch plays when needed. The entire Seahawks offense repeatedly failed to make clutch plays. Baldwin made his share. Rice and Marshawn made a few. The rest of the offense pretty much failed in the clutch repeatedly. As the whole offense gels and matures, TJack will benefit and will make more plays as well.

    And this will also get better faster if TJack has serious competition pushing him.

  57. jarred767 says:

    Stevos – are you implying that Clipboard Jesus wasn’t serious competition????

    Sometimes I wonder what will happen to that guy now…….

  58. In re: T Jack QB performance differences:

    That’s one of the things I’ve noticed about Flynn… When the competition amps up, so does he.

    That’s a moxie you can’t teach a QB – Performing under pressure. Some flail, some coast, some thrive. Flynn strikes me as the latter.

    The small sample we have at th NFL level were legit NFL games. They were not push over teams and the competition actually had something to play for.

  59. Seahawks2620 says:

    I was under the impression that Jason Jones was coming in for a visit on Thursday. Have things changed?

  60. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “That’s one of the things I’ve noticed about Flynn… When the competition amps up, so does he.”

    How can you say that HawksD? I’m only asking because he has 2 starts in his whole career and the one big game he had was against a lackluster Detroit team. And even is the win was against the Patriots in Foxborough, one big win does not a career make. I am in the Flynn camp, just trying to see things objectively.

  61. ChrisHolmes–I too was pissed when they treated Matt Hasselbeck like garbage. But I also understood thier logic. He would have been knocked around something fierce the first month of the season, and his play had declined for years. While I was pretty sure he just needed better coaching and a better team around him, it was hard to be sure…

    I didnt like that they dumped Seneca Wallace for nothing. Then a year later we sign T-Joke, who is a less accurate, less intelligent scrambling qb, and has zero pocket presence. But at the time they dumped Wallace, we had Bates at OC with a different system…

    One thing youre not taking into consideration is that we had Jeremy Bates and his vertical passing system in place when JS and Carrol took over and traded for Clipboard Jesus. They were looking for a tall, strong-armed pocket qb. Trent Richardson, of all people, was the guy they most wanted for the price they could pay, but Buffalo wouldnt trade him. So they went for Clipboard Jesus as a fall-back. Again, I didnt like the trade at the time, but he seemed to fit thier system, and a third round pick wasnt too much to give up for Hasselbeck insurance.

    When it became necessary to fire Bates, everything changed. Clipboard didnt really have an offseason, Hass was not gonna let him take over player-led practices, and he had a new offense to learn that really wasnt suited for him. If you remember, Bevell wasnt our first choice; Seattle wanted Josh McDaniels but he turned them down.

    When Bevell was hired and they decided to go young on the line, the decision was made to dump Hass. I hated that decision then and now, but thier logic is understandable. T-Joke was brought in because he knew the system–which was of paramount importance due to the lockout–and he could take a beating.

    Nowhere in those years was a better qb available, other than Dalton. And again, they chose to go OL instead, which is logical if not what a lot of us wanted to see.

    I dont think JS and Carrol have done a bad job with the qb situation: I think they bailed on Hass too soon, but hindsight is 20/20. I think so far they have positioned themselves to jump when an opportunity arrives–that opportunity just hasnt happened yet.

    Personally, I would love to see us get Hasselbeck if they snag Manning. Hass would definitely outplay Jackson, and Jackson would be a decent backup. We would make the playoffs and maybe even make some noise once there. And Matt would DEFINITELY get BMW back on track.

    Could you imagine Matt having Zack Miller, Rice, BMW, and Baldwin to throw to–with Tate, Rocket Lockette, and the rest off the bench?! I think we’d kick butt.

    But that would involve JS and Carrol eating some crow, and I doubt thier ego’s could take the hit. Which is too bad. But I think your being too harsh on them about not finding our future qb yet. Patience is a virtue, and desperation breeds mistakes. McGwire, Mirer, Stouffer, etc are all proof of that.

