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Even more from Chris Petersen’s meeting with reporters

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December 10, 2013 12:53 am

As mentioned earlier, new Washington coach Chris Petersen took some time after his press conference to speak more with a handful of reporters. Here’s the rest of what he said.

(Did you or staff ever joke about how often your name was linked to other jobs?) ”We never really even had those discussions because we’ve been there a long time and every year it’s the same thing so we didn’t even bring them up. Every once in a while the rumors would take off so strong that we would maybe just comment on them to say they’re not true. So they wouldn’t come up at all. So if guys wondered and they asked me and I’d always tell them honestly what was up. Even our team. I never once talked to our team about don’t worry about that. Don’t listen to that. We just went about our business and it wasn’t something that we really even thought about it.”

(How hard was last meeting with BSU players?) ”It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I probably underestimated how hard it was going to be. And they were unbelievably awesome. Both those things surprised me. How hard it was. I think they were shocked like we all were. Even myself. I think it’s very unsettling and its shocking at first. They were tremendous.”

(How were they tremendous?) ”Just their reaching back out to me and the things that they said and coming back and having a conversation. I’m sure there are some guys that are not happy and down about it and I totally get that. Most of them were, it’s like why I like being there so much with those guys.”

(How long?) ”I don’t remember. It was probably, I don’t know, 10 minutes, seemed like it was 10 hours. It was just hard, but they’re great kids.”

(On being able to win in the Pac-12) “I know this. My job just got harder. This is a tremendously competitive conference. I get that. I remember when I was in it before. Every game comes down to a few plays where maybe you separate yourself or you don’t, so I get now there’s more parity in this conference than ever before. It’s hard every week playing at that level and so some of those things that people;e say are probably true. It’s always somewhere in between, but this is a tough conference, that I know. Great coaches. Really good players. It will be a big challenge.”

(Most proud of at BSU?) ”I think we had a process. We stuck to it. For us over there it really worked and the kids bought in, and that’s why it worked. And that’s probably why… ya know I think you don’t know until you leave… even kids that weren’t in the program reaching back out. Those are Broncos through and through and they’re still supportive and happy for me to take a new challenge on.”

(Dan Hawkins and Dirk Koetter struggled. Why won’t you?) “Could be. You don’t know. I mean those guys are good coaches and all those type a things. But I’m different than those guys. Different places for sure. I’ll say this. Those guys. You need so many things to line up right. You gotta have that support because those guys are really good coaches. They are. So it’s not just the head coach. That I’ve learned. That’s part of this fit that I think with the support that’s here and the players we can get, I feel good about being here.”

(On Aug. 31, did you ever think about how nice it would be to have this stadium, etc?) “Not one bit. In fact your thought process is the exact opposite every time I’ve been here. How much you can’t stand being here in this stadium. It’s so overwhelming, it’s so loud. But on the other hand when you come into this place you tell our players this is why you came to play college football. To be in environments like this. This is what it’s all about. But yeah, when you’re trying to move the ball and you can’t hear anything it’s frustrating.”

(Principles?) “I think the main thing is it always comes back to people. It comes back to the staff that you’re going to surround yourself with. That’s one of the things that I will lose or have lost a lot of sleep on is making sure that I got the right guys to coach these kids because you really want them to be coached a certain way. I think there’s a lot of good football coaches out there with all the access that we have internet-wise, pro football, all these things, these guys can be really good x’s and o’s guys, but I think you start to separate people in terms of how they’re going to treat kids. That’s really important to me. And then secondly the type of players that we get here. Kids that really want to go to school and get a degree from this unbelievable university. That want to do things right. That want to go grow. There’s a price to pay to play in this beautiful stadium. I mean, you can’t be the normal college student. You just can’t. They’re going to have to give up things. So there’s a certain type of kid that we want to come here that understands this and our job as coaches is to ingrain that in them.”

