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Thursday injury report: Okung limited

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 11, 2010 at 4:00 pm with 35 Comments »
November 11, 2010 4:00 pm

We had a couple more guys added to the injury report this afternoon. Defensive end Raheem Brock (back) did not practice today, and safety Earl Thomas missed practice, but it was non-injury related.

Also not practicing today were defensive tackle Colin Cole (ankle), fullback Michael Robinson (hamstring), receiver Golden Tate (ankle) and linebacker Lofa Tatupu (knee).

Offensive tackle Russell Okung (ankle) was limited for a second straight day, with Tyler Polumbus playing with the first unit at left tackle. Running back Marshawn Lynch (thigh), offensive guard Mike Gibson (ankle) and receiver Mike Williams (finger) also were limited.

Tight end Chris Baker (foot) returned to practice today after missing Wednesday’s practice and was a full participant.

For Arizona, linebacker Paris Lenon (ankle) and RB Beanie Wells (knee) did not practice.

Linebacker Will Davis (knee), defensive tackle Darnell Dockett (shoulder), linebacker Joey Porter (knee), safety Kerry Rhodes (hands) and linebacker Clark Haggans (groin) were limited participants in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, I presume Thomas’ absence won’t effect his status Sunday, but Lofa. Is he in jeopardy of not playing Sunday or is this more of a veteran maintenance situation (best guestimate…)?

    Also, who was with the second unit behind Clemons? Double D? Thanks Eric…

  2. I’m guessing that we’re going to be without Okung for one more week. That sucks (although Polumbus has been better than expected in a reserve role).

    Being the veteran that he is, I am assuming Lofa will be able to go and that he was resting to make sure he’s 100%. I don’t know if the mental practice reps are as important for him as some others. Either way, I sure as heck hope he’ll be good to go on Sunday though. We need him.

    After seeing Earl laying on the ground on Sunday, I was worried he may be out for awhile too. I’m glad he’s fine.

  3. Palerydr says:

    Personally I hope that if Darnell Dockins plays and the Oline put that guy on the ground hard, all legal of course, as I think he is a dirty player that could use a little payback.

    Next years needs OL then QB I would expect them to trade down to recover a second or third round pick that becomes a QB or Receiver. Of course free agent signings will determine who we draft.

  4. “I’m guessing that we’re going to be without Okung for one more week. That sucks (although Polumbus has been better than expected in a reserve role). ”

    Yep, feels like that’s right. Damn.

  5. I’m not giving up on Okung. Hopefully, they are just saving him for Sunday.

    No Okung = No running game, and a loss in Arizona.

  6. GriffinNW says:

    What was the right side of our OL like today at practice? Was S. Andrews at RT again?
    Shed some info on that please? Thanks.


  7. Hate these thurs. games that i can’t watch. Anyone know of any streaming channels or ways to catch the game tonight?

  8. Andrews was at RT with the second unit yesterday. I’m sure we’ll see Lock at RT again.

  9. Okung has played in a total of how many games this year, one? I wouldn’t predict that Okung is going to step in and automatically give us a running game.

  10. Audible, Okung played in the five quarters where we ran the ball well this year. The other 27 quarters we couldn’t run the ball. that’s all Im sayin.

  11. GriffinNW: Andrews was back at right guard and Locklear at right tackle because Mike Gibson was limited with the ankle injury.

    Dukeshire: Dexter Davis and Jay Richardson worked with the second unit. Thomas should be back on Friday I believe. I’m not sure what’s going on with Lofa. He looks okay, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens on Sunday. I would suspect they’re just holding him back to rest him up and he plays.

    I think it was you Dukeshire in a previous post that asked about Mebane’s injury situation. We haven’t been given any details on the calf injury. I presume it’s the same issue he had last year, but we don’t know if it’s a muscle tear or a contusion. Red Bryant had an MCL tear and is moving around on crutches now and has began his rehab. He seemed in good spirits when we saw him in the locker room today.

  12. I know Andrews was practicing at RT with the second unit yesterday… but doesn’t it seem that Coach Vallero would have Andrews practicing at RG if Locklear was really going to start at RT? Do they really want Gibson or Hamilton starting at RG next to Locklear??? I can’t believe that. All those guys are bench-worthy.

    I really hope they are getting Andrews ready to start at RT on Sunday.

  13. Thanks for the update Eric!
    (Drat, my O line schemes are foiled again!)

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks E. Yeah that was me asking about Mebane’s calf. The fact he spoke about changing his diet and drinking more water would indicate it’s a chronic situation (and the fact it was the same as last season) and he should be able to manage it. Good news.

