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A few quick links: Nick Holt says Boyles could play against UCLA

Links: Holt says Boyles could play; Mays criticized

Defensive coordinator Nick Holt made his weekly appearance on KJR with Dave “Softy” Mahler. And he had a few interesting things to say. One of the more surprising things was the current transition of Anthony Boyles.

Boyles made the transition from wide receiver to corner back this week and has the UW coaches pretty excited, so much so, that he may play next week.

“Corner is a great opportunity is for him,” Holt said. “Don’t be surprised to see him in there against UCLA.”

It seems like a good idea considering that

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Notes from second half of hoops media day

Here is an overview of what the final five coaches had to say today at Pac-10 men’s basketball media day in Los Angeles:

KEVIN O’NEILL/USC: He takes over the league’s most disrupted program: losses on the court and an NCAA investigation looming. “We do know the challenges ahead, and we believe we’re up to them,” he said.

MIKE MONTGOMERY/CAL: Montgomery opened with a little joke: “Reading about us a little bit, it stuns me as usual. I saw somebody picked us 12th. I thought there were only 10 teams in the conference, I didn’t know you could be

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Quick takes from Pac-10 hoops bottom five

Media day trots out its coaches in reverse order of the previous season’s finish. So at the break, we have heard from:

ERNIE KENT/OREGON: Encouraged fans to come see a game at Mac Court. The plan is for the Ducks to move into their new arena in late 2010, which means this isn’t their last season at Mac, but it is scheduled to be the last Pac-10 season at Mac. … On the court, he said he expects this season to bring “the emergence of a lot of great young players.” … bigger stronger and deeper than last year and

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Hoops poll: Cal 1st, UW 2nd, WSU 8th

California will win the 2009-10 Pacific-10 Conference men’s basketball championship, according to media covering the league. Defending champion Washington was picked second.

Cal, UW and UCLA all picked up first-place votes.

Washington State was predicted for eighth.

Here is the full poll:

1. California (25) 350
2. Washington (7) 330
3. UCLA (5) 302
4. Arizona 221
5. Oregon State 218
6. Oregon 175
7. Arizona State 144
8. Washington State 123
9. USC 109
10. Stanford 63

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Pac-10 men’s basketball media day online

Pac-10 men’s basketball media day will be held this morning at the Airport Hilton in Los Angeles.

I’ll be posting updates from the event, including the results of the annual media poll, which should be available between 9-10. You also can follow along on this link from CBSsports.com.

Here is the schedule of when coaches should be on the podium (coaches speak in reverse order of their team’s finish the previous season):

10:05 – 10:15 a.m. Ernie Kent, Oregon

10:15 – 10:25 a.m. Johnny Dawkins, Stanford

10:25 – 10:35 a.m. Craig Robinson, Oregon State


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Wednesday practice report: Locker, Sark speak

It was a pretty quick practice, only about an hour and a half.

A few notes …

(I will try and post some more of the comments from Sarkisian and Locker after I file my story)

QB Jake Locker did not practice, but he did work on the side doing drills. Later in the practice, he took short drops and made some throws to injured to running back Brandon Yakaboski.

Head coach Steve Sarkisian stood by his comments he made on his coaches show that Jake probably wouldn’t have played this weekend.

“Well, he hasn’t been able to

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A quick thought on Jake

Last night on his show on KJR, head coach Steve Sarkisian hinted that if the Huskies would have had to play this weekend, Jake Locker and his sore quad might not have played.

It’s something that UW fans have seen happen the last few seasons – Locker missing games because of injury.

Sarkisian believes that one of the reasons, Locker has stayed healthy is curtailing his willingness to run or the plays called him for running.

“If I let Jake have 150 carries up to this point, he wouldn’t have made it through two or three of our games. I

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Boyles works out at cornerback, Locker does some light work

Sorry for no blog post yesterday, but I didn’t have access to this blog. I know it’s frustrating to have our Huskies beat writer on furlough this week, even it is a bye week. Believe me the frustration level is high for us as well, taking a week without pay (I had mine two weeks ago) isn’t enjoyable. Even more frustrating, technically, I can’t even talk to Todd about this stuff.

But with Todd gone, I will try to remain more vigilant about blogging.

Here’s the report …
The Huskies secondary had a new player join their ranks.

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