(On being able to draw up unique offensive attack) ”You know, I mean that’s a long time ago and we just kind of … When I came to Boise it was a really easy transition in a lot of ways because Dirk Koetter came from Oregon and put basically that system in over there. And then two, three years later I came over when he left and so I knew the system so it was easy for me to pick that up. We just continually tweaked it through the years. And I think we’ve had some really good coaches right alongside of me that we’ve done some creative things. Really to try to and keep people off-balance and so now it’s even harder with all this access that I’m talking about, I mean everybody just steals everybody’s … there’s so many good plays out there now. Now the trick is narrowing it down to what you want to be all about so you’re not the jack-of-all-trades master of naught.”

(Trick play guy?) “For whatever reason that’s what everybody thinks about Boise State but when you think about it their might be a trick play a game, there could be two and then you run none the next game. It’s going to come down to fundamental football. Tough kids, playing hard and executing at a high level. The fans, shoot, the players, they like the trick plays, too. If they work, that’s what everybody remembers. They don’t remember running the ball for 200 yards. They remember the double pass. That stuff is fun. It’s fun to do.”

(Thoughts on roster?) ”Just from playing against them I think there’s a lot of talent, but I don’t know it in detail like I need to know it. It’ll be a process of figuring out what we got, what we need and recruiting our tails off as we go forward.”

(Talking to Bishop Sankey, Austin Seferian-Jenkins about making NFL decision?) ”I’m certainly going to talk to them but again I kind of want them to know what we’re going to be about here but those guys have their families. Everybody is going to make the decision that is best for them is. If a guy is on the fence and, how’s this going to be, I think they’re going to like it, I think they’re going to like it here. This process is hard. I think it’s our job as coaches to enjoy this thing even though we’re going to work our tails off.”

(Perception that you prefer small market/less media?) ”I like coaching football. It’s not that I don’t like the media. I like coaching football. This comes with the job and the other thing is the head coach always gets way too much credit and sometimes … he’s like the quarterback … everybody else … you’ve got good people around you and all of a sudden things get a lot … so at Boise if things were going pretty darn good and I’m getting all this credit, it’s kind of, it’s not really right. There’s so many other people that are doing great things and it seems to come back to me. It’s just the combination of all those things. I think there’s a perception that I don’t like doing this and that’s not necessarily true. I get it, it’s part of the job. You guys need access to me, the program, all those things, and we’ll work that out. Do I love a stadium of everybody analyzing every single thing we do? No. But that will come on game day anyway so let’s just wait until then. That’s when it matters.”

(What do you like about the Northwest?) ”It’s probably everything I talk about not doing. The comfort zone. This is where I’ve been. This is what I know. This is who i am. That’s certainly the biggest thing. Certainly I’ve been to Seattle a lot of times. I’ve never lived here but I’m excited to do that. It’s a new challenge, a new chapter. Exciting to be in a new city and all those things.”

(Outdoors guy?) ”I love the water. I love to be on a boat and be on the water. That’s something we do in the summer. We’ve always done. Other than that it’s football.”

(Own a boat?) ”A small one. A ski boat.”

(Reached out to anybody when Washington made contact with you?) ”Well, yeah I talked to a few guys. Again, at the end of the day. I’ve been through this enough, you gotta know what you wanna do. Everybody else can have their opinion. But I do have a few guys that are close to me that I really respect. But I also knew what they were going to say before they said it.”

(On mostly positive feedback from Boise community) “It’s kind of strange when you’re reading. It’s almost like you died or something. This is kind of weird. What I think is is that my heart and soul has been in Boise for so long and they appreciate that. I wasn’t going to run out of there for just anything. For more money or a bigger stadium or anything like that. That’s never been what I’ve been about and I think people realize that. I think people realize that the timing was right, the fit was right and I think they’re good with it because it’s truly those things.”

(Getting your staff together before dead period?) ”I think the worst mistake I could make would be rushing this process for a week to get guys on the road for a week, so that’s not going to happen. The USC guys are behind a little bit, the Boise guys are going to be behind a little bit. When you change jobs there’s a setback but the process, you can’t rush the process and make a bad long-term decision for a week of benefit.”

(Reached out to recruits?) ”Well I think the thing is is that a lot of them have reached out to us. So again, just trying to calm everybody. You know, you feel bad. I feel bad in this recruiting process for the kids we recruited so long over there. Nobody was counting on this. It just kind of makes you feel weird about the whole situation. It really does. It’s just part of the business that nobody likes, me least of all.”

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