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Matt Hasselbeck is probably not playing against Green Bay

Post by News Tribune Staff on Oct. 10, 2008 at 1:30 pm with 29 Comments »
October 10, 2008 1:30 pm

Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck missed his third straight day of practice and afterward Mike Holmgren said Hasselbeck is probably not going to play against the Packers on Sunday. Charlie Frye will start if Hass can’t go.

Holmgren said his hyperextended knee is just not responding to treatment and they don’t want to risk further injury by putting him in there. Seneca Wallace returned to practice on Friday, but his calf injury is not 100 percent recovered, the reason that Frye is getting the start.

Notes from practice
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  2. This is not good.
    I was hoping I’d never see the words Frye and Start in the same sentence, meaning Matt would be healthy the whole year. :(

  3. danjsloan says:

    Let’s all say our prayers.

  4. I hope Hass will be ok for the Tampa game.

    Seattle will beat Green Bay. They will do it running the ball, something the Pack can’t do this season.

    My guess is that the Hawks defense will bounce back big after the fiasco in the Meadowlands. They are emabarrassed and angry.

    If Hass can come back for the Tampa game I think Seattle can still turn this season around.

  5. CeaYoung says:

    I just have to laugh at this…

    Can we get a shutdown DB with our high draft pick this year Timmay? Or you going to trade it for a glass WR?

    Branch… I love the guy… but damn bro… seriously? Really?

    Just laugh… that’s all I keep telling myself.

  6. tholendw says:

    I went to the preseason game (I know it was preseason) in San Diego and Charlie played almost the whole game. He looked comfortable and made short, nice throws and actually looked pretty good. If they game plan around that then this could work for a week.

    With that said….Buh-bye season!!! Wake me for the draft when we have the 3rd pick.

  7. nighthawk2 says:

    I’ve read that Rodgers has not been throwing in practice, just the handoff stuff. Maybe we’ll see Frye and Brohm on Sunday.

  8. seahawkbryce says:

    Honestly, I am not as worried as I thought I would be. Yes, losing Hass is huge, but, with all of our WRs injuries, our passing game has been completely horrible all season anyway. Can it really get much worse? All Frye has to do is complete 50% of his passes with 1 INT tops and he will pretty much equal Hass performance the last 4 games. And honestly, that is not much to ask for.

    And thank god we traded for Frye last season is all I have to say. Could you imagine how bad this would be if we didn’t trade for him and Greene was our 3rd QB? Just the thought makes me want to puke.

  9. this is the defense’s chance to put this team on their back and carry it for a week while hass recovers…

    btw-does anybody else think matt and charlie look the same out there??? in preseason if frye was wearing an 8 i woulda sworn it was matt…

  10. I think there have been enough signs that this is just not the Hawks year. Injuries, bad luck, lack luster defense, etc. It just happens to teams sometimes and it looks like it is our turn.

    I think it is time to start thining about 2009 and treat the the rest of the year like pre-season. Evaluate indiduals and not the w’s or l’s.

  11. > Maybe we’ll see Frye and Brohm on Sunday.

    wow, thrilling.
    well, JJ should have a good game at least!

  12. yankinta says:

    Very cool. Here we come 2 – 14.

    This is what I wanted. We need high picks in the draft next year to be a contender.

  13. What a fricking joke this season has become!

    This could be a character building win where our defense finally gets its sh!t together and propels us to a special season.

    Look at the odds and the probability is that our defense will continue to play like overrated pansies (except for an occasional home game) and our WRs suck so bad that John Elway and Dan Marino would look like crap QBs if they had to throw to our guys.

  14. I think the scrambling ability of Charlie Frye is going to play a big key in us winning the game this weekend (I’m trying to be optimistic).

    He’ll learn fast that the WRs keep dropping balls and will run himself (the only thing he can do better than Matt).

    Wonder what’ll happen if he scrambles and gets hurt?

  15. seahawkbryce says:

    I wouldn’t mail it in just yet. Arizona plays Dallas this week, and will probably lose. Then next week they are on a bye. San Fran plays Philly this week, and the Giants next week, and will probably lose both. So if we go on a 2 game win streak here, we could be tied for 1st in the division after 6 games. Green Bay is beatable, they lost to the Falcons at home. Give the Falcons credit, but a rookie QB with no good WRs is not supposed to be able to beat the Packers in Green Bay. Or defense pressures the QB really well at home, and Rodgers has a bum shoulder. A couple of sacks and he will be hurting. Our running game has been outstanding at home this season, the Packers are ranked 27th against the run. We should be just fine this week. If we can pull this one out, we have another winnable game at Tampa on sunday night. Now is as good a time as any to get back in this.