  62. Vallos isn’t on the list of players that signed with other teams, went to Philly with Gibson.

  63. Have we made any sort of offer to Hill? I haven’t read anything one way or ther other. Feels like Hawthorne is going to get an offer and take it from one of the teams he’s visited, but what about Hill?

  64. Pro football talk is playing up the line from Flynn that Seattle is being led by the right people. Got to hand it to Flynn for recognizing what Carroll and Co. are trying to build here. Looks like with his mindset that he will buy into the program which is hugely important.

    From all appearances Flynn seems to be a sharp guy. Clayton said that Flynn wowed the FO with his football sense and what he did on the whiteboard and that is really what sold him to the FO. This is all very encouraging because again it is reminiscent of Hasselbeck. A lot of what people don’t realize that what makes Peyton Manning great is his preparation and his smarts. I always thought Hass would have been a career backup based on psychical talent but his smarts and preparation are what made him good.

    Very encouraged at this point. I dream of Flynn getting in about a million practice reps with Lockette on a go route. With the running game and Flynn’s accuracy and aawareness in the short and intermediate routes, I could see them dialing up a bomb to Lockette 2-3 times a game for a TD or 2! Hey, we can dream can’t we!

  65. Doubter: Vallos played for Cleveland last year.

  66. Dukeshire says:

    Eric – As an FYI, Heater is visiting the Lions today (as I’m sure you know) if you want to update his status above.

  67. ChrisHolmes says:

    “One thing youre not taking into consideration is that we had Jeremy Bates and his vertical passing system in place when JS and Carrol took over and traded for Clipboard Jesus. They were looking for a tall, strong-armed pocket qb”

    The problem I have with this statement is that it completely undervalues Hasselbeck’s ability. Not just his height and arm strength, but everything.

    Matt’s 6’4″ tall. He’s more than tall enough. He’s smart and accurate, the two most important traits. And about his arm – if there is a perception Matt doesn’t have a strong enough arm, it’s a wrong perception. Read this (from today about Hasselbeck and Locker)

    “Hasselbeck, a three-time Pro Bowler, is coming off one of his best seasons in his career and one of Tennessee’s best by a quarterback. Hasselbeck threw for 3,571 yards, which was the fourth-highest total in team history. His 319 completions ranked third highest, while his 18 touchdown passes were the highest since 2004. Hasselbeck also had 28 completions go for 25 yards or longer, the most big plays by a Titans quarterback since Steve McNair had 33 in 2001.”

    The part that struck me was the 28 completions of 25 yards or more, most for the Titans since 2001.

    The perception on Matt has always been wrong. He can throw the ball vertically just fine. In fact, his accuracy downfield is really good. And he showed it last year for the Titans. The problem with Seattle is that they simply never asked him to throw the ball vertically very much. That’s one thing I really like about Mike McCarthy’s version of the WCO – I think he has a lot more vertical passing in his attack than Holmgren ever had.

    Who knows if Matt would have made it through the first month of the season? We can’t know for sure. But I know this: he’s ten times the QB that Jackson ever could be. And if he could have remained healthy, Seattle would have had a way better shot at the playoffs last season.

    Anyway, it’s over and done. We have Flynn, our future, and I’m happy. I hate that we had to suffer through last year, but so be it. We’ve been rewarded.

    Now let’s find ourselves some players to fill the rest of our holes and get those OTA’s underway.

  68. Dukeshire: My bad. Thanks. It’s been changed.

  69. ChrisHolmes, do you remember that one year under Holmes that the seahawks went on a long win streak by thorwing up lots of deep balls? It might have been that year they abandoned the run game can’t remember. I remember Hass said in an interview that Holmgren kept calling “deep ball, deep ball”. They got to an early lead as I recall and those few games (3-4 maybe) were the only time I recall them really launching it. My memory is a little foggy but I remember the hasselbeck interview and those games. Anyway that seems to support your point about Hasselbeck could throw deep.

  70. This article may be from that time:

    ” And right then, at practice that day, he started telling the guys, ‘Mike says he’s putting it up! We’re going downfield!’ He kept saying [that] all the way up to the game. And so we entered the game, ready to make all the plays, and Mike kept calling them, all day. Deep ball, deep ball, deep ball.”