    Stevo – Hamilton has been placed on IR. But I’m with you that Gibson to RG (presuming his ankle is okay) and Andrews working with the second unit at RT is a prelude to Andrews taking over for Lock. Preferably before two more holding calls in one game…

  15. I’m not overly optimistic about Andrews in pass protection but can he be any worse than Lock in that area? If he is it probably can’t be by much.

    At least with Andrews at RT (over Lock) he should definitely improve the run blocking situation from that position.

  16. bigmike04 says:

    It seem to me that Seahawks failed big time draft OL Tackle in Okung who can’t stay healthy…. I hope the guy get healthy but if he not going to get healthy anytime soon then place him on IR….

  17. There is no way Josh Wilson should be covering Roddy White one on one in critical situations. It’s easy money for Matt Ryan.

  18. It’s real easy when the refs think it’s SB XL and don’t understand what pass interference is.

  19. The DB gets that call maybe 30% of the time.

  20. QBs without OL and WR play get about a QB rating of 30 too. Guess Matt is better than you ever thought he was/is.

  21. Ok, so i am new here i have been readin this comments section for a year now and I cannot believe the in depth knowledge and insight by most of you (Aaron Curryisabust not included). you are all very passionate ‘Hawks fans and I have learned alot about football just by reading your posts (BObby K, Dukeshire, Variable, PDway, Stevos, Audible) you fellas are well informed and insightful compared to the other idiots for other teams sites who just post the same old crap everyday. Anyways, as a HUGE football fan but not knowing as much as you seem to i have (Aaron Curry is a Bust excluded) a few ideas i would like to run by you all. some have already been posted by some of you but i just have to vent somewehre and get my ideas out. and please do not hate me or exclude me because i am a rarity. i live and die by the Hawks every week but i am also a big Steelers fan (my apolgies, but if it helps at all the refs gave that SB to Pitt in ’06 and i was not proud to say they won). i know it is blasphemy to even mention that name on here but i just wanted to be honest. so feel free to rip me to shreds for my fandom. now that the introduction is out of the way my next post will list what i think could help the hawks after a year of reading what you all have to say and by watching the Hawks closely since i was 7 years old (i am 37, do the math)…

  22. As long as you don’t gloat about the Steelers “winning” SB XL you’re fine by me. I know, they won, but I’m bitter and hold grudges too much for my own good. When they played later (and killed the ‘Hawks in ’07 in Pit) I truly didn’t care (I did with respect to the ’07 season). If you cheer for a “loser” franchise w/o any championships it really pisses you off when other people have them and you don’t (especially when you truly feel that you got screwed out of one… and when America believes you did too).

  23. If you’re “37″ you must be a Kenny Easley fan, right?

  24. John Madden (love him or hate him) has said for years theat D-Line and O-Line are what makes a great team. So i think Seattle should forgo drafting a QB with anything higher than a 3rd round pick. There are so many QB busts in this league and i do not want another Rick Mirer. IT is such a 50/50 when drafting what seems to be a great QB out of college. I mean who knew TOm BRady in the 6th round would win 3 SBs or that Ben R. would come out as the 11th pick and go 15-1 his first year ande win 2 SBs? who knew that Jamarcus Russell would be a big fat tub of goo after his 4 years in the league? so i say play it safe ad draft a decent QB in the later rounds and load up on D-Line and O-Line int he draft (young tough SOBs) and then get WR’s in free agency and i think we are set on RB, FB, TE, CB, SS, FS. with the Hawks o-line for MANy years being terrible (remember Dave Krieg constantly running for his life, or Zorn for that matter) and now Matt the past few years. the QB Controversy this year with the hawks is actually silly. if Matt has a great O-line he can destroy defenses even if he was 38 yrs old. he is a pcket passer. not a scrambler. BUT I would think for seattle to have a giant of a QB like a Ben R. (i know, sorry) but you know a guy who is 6’5″ – 240pds who can’t be brought down very easily but can also toss the long ball, etc would be HUGE for this team. they have never really had a tough, mean hard to bring down QB…so i don’t mean trade for Ben but find someone in the draft this year or next that has those qualities…so that when our O-line is struggling our QB can make things happen. the jury is still out for me on WHitehurst…can’t judge him from 1 game but it ain’t looking promising. anyway, i could go on forever but i think perhaps we go after Kolb in the off season and draft a big tough QB if there is one. and get a ton of talent on both lines and i think this team would be a force to be reckoned with. i also think Bates jus isn’t getting it done…regardless of the talent level…he is the OC and should be adjusting and playing a much better chess game with opposing DC’s..i may be uninformed and not very knowledgeable but i see the same game plan everytime and it is not working. IMO. and also I swear the hawks FO needs to clean house with the team Doctors, trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches, it is unacceptable to me for our team to have such a plethora of constant injuries to our key players EVERY year for 4 years now. it is ridiculous…as someone posted before ever since VMAC opened our guys just are not as strong and tough, i think the summer heat of Cheney back in the day made our team tougher and stonger every year….but i digress…thanks for listening. and i may have no clue what i a talking about but at least i tried. GO HAWKS….oh and one final thought, DARNELL DOCKETT CAN SUCK IT!!! i hate that pompous ass with a passion. I wish Okung was back this weekend and ruins his day. i hope whoever is covering that clown racks up so many pancakes that there won’t be enough syrup to cover them all!!! oh and one more thing, has anyone ever mentioned on here that Aaron Curry is a Bust? ok well if not then i just did…he just does not impress me at all….i have hopes he will be great in his 4th year…but this year and next he is going to struggle unless we have an amazing pass rusher…

