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NCAA inquiry into Tosh Lupoi allegations ends with no punishment

The NCAA informed the University of Washington today that it has completed its investigation into allegations of potential violations committed by former assistant coach Tosh Lupoi, and has determined that further action is not necessary.

Lupoi was under investigation after the Los Angeles Times reported in December that a man named Mike Davis, a former assistant track coach at Lynnwood High, said he received $4,500 in cash payments from Lupoi to be used toward tutoring costs for former recruit Andrew Basham. Read more »


Morning links: Tosh Lupoi investigation moves forward; Huskies lose commitment from another recruit

You wouldn’t have known by talking to Washington interim coach Marques Tuiasosopo yesterday that one of his assistant coaches — OK, one of Steve Sarkisian’s assistant coaches — Tosh Lupoi, is under investigation by the school for an alleged recruiting violation.

Tuiasosopo didn’t have much to say about it — and as the interim coach, I’m not sure why he would — and didn’t seem concerned with anything other than preparing for UW’s bowl game. That much was expected.

Everyone else seems to be talking about it, though. We’ll link our story updating that situation once it appears online. Mike Davis, the alleged middle-man quoted extensively in the original Los Angeles Times story, did not return a phone call seeking comment. UW also offered no further comment on the matter.

On to some links … Read more »


Morning links: A new problem for the Huskies

Just when you thought the dust was settling on Montlake, it got kicked up all over again.

The Los Angeles Times reported last night that USC and UW are both investigating Huskies defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi.

UW confirmed it is investigating the matter. On to some related links … Read more »