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Quoting Huskies assistant Brad Jackson on Robert Upshaw

Had a chance to speak for a bit with third-year Huskies assistant coach Brad Jackson last week for our story yesterday on 7-foot center Robert Upshaw. Here’s that interview, which should give some insight into the kind of player the Huskies think Upshaw can be.

(Have you ever been around a shot-blocker like Robert Upshaw?) “Not personally, but just watching players through the years, I think kind of in my era, a couple guys that come to mind would be (Bill) Walton and (Kareem Abdul) Jabbar. That’s, for me, the closest comparison. Playing against Walton you get a sense of that. But I think it’s a real gift. His timing … a lot of guys can block shots, but one of the things that (Upshaw) does so well is he is able to block shots and retain possession of them, and that’s pretty unique. You look back through the years in basketball, whatever level, there’s guys that swat them into the seats. But that ability to block the shot, to obtain possession, but then also the threat of a blocked shot, that’s been huge for us this year.” Read more »