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Washington rinses and repeats in loss to Oregon

On the way to its seventh loss in eight games, Washington scored a season-low 52 points. Oregon shot 49 percent. The formula for losing so often is a simple one: can’t score, can’t defend.

That’s the route Washington is on. Of the seven games it has lost in this run, just once has it scored more than 66 points.

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Arizona postgame quotes, head coach Sean Miller, Solomon Hill and Nick Johnson

Arizona Coach Sean Miller

Opening statement:

I’d size the game up like this: that was as bad of an offensive first half as we’ve had all season. Along the lines of Southern Miss, because we had 12 turnovers and it’s kind of a struggle because we have individually talented guys and usually as the season grows things become easier to play together as a team. It’s not an intent issue where people don’t want to play team ball, being able to pass, being patient on possessions, taking what the defense gives, we didn’t have any of that in the first half. We were so fortunate to be down five points. And the reason why we were only down five points was because of our defense. And it was hard for them to score. We played the entire second half with only five turnovers and although it wasn’t pretty, between Solomon (Hill) and Mark (Lyons) they went a combined 0-for-8 from the three, and that’s never good for our team, but we were better. And our defense remained the same. Sometimes on the road when you can find a way and play great defense and learn, it means the world. Because you are not going to be perfect, especially in conference play. To me, this is our hardest earned victory of the season.

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Oregon 81, Washington 76


knight arena

Welcome to pristine Matthew Knight Arena. A beautiful arena by any measure. Not so sure about the floor, however.

Washington gets its first big shot at one of the upper tier conference teams, part of four in a row against the big boys in the conference: Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State and UCLA. Game thread will be on the jump:

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