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Huskies seniors hit Sea World

Post by Ryan Divish on Dec. 26, 2011 at 10:17 am with 19 Comments »
December 26, 2011 1:36 pm
Senior Kelemete and his new friend, Takena, pose for a photo. (Coach Sark blog)

While the entire University of Washington football team hit Sea World on Christmas Eve, a group of seniors got to go back and have a little more fun up close with some of the animals.

Senio Kelemete and Alameda Ta’amu had a sit-up contest with the Takena the Walrus.

“We got to do a sit-up contest against a walrus,” Kelemete said. “It was pretty fun, I’ve never seen a walrus in person before. He did six sit-ups, but I think Washington won the contest.”

Photo courtesy of Sea World

Other players like Jermaine Kearse, Cort Dennison (above) and Devin Aguilar had some fun with the whales at Sea World.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “I didn’t think I was going to interact with the whales as much as I did. I got to swim with them, dance with them and I even got a kiss from one of them. The water was pretty cold, but the wetsuit helped a lot.”

It’s something most people will never get a chance to do.

“It is amazing how they can train these animals to do these tricks,” Kearse said. “It was an amazing experience to see these animals perform in person and to actually do it with them.”

The Coach Sark blog has some great pictures of the day.

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  1. theforgottensea says:

    I have never and would never visit SeaWorld or any other establishment that holds marine mammals in captivity. It is a little disappointing to see college kids visiting SeaWorld as well as paying extra to interact with the animals. SeaWorld was responsible for keeping a young wild orca from being released back into the wild off the coast of the Netherlands. They saw her as a new female for their terrible breeding program and it resulted in her illegal transfer to a marine park in the Canary Islands. She will now spend her life swimming in circles in a concrete tank doing tricks for food. SeaWorld also just removed 10 emperor penguins from Cape Washington, Antarctica and flew them to California. These were chicks still dependent on their mothers. SeaWorld exploits animals for their own profits and I wish the news tribune would do research on companies such as SeaWorld before running stories to promote them.

  2. orcasoutside says:

    “We don’t have a SeaWorld in Seattle”. That’s a quote from one of your players featured on our local ABC affiliate KSAT. I am from Texas but lived in Seattle many years, & one reason I moved there was to be able to see orca swimming in the wild. In the wild they are completely oblivious to the presence of humans…only in captivity is it “normal” for them to react to humans because we have made them completely dependent on us. Wonder why…education? Nah…since they never mention they don’t know Tilicum’s exact age since he was taken from the wild, since they never mention that orca in captivity live shorter lives than their wild counterparts, since they never mention that orca in captivity breed much younger & more often than their wild counterparts, since they never mention there has never been an incident of a wild orca killing humans. Conservation…hahaha since the captures from the wild in the 1970’s decimated the local Southern Resident Killer Whales. SeaWorld just “convinced” the Dutch government to send a wild orca (whose release plan was supported by more than 40 experts) to their sister park in the Spanish Canary Islands so they could shore up their gene pool once she is ready to breed. But am very “glad” the Huskies are being such great representatives of the Pacific NW while they are in Texas…

  3. Orcagirl says:

    Go Huskies!! Thanks for sharing your seaworld experience. These people talk about all the issues of what happened in the park, but it happens in zoos and other places too. Good for you for getting some down time and enjoying yourselves despite all the hatred some people have for places like these. But in fact we learn from mistakes and we move on. Unlike some people who have to always bring up the tilikum situation. The whale killed a trainer so has elephants,lions and tigers. Get over it people, this is a great story about people having fun so please dont poop over a happy thing just cause you have OCD.

  4. WiLdOrCa says:

    You’d think that since you are from the great state of Washington that you guys would at least go elsewhere instead of seeing these animals suffer in captivity. Go see The Alamo!! I’m glad you getting some downtime, but please don’t go to Sea World. Please show better support for your state marine mammal!

  5. orcasoutside says:

    Thanks Orcagirl…your ignorance & callousness just makes our jobs that much easier thank you thank you thank you for being so completely ignorant & filled w/ hate :)

  6. Orcagirl says:

    I guess the feeling is mutual considering how you talk down about a park that these people went to. You can call me all sorts of names you can say im ignorant. But fact is these people went and enjoyed themselves and also support the park and had a great experience. One of which they never had before. That’s a great thing for them. Just because you dont support their choices does not mean they are going to care what you think.

  7. orcasoutside says:

    Also only notice Tilicum mentioned once but Whateveh Orcagirl… Thank gawd you didn’t spend Christmas Eve mourning a phone call that your son, brother, fiancee had been killed like Alexis Martinez’s family did… Oh, don’t even know about him did you? No of course not Ppfftthh!

  8. orcasoutside says:

    Don’t need to care what they or you think…as long as ignorant people like you are supporting captivity, I know it will end ‘cuz you are all such easy targets hahaha…

  9. Orcagirl says:

    That didint happen in texas now did it that was in an entirely different park, but all the same to people like you, just as people has been killed by zoo animals all over the world.

  10. orcasoutside says:

    Park in Spain w/ SeaWorld orcas… & I love how ignorant people like you claim that as some sort of excuse…hahaha…

  11. orcasoutside says:

    & you mispelled didn’t…it’s not didint…;)

  12. Orcagirl says:

    Typical anti person have to correct spelling when they have nothing better to say. The orcas in the park are on a 13 year loan I consider that a permenant stay.

  13. orcasoutside says:

    Hey “Orcagirl” (geezus you have never even worked around captive orcas) want to go swim w/ Tilicum or Ky or Kasatka or Keto or Tekoa???

  14. orcasoutside says:

    Oh I guess that lack in response time was so you could google it hahaha you are pathetic…

  15. Orcagirl says:

    Anyway that is not the point, The point is the Huskies enjoyed their time in Seaworld. I, along with other fans are happy for them.

  16. Orcagirl says:

    yes i would love to swim with one of those orcas they are beautiful and amazing and even though their past is messed up, doesnt mean my mind would change, They make choices just like we do. Sorry my response time isint up topar I have POS wifi.

  17. Orcagirl says:

    Huskies Enjoy your downtime and party hard!

  18. WiLdOrCa says:

    It’s not like they haven’t been before:

    They still could have gone elsewhere…there are other places to go for downtime…

  19. Orcagirl says:

    Unleash hell next game!! See you all at the dome.

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