    Final score: Seattle 39, Kansas City 32. Hasselbeck’s line: 25-36, 69.4 percent, 362 yards, three touchdowns, no picks.

    “That game was sort of the defining moment for our revival,” Hasselbeck said. “

  71. princeaden says:

    The thing that most concerns me at this point is the Guard position. Am I correct in saying that we only have McQuiston, Jean-Pierre and Moffitt ? That seems a little skinny at best. Also, has anyone heard how Carpenter and Moffitt’s rehabs are progressing ?

  72. HawkfaninMT says:

    If I heard correctly Moffitt is close, and Carp is not. i would expect to see Moffitt by the formal camps, and I am expecting Carp to be on the PUP. But that is my speculation. There was some conversation yesterday on another thread about the OG depth. Some were thinking Decastro in the 1st may not be a horrible idea. I am starting to think that OG is a position the Hawks will target in 5th or 6th(I know we don’t have a 5th just yet)

    Just saw on Rotoworld that the Lions re-signed Stephen Tulloch. I didn’t see the contract details. But that is starting point, one way or the other, for The Heaters contract and one less team trying to get him from us.

  73. From when the injuries happened, all indications were that Moffitt would be 100% before training camp began, but the ACL/Carp injury as late in the season as it was tells us that there’s no way that a big man like that will be ready for the start of the season. I’d expect PUP and possibly he providing depth by the end of the year. I think we’ll see him start at LG (I hope) or RT in ’13. I think this is going to be a wasted season for him in terms of on-field production.

  74. Hasselbeck great threw deep balls in 2005 as well, and could easily have thrown for 4,000 yards and 40 TD’s that year: but we had Alexander, and that incredible O-line. Hass also threw great in 2007, and it would have been even better if Holmy had realized a little earlier that a) we couldnt run block, and b) we would win more by throwing it 3 downs out of 4.

    In Hass’ second season I believe, he had a 6 game stretch at the end of the year where he first pulled it together. He threw for 400 yards in a Ref-delivered loss to the Ravens, and 300 yards several times. He was on fire, and his young WR’s (D-Jack, etc) were lighting it up. I thought for sure Holmy was gonna air it out the next year, but no dice. He got himself a good back and went back to his old standby 50/50 run/pass.

    Yeah, I never liked our FO dumping him for T-Jack, but again, thier logic made sense. I just didnt agree with it.

    I think we’ll see a 50/50 run/pass ratio with Bevell too, but more vertical throws. I dont think we’ll see 65% completion percentage from a qb either, but if we can get 60% we’re gonna be fine. I’m excited to see if Flynn can utilize BMW and Zack Miller. And this is it, time for Obo to prove he belongs, same with Tate. Put up or shut up time.

  75. Dukeshire says:

    Obo has been a very solid contributor as a receiver and special teams player for several years, if unspectacular, here. Why, all of a sudden, he’s become a punching bag on this blog, I don’t fully understand. I think part of the problem is unrealistic expectations. I continue to read about him “taking the next step”. Well, not every player develops into a pro-bowler. However, as a 5th receiver (and starter in a pinch) he is more than capable. If someone beats him out, so-be-it. But let’s put his role on this team in proper perspective.

  76. Dukeshire–I have been sticking up for Obomanu for the last couple years. Havent you seen my posts? I’m a fan of his. I think he can develop into a good starting FL. Last year was a waste with T-Jack. But Obomanu is at the point, after what 6 years?, that he needs to step up and take the starting job at FL, or he’s gonna be stuck as a utility man/backup for life. I think he’s better than that.

    While I dont think he’ll ever make the Pro Bowl, some of that has to do with the fact that the Pro Bowl is a crappy popularity contest, kinda like the Grammies.

    And while its fine if Obo never becomes anything more than a utility guy, I hope for better for him.

