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Defensive coordinator Nick Holt fired, along with two assistants

Post by Ryan Divish on Dec. 31, 2011 at 11:37 am with 20 Comments »
December 31, 2011 5:43 pm

A day after denying rumors post by the website Footballscoop.com, the University of Washington released a statement saying that defensive coordinator Nick Holt, linebackers coach Mike Cox and safeties coach Jeff Mills will not be retained for next season.

“I want to thank Nick Holt, Mike Cox, and Jeff Mills for their hard work and dedication throughout the last three years,”head coach Steve Sarkisian said in a statement. “They were instrumental in the leadership and development of countless young men, and they have left our program in a better place.  I am grateful for their service to our program and to the University of Washington and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.”

According to the release, the University of Washington, specifically head coach Steve Sarkisian will not comment on the firings for the time being.

All three coaches were under contract for next season, and will receive their salaries next season.It’s usually paid in a lump sum.

So Holt will receive $650,004, Cox will make $220,008 and Mills will get $155,000


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  1. thewestside says:

    It had to happen.
    Now who are the replacements?

  2. dirtrider says:

    Who cares………..Huskies suck

  3. I personally believe they should have given Nick at least one more year. But, the way the game is played today, it’s now or never!

  4. Patches_Pal says:

    He was paid way too much to earn another year of this. We have a new stadium opening in 2013. This team needs to be competing by then at the highest level.

  5. I hate seeing anyone lose their job, but if The Dawgs want to challenge the likes of Oregon or USC they need to find someone who will build a defense like we had in the early 90’s, the Purple Haze, fast, mean and aggressive.

  6. I hate firings. I hate instability. At times like these, I think back to the first game of the Sark era, when the defense played admirably against a good LSU team and then held and admittedly shorthanded USC team to under two touchdowns. Then there was the 2009 Apple Cup and the Cal game at the end of that season. What went wrong from there? We might never know. It’s not as simple as “Holt sucks”. It never is, unless you’re talking about Willingham.

    But Holt had to be aware that he didn’t just win the lottery with this job…there are expectations attached to that kind of salary in this business. His position had become untenable, and in the end he sounded delusional in light of the yardage and point totals that piled up. I feel bad for his kid and the families of those other guys. At the same times, they received their excellent salaries and opportunity based at least in part on the failure of the last crew. And so it goes.

    It’ll be interesting to see if we start seeing more in-season firings as a result. Expectations will only be higher. The new Pac12 TV money will increase the pressure on all. I would expect the average tenure of Pac12 coaches to now drop below six years if it hasn’t already.

  7. shawnypickle says:

    Well, they can hire the greatest DC ever created and, if they don’t have the horses it won’t much matter. It might just be the players.

  8. After the futility and embarrassment of the Alamo Bowl it had to happen. The defense has not improved each year it has been getting worse. We broke so many records for futility this year, the Dawgs could not stop the run or the pass. It is a surprise they ended the year 7-5, 7-6 after the embarrassment in San Antonio. I hope Sarki. has someone good in mind to fill the vacancies we need a defense.

  9. Damit Bobby. This is football I tell you what. I think Sark should’ve given him one more year to figure out how to keep teams to under 650 yards a game. Very respecful by Warshington standards.

  10. guidocarmasi says:

    that man ran around the sidelines like a chicken with its head cut off. What a disruptive presence. Needs some calmness and fron the defensive head. How about Lambright? He was a gem!!!!

  11. They could not stop anybody, it’s been an exciting year & is amazing the Huskies were able to win as many games as they did. Bottom line though is they were embarrased by Oregon, Stanford, USC & finally Baylor. All ranked teams but the Tyee club wants to see the Huskies back to that level & apparently was not willing to wait.

  12. titusintl says:

    It’s about time!

  13. thewestside says:

    guidocarmasi: I heard the same thing on KIRO radio about Lambright, it will never happen.

  14. denismenis says:

    I can’t resist, but perhaps they can hire on to coach at a B-8 high school team. After all, that’s all they had on defense.

  15. mannix49 says:

    I think it all comes down to how well a coach teaches, and the amount of talent he’s given. It involves a scheme that works against the elite offensive attacks we’re seeing at the BCS college level , and teaching the techniques to make these kids better players. Plus the type of players you recruit on the defensive side should to fit your system. Look at what Sark has to work with on the other side of the ball, and the results are evident. At USC, they had lots of talent and depth at linebacker and on the D interior line, but we’re not seeing the same types of players on the defensive side, and Holt didn’t appear to be able to get everything he could out of them this year, and they had to move on to contend. Interesting to see who they bring in…

  16. comonsens41 says:

    Huskies may as well be division 2.

  17. alaskafan says:

    The Huskies could barely beat Eastern Washington. Something had to change. At the end of the year, Keith Price looked GREAT!!!

  18. Hire an SEC DC and entire staff.

  19. Uh Hello People!?! thats alot of tax payers money being washed down the drain! DO you make that kinda money? some doctors dont even make that per year. point is that every coach, teacher profeoor etc is paid with tax payer money and many just sit on thier hind ends and do nothing. they dont deserve money like that. Now these dudes will take WA tax payer money live good and go to some other state…we wont see that money back in our state economy again! Wake Up Washington!

  20. islandernwly says:

    bckm 11 this might help you out in your quest:

    The University of Washington Athletic Department is one of only a handful of Division I college athletic programs that is fully self-supporting. With the exception of a small amount of state-mandated Title IX scholarship funding, the UW athletic department generates all the revenue that supports its $60 million per year operation.

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