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Mike Holmgren press conference highlights

Post by News Tribune Staff on Dec. 12, 2007 at 1:37 pm with 16 Comments »
December 12, 2007 1:37 pm

Given the time of year, that the Seahawks already have won their division and that this week’s opponent is less than inspiring, not a great deal of news came out of Mike Holmgren’s news conference. The questions were mostly for feature stories that folks are working on.

Newsside, DJ Hackett and Josh Wilson will not be available for this Sunday’s game. Also, Holmgren said Derek Rackley was one of the snappers who tried out with Jeff Robinson yesterday. Holmgren did not say who the third was. Nick Novak was one of the kickers who worked out. Holmgren said he is a little worried about bringing in a 37-year-old guy who has not snapped in two years, but they did not really have a choice. With his wording, it was clear that Josh Brown and Ryan Plackemeier were uncomfortable with Boone Stutz, whose velocity was great but whose accuracy was not. Holmgren said they wanted Robinson to be very honest with them about if he thought he could do the job or not.

Holmgren on Vinny Testaverde: “I remember trying to sign him when I was in Green Bay. And no offense to him, but he was getting up there then. And he’s still playing.”

Holmgren on Matt Hasselbeck: “The trust factor is real high. I worry about him when he runs. You guys ever see Gooney Birds landing on a lake?”

Holmgren said the St. Louis Rams pass protection fiasco forced the coaching staff to make some changes, simplify things, simplify reads, change the way they pick up blitzes.

Holmgren said he will not have the coaching staff start advance scouting just yet. It’s too early. In the last week or two, when it is clear that there is one or two teams they need to keep an eye on, they will get preliminary stuff out of the way. But he joked that every time they scout two teams based on who they think they will be playing, it always ends up being the other team that they play.

That was about it. There was some discussion about free agency and the approach to that, but nothing newsy. We’ll blog from practice later.

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  1. Lets hawk and roll into the playoffs.

  2. chuck_easton says:

    So, if Rackley was back trying out we can at least assume that Robinson is better than Rackley was/is since Robinson beat him out in a straight up competition.

    Any improvement would be good at this point in time.

  3. eaglehawk says:

    Interesting Holm said that he wanted Robinson to be honest with them if he could do the job or not.
    Apparently Stutz did not do that?

  4. jamesdhiggins says:

    With all the Falcons drama going on with Vick and Petrino … how happy do you think Jimmy Mora Jr is to be in Seattle getting a very strong yet under-the-radar team ready for a playoff run? He’s gotta be happy.

  5. lemonverbena says:

    “I worry about him when he runs. You guys ever see Gooney Birds landing on a lake?”


  6. damn, that was cold holmy! Sounds like holmgren is picking up where Tobeck left off, giving Hass crap, keeping his large head from getting too bloated with hot air.

  7. berserker says:

    Did anyone catch PTI today? Hass was being interviewed for 5 mins and nearly 3 good mins were talking about Tom Brady. (wtf) What a slap in the face to Hass, why not just bring on Tom Brady obviously the hosts were more interested in him.

    Gez I have way to much time on my hand since im on winter break away from eastern….

  8. PapaHawk says:

    Some day, when Mora is further removed from this fiasco, we’ll hear what he thinks about that whole deal. Same with Ruskell. But until then, that vault is likely locked.

    Frank put a pop-up in your outlook to ask Ruskell and Mora about this in ten years.

    I cannot believe Petrino left his team like that…mid-season. That’s unheard of. Who was the last coach to do this? I’m sure its been done before, but who, and when? I know firings happen, but a coach just quitting. Unreal. I’m sure Holmgren has some really choice thoughts on it. How unfair to those players, assistant coaches. Again- we are lucky to have Holmgren here in Seattle.

  9. The last time an old long snapper was plucked out of retirement to snap for a playoff team was “Touchdown” Trey Junkin for the Giants in 2002.

    It didn’t end well.

  10. mike martz. dave wannstedt.

  11. Anniee882000 says:

    I wonder why they didn’t get Rackley. Why did they let him go in the first place? There weren’t any of these fiascos when he was our long snapper. I never really understood that.

  12. ballgame says:

    I seem to recall that Rackley’s velocity was not good, leading them to think they needed someone who could snap with some Velocity, thus boone.

  13. Sharpclaw says:

    LS Rackley is lieldy plan “B” to the rescue if things go awry heading into or during the playoffs.

  14. BellevueMark says:

    “Holmgren said they wanted Robinson to be very honest with them about if he thought he could do the job or not.”

    I wonder if Holmgren was trying to fish out if there would be any motivation issues.


    Frank, did he look in shape? Did they try him in live blocking situations to see if his legs could still handle the push?

  15. Frank Hughes says:

    I did not see him but Boling did. He said he looked rusty at the start. But they were all good with the placement and the velocity picked up as he went along. Location is the key right now, Boling says.

  16. Covingtonhawk says:

    I heard this on KJR –

    Last year, Mora was fired for talking during the season about taking a job with a college team.

    This year, Petrino, his replacement, took a job with a college team during the season.


    Go HAWKS!!!

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