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Restaurants on wheels: A guide to Pierce County’s food trucks

Ande Dunn and Darrin Shaw were happy to split a "Bad Ass Burger" from Budha Bear Bagels when the truck appeared last month at Food Truck Fest in Tacoma's Wright Park.
Ande Dunn and Darrin Shaw were happy to split a “Bad Ass Burger” from Budha Bear Bagels when the truck appeared last month at Food Truck Fest in Tacoma’s Wright Park.

A diner complaint I hear too often: “We don’t have a food truck community.”

Or do we, and you just don’t know where to find it?

That’s where I come in, your handy newspaper restaurant critic.

I traversed every pocket of Pierce County, cross-referenced with the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, hunted down social media, and relied on readers to assemble my most comprehensive list to date of food trucks based in Pierce County. The list is current as of today, but an unfortunate consequence of businesses that operate on wheels is that they might be serving today, but could easily roll out of town tomorrow. My advice: Call first, or check social media before trekking across the county.

In all, I found nearly 30 trucks serving — and licensed — in Pierce County that I’ve categorized into three groups. The first is the region’s oldest category of mobile dining: taco trucks serving traditional taqueria eats. The second is a list of trucks with semipermanent locations or regular serving spots. The third is a list of what I call “floater trucks.” Those are for-hire trucks you’ll occasionally encounter at public gatherings or festivals, but are trucks without permanent homes.

After all that traveling – and eating – I might’ve missed a truck or two. That’s where you come in. Have a Pierce County truck you want to tell me about? Call me at 253-597-8270 or email and I’ll update this story with your additions. Read more »


First bite: Tacos at Taqueria Las Torres

The carne asada taco at Taqueria Las Torres, a new mobile taco bus on Sixth Avenue.

It’s sunny, warm. I actually got a sunburn while out this afternoon checking out a new restaurant (more on that next week).

And this is what I like to call Taco Truck Season.

It’s that time of year when we don’t have to wait in front of the taco bus hunched under our umbrellas, or scurry to our cars, taking cover from the rain while waiting for that order of carnitas tacos.

And just in time for Taco Truck Season is a new mobile taqueria: Taqueria Las Torres on Sixth Avenue. It opened two months ago in the parking lot of an old check cashing place (next to Gateway to India). The taco truck has a bonus – indoor seating for when the rainy weather does return (and we all know it will, despite our current stretch of sunny delight). Read more »