  77. Duke, I think it’s human nature on Obo, we want to see unbelievable untapped potential (see Tebow) not a solid contributor. I’m sure that Kris Durham and Lockette are next year’s pro bowlers if they only had the chance! j/k Also, we’re kinda running low on punching bags…

  78. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Apologies, but it’s hard to keep track where everyone falls on a peripheral player, like Obo. And my comment wasn’t directed solely at you, just to be clear. For me however, as much as I like him, I see him as a 4th / 5th type WR. That is, on a team with an “above average” receiving corp. He’s a capable reserve flanker, as you note, but can also slide into the slot and even play the split-end, if necessary. And for me, that’s a big part of his value: the ability to play all 3 positions and run precise routes, again, if unspectacularly.

  79. Dukeshire says:

    Mike – We’ll never run out of players to flog. lol

  80. I thought Raheem Brock did a nice job pressuring the QB last year. With the amount of concern over the Seahawks pass rush I though it would be a no brainer to keep him. It would also give us more options in the draft. Is he out of line in his $ expectations?

  81. JazBadAzz says:

    hoxvox- When I think of Brock from last year is, that lazy as$ spend move, getting bunch up against the DT and him trying to jump to knock down the pass after he cant get around him…My wife pointed it out at least 8 times last year, and if she seen it, that’s way to much!

  82. SandpointHawk says:

    I’m confused why anyone would think badly of Heater. The kid came out of nowhere and played better than anyone expected. Has led the team in tackles for how many years? Played hurt…Sure not the best in space and the knee is worrisome but the kid brought it each and every game. They only have a few years to make their money and Heater has been a great Seahawk. Let’s all wish him the best and I myself would welcome him back…

  83. Dukeshire says:


  84. Dukeshire–No worries. I just didnt want to be counted among those that are ragging on Obomanu. We’re pretty much eye to eye on him.

    On Heater: everyone loves the guy, but his knees were in bad shape last year, and while his toughness and willingness to play through injuries are laudable, there is no loyalty by Teams anymore. He’s not as fast as they’d like, and he’s got knee issues, so they arent willing to give him a longterm contract or pay him big money. And Heater is trying to get paid before his knee’s go all the way. I cant really blame either side.

    On Heaters TD against the Eagles, he barely raised his knees at all. The guy looked 100 years old. He’s definitely gimpy. Still, I’ll be happy if he is re-signed for sure. Curtis Lofton is asking too much money.

    What about Seattle going after Manny Lawson? Guy has underachieved, but supposedly he’s got Curry size and speed, but scored a 43 on the Wonderlic. (This according to that douche Florio at PFT).

  85. I realize Lawson isnt a MLB.

  86. chuck_easton says:

    Supposedly he left NO with no contract offer. He’s likely not going to get one from Detroit.

    Seattle just needs to be patient and I see Heater coming back home and happily signing here.

  87. Carroll said he wanted to get faster at LB after the season ended.

  88. chuck_easton says:

    So, if Hawthorne has his knees scoped would that not potentially lead to him being faster than he was last year? No telling just yet.

    If Heater is faster than last year and he wants to come back, it’s a win/win.

  89. Dukeshire says:

    There is also speed to be picked up at LB if Smith replaces Hill on the weak side.

  90. Seahawks2620 says:

    I am not attempting to defend Jackson and his less than stellar play last season, however in regards to Zach Miller being implemented into the offense, I wouldn’t necessarily put it all on Jackson’s inability to get him some touches. The Seahawks, were unfortunately forced into a position where they had to place him at the line to either help the LT once Okung went down or the RT due to Carpenter’s struggles, as well as constantly blocking for Lynch. I just think that you will see a lot more of Miller, once Pete can trust the tackles to hold there own.

  91. While Breno is a good run blocker, he’s not a good pass blocker. I wouldn’t hold my breath on Miller being freed up as much as you hope.

  92. raymaines says:

    Well that was quick. So much for hurt feelings I guess.

  93. ryanryan says:

    the link that jazass provided had a post in the comments that was hilarious about hawthorne’s trip to Detroit…’Just buy the man a nice meal and show him the town. Then he won’t want to stay.”

    LOL – thanks for the link.

  94. Dukeshire says:

    You bet! Well done, Matt.

