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Ramen on the rise in the South Sound

Shoyu ramen at downtown Tacoma's Fujiya Japanese Restaurant is flavored with a soy sauce broth.
Shoyu ramen at downtown Tacoma’s Fujiya Japanese Restaurant is flavored with a soy sauce broth.

I’m just going to say this now, for the record: You won’t ever find me waiting four hours in line for ramen.

In certain pockets of the country, ramen chefs achieve rock star status for fancying up a culinary underachiever long relegated to American dorm room cooking.

Last week’s opening of Ivan Orkin’s ramen shop in New York City yielded a media frenzy, and diners lined up for a bowl.

It’s not just an East Coast weird food thing. Seattle is in on the ramen frenzy with more than a dozen eateries opening there.

But long lines for ramen in Tacoma? Would that — could that? — ever happen here, in a region that practically prides itself in snubbing precious foodie trends? Read more »


Noodle on this: Pacific Grill’s Noodle Bar merges Japanese street eating with the bright, punchy flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine

The coconut, curry and lime broth is one of three available on the Noodle Bar menu at Pacific Grill.

Since June, Tacoma’s Pacific Grill has operated Noodle Bar, a separate menu offering Japanese style street eats, a menu that’s vastly different from the restaurant’s core upscale steak and seafood menu. It’s a neat idea – a restaurant offering multiple menu concepts. Read more »