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Morning links: Richardson’s journey

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 7, 2010 at 8:23 am with 28 Comments »
December 7, 2010 8:23 am

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Jay Richardson chronicles his twisting path to Seattle in this journal entry for, a journey that wound its way from Oakland, to Las Vegas to Seattle, with him finding a home in Seattle’s defensive line rotation.

The Ohio State product has played in five games for Seattle as backup, strong-side defensive end behind Kentwan Balmer.


It all happened so fast I couldn’t really process it. I was on the practice field and in a stance before I could blink. I just did the best I could.

Now, I’m basically thinking that they just need my as a practice guy and I’ll wear a baseball cap on game day and wave a fresh towel. I figured they’d work me in slowly and use me if the absolutely needed me… I figured wrong.

I was told I’d be active by my coach on Friday and that I’d be backing up the starting end. This came as a shock to say the least. I’m basically going from the couch to playing against the New York Giants in four days! That’s not everyday stuff, but God never puts you in a situation you can’t handle.

The Seahawks will take a wait-and-see approach on Mike Williams this week.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a statistical look back at the Carolina game, along with a closer look at the NFC West playoff situation.

Alex Smith will be the starting quarterback for San Francisco this week against the Seahawks, San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary believes he knows the offense better, allowing the Niners to run more if their playbook.

Pat Kirwan of the NFL Network believes the league should look at reseeding the six teams that make the playoffs because a 7-9 division winner, which may happen in the NFC West, doesn’t deserve to host a playoff game.

Former NFL running back Jerome Bettis comes to the defense of the NFC West, saying if you win the division you deserve to be in the postseason, noting his Steelers won it all as a No. 6 seed in the 2005 season.

Rob Rang of highlights Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, Washington running back Chris Polk and a host of play-making receivers in his look back at last weekend’s college football slate in terms of potential players for next year’s draft.

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  1. “Alex Smith will be the starting quarterback for San Francisco this week against the Seahawks, San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary believes he knows the offense better”

    Smith knows better? Singletary knows better? Does anyone “know” what the 49ers are doing on offense? This 49ers team is such a waste of talent. Singletary, his offensive coordinator, and Smith – three guys who will all be on the bench next year.

  2. They have such good offense talent, minus the QB position, that they could be scary if they get decent coaching.

    Two #1 picks for the OL this past draft? A freak of nature at TE? Crabtree moving into his 3rd year next season? That stuff is scary good if you have to play the 49ers twice per year moving forward.

    I wonder how many of the Hasselbeck haters would like to see him as the 49ers QB next season? lol

  3. “offensive” talent

  4. True that, Bobby. Seems inevitable the 49ers with have a dominant O line next year as Iupati and Davis mature. We need to make sure Hass stays in Seattle.

  5. rramstad says:

    I am thrilled that Alex Smith will start against Seattle.

    I find it highly unlikely that the television networks will allow for teams to be reseeded based on final finish order. The current method makes it certain that the league is only waiting for one or two games, at most, to resolve where the eight Wild Card Weekend games will be played. If there was reseeding, it would be a logistical nightmare, as some years there would be seven or eight possible locations for the four games going into the last week.

    (I might also add that I don’t think it would make for compelling television. While some might think it’s a defect when a 10-6 team has to go on the road to play at a 8-8 division winner, it’s pretty cool, in that the team with the better record has to prove they deserve to be in the playoffs by beating a division winner on the road. I think there’s more drama in having New Orleans come to Seattle, as an example, as opposed to Seattle traveling to New Orleans.)

    I’d only support a change in seeding if they were also going to do away with first round byes… or perhaps reduce the first round bye to one team and expand the field to seven teams.

    (For the purists, you could give everyone a bye in the playoffs, keep it at six teams, and have two pools of three teams in each conference, with each team playing the other two teams, over the course of three weeks, with each team having a bye. Week four the winner of each pool would play in the conference championship. Something like that. #1 would be in a pool with #6 and #4, #2 would get #3 and #5.)

  6. rramstad says:

    “eight Wild Card Weekend games” should be FOUR

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I actually like the playoff setup the way it is. Of course, I’m against an 18 game schedule too.

  8. I think Alex Smith starting is a bad thing for the Hawks – not necessarily a game changing thing – but I actually think A. Smith is a pretty good QB. His season has mirrored the Niners season, a combination of some odd/bad luck (and definitely some mistakes too) making him and them look worse than they are.