  95. Not too shabby!

  96. HawkfaninMT says:

    Per Rotoworld:

    Appearing on Sirius/XM NFL Radio Tuesday evening, Wimbley said the Bengals and Seahawks were his most ardent suitors outside of Tennessee.

    Drat! He woulda filled two holes for us IMO. LB, then Pass rusher in Red’s spot in Nickel/Dime spots. I really think Upshaw could provide similar type of ability, so I would be less surprised to see him drafted in the first. Could Upshaw be fast enough to play WLB for us?

  97. princeaden says:

    Well done indeed !!

  98. Would have been damn nice to have Wimbley.

  99. bigmike04 says:

    Free-agent TE Jacob Tamme (Colts) visited with the Seattle Seahawks Tuesday, March 20, but left without a contract.

    Read more:

    At least four teams are in contention for the services of free-agent RB Michael Bush (Raiders), according to league sources. Bush has visited the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals. Several other teams are in discussions with him as well.

    Read more:

  100. Excellent work so far IMO.

    From that line on the bottom that hasn’t gotten any love: I’d like to see Hill (depth/competition), McCoy (Nickel, Dime LB/ST), Roy Lewis (insurance for WTIII/ST), McDonald (depth/rotation) back.

    My heart pulls for Heater too, but I’m not sure his production will match his probable asking price. I think Wright ends up at MLB in 2012.

  101. HawkfaninMT says:

    Eagles traded a 4th for DeMeco Ryans from the Texans. he would have been great to have at that price. He was a monster when Houston was playing the 4-3

  102. Dukeshire says:

    The good thing for Seattle regarding Heater, is that the market appears to be drying up.

    Wright can certainly play MLB, but he played so well at Sam toward the end of the season. Really improved. I’d like to keep him there, in a perfect world. I’m also excited to see Smith at Will, once camp opens up. Only 5 months… (sigh)

  103. JazBadAzz says:

    HawkfaninMT- the Texans traded him for the 4th because of the contract he has. I also feel that they know there are some monsters in the draft that will be really cheap. I bet he was unwilling to restructure the contract so now they have saved a ton of money under the cap. We all know they were pretty strapped for cash.

    Our MLB- I don’t believe we will move KJ.Wright to MLB, he will stay put…we will draft a rookie there, and bring Heater back for a 2yr deal. Sorry David but you have really over achieved in your career and that big payday won’t come, so be thankful and grateful for what you have accomplished.

  104. HawkfaninMT says:

    While you may be right about Ryans, I just hope that our guys were able to take a look at him and be sure he wouldn’t fit “salary-wise.” Because paly on the field I think he would have been a huge addition.

    In any case, I am with you in that I feel like Wright will stay at Sam, and MLB will be either Heater or a draft pick. I prefer Kendricks in the 2nd personally, but just my opinion. I also think Will will be drafted and there will be a cometition between Smith and our pick for Will. 4th round, Sean Spence or Danny Trevethan in 5th(if we acquire one) sound like good options to me

  105. Bummed Seattle didn’t get in on that DeMeco Ryans trade, that would have been a nice upgrade. The Dream Team is winning the trade market as usual.

  106. The Eagles also swapped third round picks with the Texans.

    For all we know, the Texans traded Ryans to the Eagles without even offering him to anyone else. It happens in the NFL, where one team (Eagles) comes calling, and gets thier man at a fair price lower than if there had been a bidding war, due to many factors: it wouldnt surprise me if thier are Good Old Boy connections between the two teams.

    Like when Lynch came here for less than GB and other teams were willing to spend. We came calling, and for whatever reason, the Bills gave him to us without holding an auction bidding war.

    You never know what went on behind the scenes. For all we know, Seattle may have been in talks with the Texans. Lots of things happen we never hear about. Im sure Carrol and JS tried to bring in other FA’s who just werent interested. It happnes. Just like that link above someone posted about Seattle and the Bengals being hot after Wimbley, but he never even came to visit.

    Plus theres always the bad-blood issue, like the fact that Indianapolis still hates Seattle for fleecing them on Raymond Butler and Fredd Young in the late 80′s and so wont trade with us, and of course the whole Minnesota/Poison Pill thing between those teams.

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