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The end of the last Arizona game

Post by News Tribune Staff on Dec. 6, 2007 at 11:45 am with 20 Comments »
December 6, 2007 11:45 am

Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck said that because the way the last game in Arizona ended — the botched handoff to Shaun Alexander — the team did not do any dummy audibles for about a month. He said they have again been allowed to dummy audible.

“We just said it’s not worth it, to have something like that happen,” Hasselbeck said. “It’s really nothing that creative or crazy it’s stuff we all did in high school, or probably even pop warner football. But on that day, as professional football players, we didn’t do it well. So we had to go back to basics, and I’d say for about a month we did nothing. We just sort of earned the responsibility back to be allowed to do that, and focused a little bit more."

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  1. QB_Sneak says:

    Off topic, but posted a mock NFL draft (although how you can mock up a draft with 4 games left in the season is beyond me).

    Seattle Seahawks
    Scouts Inc.’s three biggest needs: OL, S, TE

    Projected pick: Jonathan Stewart*, RB, Oregon
    The Seahawks have some tough questions to ponder at the running back position in the upcoming offseason. Will Shaun Alexander return to form? Can Maurice Morris be the full-time load-carrier if not? Stewart has yet to indicate his intentions but it wouldn’t be a bit surprising if he followed QB Dennis Dixon out of Eugene. Stewart has the versatility, power and burst to thrive in coach Mike Holmgren’s system.

    I thought this was interesting, tho I disagree with their assessment of our biggest needs. Safety? We’re pretty solid there. A big DB, sure. But our biggest need is to replace Marcus Tubbs and beef up our undersized DL.

    Anyways, we won’t be picking as high as they have us, and Ogden won’t be there when we do pick. But it was interesting.

  2. idahoseahawksfan says:

    I agree with you QB_Sneak but I also feel we need major help on our OL. It’s obvious this year with our running game.

  3. SharkHawk says:

    Jonathan Stewart? Blecch. No thanks.

  4. I don’t get it; they say S, OL, and TE are our biggest needs, then project us taking a RB. Huh?

    Anyway, I do agree with their assesment of our needs including using our first pick on a RB. As for Safety, we need to upgrade at free safety. We could do much better than Russell.

  5. navy_at_3 says:

    sweet you mean like no dummy audibles in chi game…. even though matt himself said we were doing them?

    j stewart continues to get over 100+ rushing yards even with dixon out. He did it with Dixon and did it without. That tells you something.

  6. pabuwal says:

    I’m more concerned with the areas the Seahawks have to improve on this year to get them to the promised land:

    1). Interior Blocking (C, G, FB). The loss of Strong was huge for both pass blocking and run blocking. Not enough has been made of this. It has killed Alexander who is more dependent on a FB than Morris. Weaver is still learning the complexities of the FB position and seems to have a HB mentality at time.

    2). The Kicking Game (K, P). I don’t know if its a coincidence, but both Josh Brown and Plackemeier have been among the worst in the league since the new long snapper has joined the Seahawks. Brown can’t even get a touchback anymore. Plackemeier seems to average 35 yards a punt – gross. I’m surprised it hasn’t cost the Seahawks a game yet.

    3). The Safety Play against the run. This will be a huge issue if the Seahawks have to play the Vikings in the playoffs. At times the LBs will overpursue and I have rarely seen the Safety make the TD saving tackle. The Safety should make the play 90% of the time, not 10% of the time.

  7. This game is the Biggest of the Year!

    Hawks win, division is won

    Hawks fumble it away like they did in week 2, Cards breathing down their neck with tiebreaker in hand

    This game is so big, I get to see it on free tv Fox locally here in Nashville.

    Don’t let me down 12th man! I want to hear Qwest at the loudest it has ever been!

    Don’t care what Cardinals show up or not – Hawks need to smack them around. Kerney needs to hit Ash ….err…. Kurt Warner to make him fumble 3 times like the Kurt Warner we all know and love… Edgerrin James needs to meet the punch that Lofa Tatupu delivers…. Marcus Trufant needs to defend the pass like he’s a free agent in the offseason … and our Safeties need to play big and stop any big plays like they were brought in to do.

    This is it!

    No playing it “Hawk Close” – We jump on them early and often and don’t let the Red Carnaries anywhere near the RedZone! We need an attitude / fan interraction like the NFC title game vs the Panthers….

    Its our time!

    Time to be Division Champs!

  8. Audible says:

    “I don’t know if its a coincidence, but both Josh Brown and Plackemeier have been among the worst in the league since the new long snapper has joined the Seahawks. Brown can’t even get a touchback anymore.”

    You can blame missed field goals and muffed punts on a bad snap, but you can’t blame the snapper for Brown’s inability to get touchbacks because kickers use a tee on kickoffs.

  9. I’ve noticed the crappy kick offs from Brown as well. I think blaming the snapper for our kicking woes is a smokescreen.

  10. pabuwal says:

    I wsan’t blaming the long snapper on the kickoffs.