  16. I think Frye is a very good QB, and we need to give him a lots of credit. Just watch, Frye will do much better job that Hass.

    Let the QB controversy begin.

  17. Let’s not give up on the season just yet — if Hass was close to playing this week, then I’m assuming he’ll be good to go next week, so Frye just has to get us through one game, and the Packers are not worldbeaters. Frye did look solid in that 2nd pre-season game he played.

    As others have said though – this game is all on the defense, now more so than ever. If they give up 30 pts we’re not going to win.

  18. adamtoth says:

    I’m happy to get a change of quarterback for a game. Matt has stunk it up this year. That interception against the Giants when he was scrambling looked like he forgot what color jerseys we were wearing, and threw it right to the DB.

    Even when Seneca was in the game, I was seeing some more creative things, like pitches to the running backs, much better scrambling in the pocket, better interactions with the receivers.

    All Matt seems to do is throw difficult passes into tight coverage and let our receivers get nailed. He’s too complicated.

    Plus, a caller to KJR pointed out that Matt always comes out of the huddle and licks his hands when he throws, but claps his hands when he runs. I’ve noticed that too, and he basically gives us away every time.

  19. adamtoth,

    … Matt always comes out of the huddle and licks his hands when he throws, but claps his hands when he runs….

    That would cause HUGE problems for the offense if what you say is true! Has anyone else noticed him telegraphing the type of play to opposing defenses???

  20. Holmy will run the ball, the Pack can’t stop them. Hass will be back vs Tampa and Seattle will once again be in the drivers seat in the NFC West. Holmgre is the best coach in the NFC. It isn’t over yet.

  21. Freaking John Elway would have sucked throwing to our worthless pile of dung WRs… so don’t blame Matt for throwing INTs that hit McDoorknobs or Coldorks hands, bounce off, and get picked-off… Yeah, a change at QB is what we need… one of the dumbest comments in the history of the world…

  22. joke of a season.

  23. pungentsound says:

    Bend over and kiss your ass and this season goodbye Seahawks.

  24. SouthPrairieRedneck says:

    Must beat packers

  25. Packers suck! Probably have a decent chance to beat us though.

  26. If we lose this game, at what point does Ruskell say “To Hell with this Season?” and trade a few overrated losers to teams who think they make a difference (JP comes to mind) — and get some draft picks so the team can at least draft some young blood (and players that actually take winning/losing seriously)?

    I’m sure it’s because I am a blinded fool… but I think we’re going to beat the Packers still…

    After we lose, I should probably be killed because I am so sick of believing in this team and then getting my heart ripped out in uninspired efforts…

  27. EastCoastFan51 says:

    Hasselbeck is the a big part of the problem. He is average at best and needs his entire team playing at their best to win a game. He is not a QB that can WIN a game for you he can only play well with a lead. He has proven it year after year. Our best offensive year with him was 2005 but that was a year that SA was running like a wild bull because he wanted a new contract. While teams were trying to stop SA that gave us the play action we needed and allowed recievers to be WIDE open for Matt to throw to. Lets see what Charlie can do, heck as one person said it can’t be any worse.

    And yes why not look at pulling off something with Detroit and trade JP and Russell and a few other of our crappy defenders for Roy Williams then we will have a true #1 receiver which we don’t have know even if all of our receivers were healthy..message to Ruskell we need a QB and a receiver that are good at the long ball….20 yard passes are not going to cut it in this league as you telegraph what you are going to do….it’s easy to not let anything get behind you if you are only throwing 20 yards down field. ANyhow Go Hawks and pound the Pack into the turf.

  28. stratboy says:

    well,east coast.ur name tells it all………..

    no loyalty.thats all

  29. CowboysP says:

    Rumor has it that Josh Wilson caught a sun glare off of Hasselbeck head, and bumped into him, re-tweaking the knee. Josh is fairly solid, and short (5’9″), so this made the shot on the knee that much worse.

    The story has yet to be confirmed….

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