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Baylor defense press conference transcript and audio and some video

PHIL BENNETT: First of all, I want to say hello to Kate. She was my beat writer when I was at SMU. Awful kind to me, too, and I always appreciated that.

Nick Baptiste is our senior nose guard; Elliot Coffey is our Mike linebacker; and Tracy Robertson is our defensive tackle. These are our three seniors.

First of all, one of the things I’ve told them all year, we started the season, we had a very inexperienced

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Alamo Bowl: Baylor press conference audio and full transcript

CO-OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR RANDY CLEMENTS: We’re just very thrilled to be here and looking forward to representing the University and our team and trying to get this tenth win of the year for us.  SanAntonio as you know is an awesome place to visit and even better place to have a Bowl game.  Very fired up about it.

CO-OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR PHILIP MONTGOMERY: We’re excited again to be here.  Very fortunate to be here,

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