  11. NFL Draft Countdown has been projecting Seattle to take Stewart all season long. Seattle clearly needs a first day running back at this point (and I am an Alexander supporter).

  12. Wouldn’t you think that with 119 major collages (and God only knows how many Div. II schools) churning out a long snapper every three or four years there would be enough of these guys that all 32 pro teams would have at least one guy that could do a long snap right?

    If I were a long legged 6’6″, 250 lb. guy I’d learn that skill and I’d learn it well. Ten years from now I’d have $5,000,000 in the bank and life would be good. I know it’s harder than it looks, but it can’t be all that hard. I think there must be some seriously under motivated forth string tight ends out there. Maybe being a Loan Officer at a local bank or a UPS truck driver pays more than I think it does.

  13. No I’m with you pabuwal. The “smokescreen” I’m referring to are the coaches and media.

  14. roddychops says:

    1. what’s wrong with russell? he’s been a huge improvement. if you’re basing his performance on open field tackles of RBs at full speed with a 25-yard head of steam from scrimmage–yeah, i guess he missed a couple. who wouldn’t? he’s helped shut down the long pass and has also contributed to the run stuffing on running downs. if we need a safety, it’s that we now need some backup for the nickel and dime.

    2. i’m still not following the idea of placing all hopes for the O-line in a draft. it’s fairly rare to find a rookie lineman that’s worthy of starting on a contending team.

    yeah, we’ve established that sims and spencer still need a lot of work, but is the consensus that we just start over again? and then if the new rookies don’t pan out immediately, we scream for drafting more?

    we need to replace gray due to age, but i’m not sure i’m ready to call sims and spencer a total bust this early in their careers. maybe that’s the case and the coaches know better. but this is their first year starting at consistent positions. i’m not sure why anything short of a college phenom would be better at this point.

    wouldn’t you want to draft for the future (RB, TE, CB, DT, maybe a 3rd string QB) and trade for a couple of O-linemen with experience while the team is still atop the division and in the playoff contention window for at least a few more years?

    i just don’t get the “scrap ‘em all and start over” mentality. the better franchises don’t go into total rebuild mode, they fill gaps with trades and draft for the long run. whatever. i’m certainly no expert.

    now kick card butt.

  15. rramstad says:

    People seem to conveniently forget about Wrotto and Sims. There are some interesting young players already on our roster at OL… of course, adding to the pile is always good, but I suspect there are other needs that will be addressed first.

  16. He’s (Russell) missed numerous tackles and he’s conspicuously absent during most of the game. Granted he’s not getting beat deep, but that’s because he plays so deep. I’m not saying he’s the worst, but we could upgrade with a player with more physical skills and size. He doesn’t really hurt us but by the same token he doesn’t give us much either.

  17. roddychops says:

    i dunno, OC.
    52 tackles, 45 solo. basically sixth-best on the team
    plus there’s the intangibles. maybe you think he’s “absent” because he’s busy covering guys who never get the ball. maybe.
    as for physical skills, see ocho cinco hit 2006. he’s made a few this year that have come close. and i like that he’s usually in position when making them, rather than looking for the hit over staying in coverage. he’s one of those numbers i feel like i see in the action of every play, including at the line in run-stopping.
    i’m not saying he’s the greatest or the best we can do. just that i’ve been pleased with the upgrade this year, at least.

  18. SupaFreak says:

    The fact that they play him so deep, ochawk, limits his opportunities in other areas, and also means if a RB breaks through, he’s got a lot of open field to angle through and avoid a safety who is coming from fairly deep. I don’t think it reflects on him as much as the system we have in place this year. We aren’t giving up as many big plays as last year.

    The long TD runs very early in the games of late seem to be from the Defense being too jacked up and guys not staying in their lanes. They overpursue and then a cutback is there. I think our D is actually a little too jacked up in the first quarter and a bit undiciplined. Then they settle down and play hard, but more disciplined, and we do well, that is, until Holmy puts us in the “prevent” defense late in games, which prevents only one thing… making the other team stop and punt or turn it over on downs. Thankfully, we have gotten some stops on 4th down of late!

  19. mibuttiznum says:

    russell is seriously underrated. it’s the ability to play in the right position that has made our pass defense so good. I’d rather have a “smart” safety than an idiot. We’ve already been there, done that.

  20. The best corners and safetys are the ones that dont make highlight films. If youre guy doesnt catch a pass, youre a stud. How many times last year did Hamlin nail a WR, only to have the guy hang on and convert a third and 15 into a first down? The idiot would celebrate like it was 1999, and he’d just given up a first down. I’ll take Russel and Grant any day.

    THe other thing to keep in mind is that Russell and Grant are victims of a scheme defense that is mostly zone, dont get beaten deep, soft. Their job isnt to make highlight reel hits, but to be the stop-gap on big runs, and to prevent long passes. They have done well at that, and have shown the athleticism and football smarts to play a tighter, man-coverage defense. Maybe Mora will let them loose soon. Then we’ll see some hits!

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