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Quoting Chris Petersen, Huskies players at Cactus Bowl media day

Chris Petersen and five Huskies players spoke at Wednesday morning's Cactus Bowl media day.
Chris Petersen and five Huskies players spoke at Wednesday morning’s Cactus Bowl media day.

Here are some selected quotes from Washington’s Cactus Bowl media day earlier this morning, distributed by the folks at ASAP Sports.


(Opening remarks) Thank you. Really appreciate being here. We’ve had a really good week. We’ve had a good couple weeks of preparation. Come over here four, five days ago, beautiful weather. Today we get a little of our hometown weather, we appreciate that. The players like to be out in a little bit of mist, but I’m sure it will clear up. We’re excited to play Oklahoma State. We have tremendous respect for those guys. You get a chance in these bowl games to see all their games, really study them. The more you study somebody, the more you really appreciate what they’re doing, all the good work, hard work they put together. But we’re getting to that point where it’s time to play. I know our players are itchy to play. In two days we get to go do that. Read more »


Bishop Sankey is not walking through that door, but Huskies running backs have promise

Dwayne Washington is one of four running backs competing for UW's starting job. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Dwayne Washington is one of four running backs competing for UW’s starting job. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

SEATTLE – Bishop Sankey totaled so many rushing yards and scored so many touchdowns for the Washington Huskies the past two seasons, it might have been easy to forget what very well could have been Sankey’s most important accomplishment.

He never missed a game due to injury. And he carried the ball 327 times in 2013, setting a school record.

That’s what makes replacing him this season – or attempting to, anyway – such a multi-faceted proposition. Sankey wasn’t just talented. He was durable, the kind of back who could carry the ball 30 times and still report to practice the next Monday ready to roll.

“Running back is a tough position,” said fifth-year senior Deontae Cooper, one of four Huskies backs vying for playing time in 2014. “Credit to Bishop for doing what he did last year. I’m not sure if we’re going to have that.” Read more »