    Troy Smith didn’t worry me at all. That said, being benched all these weeks can’t have helped A. Smith’s already shaky confidence. If we can get him to make some mistakes early, I think he’ll crumble as he did in week 1.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Smith is awful, IMO. He shown glimpses of the franchise QB they thought they were drafting in ’05 but overwhelmingly he has been serviceable at best and down right terrible at worst. I’m more than happy he’ll be playing Sunday. What they’ve seen out of Smith this season has mirrored his career. He’s a part of the problem there, not the soulution, again IMO.

  10. The NFL should not have created four-team divisions. A division title was more meaningful when there were five teams in each division (most divisions, anyway). I suppose, if we live long enough, we will see five teams in each division again, with 40 teams total, including one in Mexico City, one in Toronto, one in London, and one in New Delhi.

  11. My question is how come we rely on Mike Williams so much when watching the game last night, the Pats sub like five guys in and out of their offense on like every play, but Brady is still completing passes? Is Brady just that good, is the Pats system just that good, is Hass that bad, is the Hawks system just that bad, or a comination of all of that. To me, watching Hass, it doesn’t matter who’s out there, sometimes I feel he just throws to spots on the feild without even looking who’s over there, whether it’s double coverage, no receiver, just a defender or whatever. Even if a receiver runs a wrong route, as a QB you should spot that and go else where. I know the pace is fast, but it is the NFL right. With that said, I DON’T want to see CW out there, I’m just frustrated by our QB play.

  12. I rather see A. Smith than T. Smith on Sunday. T. Smith running around making time for himself to find a WIDE open receiver against our secondary scares me, not A. Smith holding the ball too long or missing Davis on passes.

  13. I’d be guarded about being so optimistic about facing Smith. Sometimes after a starter sits on the bench for a while, they come back with something to prove and play very well their first game back.

  14. cseahawk says:

    Leon Washington is getting it again on The Jim Rome show. They’re talking about it RIGHT now. And it’s on their facebook. I’m a lifelong Seahawk fan, but he deserves what he’s getting for sticking his finger up and getting caught.

  15. Anyone see Mike Williams’ twitter earlier today?

    “Hhaha Isiah Stanback just walked in the treatment room and tells me “looks like u got shot on the bottom of the foot w/ a 12 gauge boy!”"

    doesn’t sound encouraging, although it’s probably exaggerated for the sake of the joke, but we need him for this important division game, an away game no less.

  16. Why isn’t Leon in the backfeild more?

  17. It is sad that after our WR fiasco two years ago, that we are relying so much on a guy who wasn’t even in the league last year. I guess some teams never learn, see OL.

  18. Realistically, do we have a shot down in the Sco. Man I hope we show up Sunday, we can’t come out and do what we did last Sunday down there. I know I sound like a broken record, but why can’t we use Leon like the Eagles used to use Westbrook. Any thoughts?

  19. If Obo can play against the Niners, then I think Cole coming back would be more important than BMW coming back (especially if he isn’t 100 percent). If the Seahawks can stop the Niners’ running game, they should win the game.

  20. If Cole comes back and is effective, I feel a little more comfortable, but how well will he be able to bounce around is the question. I like what I’ve seen with Obo, but if was garbage time against KC and against Carolina. I did like Morrah, too. Still though, I think the Hass put too much emphasis towards Williams when he was in there and it’s been hurting us lately. Also, can we get a fist down or two in the first half this week, that would be nice.

  21. Tru – I’ve been wondering why Leon doesn’t get more snaps myself… we saw the plays he had against carolina in previous games. His outside run was called last week or the week bfore. and i think we all remember when he was the receiver for that half-back pass earlier in the season.

    It looks like they only have a couple plays scripted for leon. maybe it’s becasue that’s all they’ve had a chance to practice with him.

    Does he get tackled too easily going up the middle?

  22. It also sucks that hass is in a cast.. cause that’s gotta make it difficult to pitch a ball.. one of leon’s best plays

  23. CaliSeahawker says:


  24. If the hawks win, you should reward us, not disgust.

  25. Isn’t it amazing that Obo wasn’t given much of a thought a few months ago and now we view him as a must have type of guy (especially with Williams being out). Good for Obo!

    The craziest thing is that Butler started over him this entire time. Yet we all can tell who is clearly better at this stage in their careers.

    Switching gears – I think Tate will clearly be the best of them all in 2012.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I remember last year, before the season a local sports writer here in Portland had Obo on the outside looking in for a roster spot. We texted each other back and forth about it. I said he was a lock because of his precise route running, sure hands and underrated special teams play. He didn’t agree. There’s nothing not to like about Obo.

  27. I remember seeing his ST play last year and thinking he needed a roster spot. I was not on board with his WR play, but thought it was good enough to warrant a roster spot since his ST play was so good.

    Little did we know that his WR play would end up so impressive (minus the easy TD drop a couple of weeks ago).

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