  25. yes Bobby, i am a fan of the Kenny Easley days…if i remember right (correct me if i am wrong) i recall a play back in the ’80s (i think it was when before the fair catch or the guy jus didn’t use it) a player from another team caught a punt and at the instant it touched his hands Easley completely destroyed him. he flew into the guy superman style and almost took his head off…what a tough player he was..and there wasn’t a better play in Hawks history when Largent got the retaliatory hit on the guy who had borken his jaw a few games before that. We need more Easley and Largent types. guys that aren’t afraid of the refs and would stand up to the Dockett type idiots in the division and let them know the ‘hawks won’tbe F’ed with…..i hate how the rest of league looks at our team like a bunch of softies…drives me crazy!!!!! i don’t want dirtbags (just because Mora Moron called them that and that guy was an retard) i want players who have each others back and will not stand for the rest of the league looking at SEA like a road apple…i will take 10 penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct in one game just to get the message across that we won’t be pushed around anymore. win or lose….i can’t stand that just because the east cost is the est coast then their fans and teams are better and mroe relevant…just once i would like to give the middle finger to the rest of the league after a Hakws SB win…i think we are going to be fine under pete carroll..he learned his lesson the last two times in the NFL as a coach and i think he will lead us in the right direction….just get the players we need up front and keep searching for and adding quality depth at all positions…

  26. DFloydd, welcome! Love the posts, but remind me to show you how to use the space bar sometime. ;)

    And if it makes you feel better, I often watch Seahawks games with a buddy who is a hardcore Steelers fan. I even let him share my season seats at Qwest – as long he promises not wear his black and gold. Haha. Just so you know some of us know how to forgive.

  27. Thanks Stevos. I can assure my future posts won’t be as long and WILL have spaces. LOL! ha. just had a lot to get off my mind after reading for a year and then getting up the courage to post (ie: being a steelers and seahawks fan, not many out there)

  28. I say we start Charlie Whitehurst.
    He gives us the best chance on winning.

  29. maddog12 says:

    I say we get ready to find a Manning, Bradford, Sanchez or McCoy in the 2011 draft. Got to have one of those types to win in the long run. Average won’t be good enough.

    Bradford and Rams will get better next year and we can’t afford to stand pat.

  30. ryanryan says:

    wilson was abused last night…poor guy.

    injuries have crippled an already shallow depth chart.

    we will not win vs: az, sf, no, atl, kc (and possibly stl who will be playing for something)

    6-7 wins won’t take the division.

    without all of the injuries though, we contend for the division.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – White admitted after the game he just pushed Wilson. The DB gets that call closer to 70% of the time.

    DFloydd – Welcome aboard. Reading your description of that Easley hit reminded me of the ’83 wildcard playoff game in the ‘Dome against the Broncos. Zach Thomas for Denver was absolutely blown up by a missiling Kenny Easley, just as you described. Is thet they play you’re thinking of?

  32. dfloydd…welcome to the site. Your thoughts about largent and easley always remind of me of this clip. Largent was a bad ass (fast forward to the 1:50 mark)

  33. “pabuwal – White admitted after the game he just pushed Wilson. The DB gets that call closer to 70% of the time”

    If only we’d had that ref on the DJack endzone play in the super bowl . . .

  34. yes Duke! that is the exact play i was talking about. I was only 10 yrs old at the time but I remember being stunned at how Easley just straight up missled into him (like you said)………he would definitely be fined for that type of hit these days. and I am glad to hear it was against the Donkeys, i mean Broncos. I still despise that team… loved the rivalries wwith Seattle in the AFC back in the 80′s – Broncos, Raiders, etc…….

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