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Buzz on: Three new coffee houses around Tacoma

Espresso - we cannot get enough.
Espresso – we cannot get enough. Peter Haley/Staff photographer

Asking why the Northwest has so many coffee houses is like asking why Vegas has so many slot machines. It’s because guzzling coffee is what we do here. Three have opened in recent weeks – here’s a quick snapshot of each. The owners range from a chef with a South Sound restaurant resume, a first-time business owner who created his own coffeehouse after the economy sunk his old job and a retired police officer with a lengthy South Sound coffee resume. Know of a new coffee house or have a favorite place to get your buzz on? Comment below – tell readers about it. Read more »


Bluebeard Coffee joins Sixth Avenue, the city’s most concentrated neighborhood for java

Maybe calling Sixth Avenue a coffee district is a bit of a stretch, but when the seventh (yes, seventh) coffee house in a 17-block span opens, I’m thinking a designation of some kind is in order. Coffee Alley? Java Avenue? Jittery Lane?

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters this week joined Metronome, Caffe Dei, Beyond the Bridge Cafe, Shakabrah Java, Satellite and Valhalla on Sixth Avenue, all located between State and Proctor on Sixth Avenue. Read more »


Buzz on: Metronome Coffee on Sixth gets deep-level geek in the business of coffee

Jeremy Baxter brews a siphon using Esmeralda coffee beans from Panama at Metronome Coffee in Tacoma. The siphon brew gives a balance cup of coffee from bold to light coffee beans. Photo by Lui Kit Wong/Staff photographer

There are drip coffee drinkers and then there are coffee snobs. You already know which one you are: the 7-11 grab-and-go customer or the person who will stand 10-deep in line for a perfect macchiato made with Ethiopian beans.

If you’re a drip coffee drinker, I’ll save you some time. It’s going to get deep-level coffee geek in just a moment. But if you’re someone who appreciates the nuance of bean origin and brew technique and who enjoys the full-frontal palate assault of rich, dark coffee, then a new Tacoma coffee house is worth a visit.

Metronome Coffee opened a month ago at the corner of Sixth and Union in the space that formerly housed Origin 23 Coffee, which unexpectedly closed in June. Read more »


Coffeehouse changeup: Origin 23 closes, Caffe Dei and Amocat Cafe open

Caffe Dei pours an artful cup of coffee that tastes equally delicious.

I’m in coffee mourning. Or I was.

Origin 23, one of my go-to coffee houses on Sixth Avenue closed June 21. The café served coffee and gelato, which we wrote about in May, and a pastry case full of delightful things I really should have avoided.

I liked that you could sit down, plug into wi-fi, sip a well-crafted cup of coffee, and usually meet a character. I remember sitting by the big front window one afternoon and I struck up a conversation with someone. I used the phrase, “Oh yeah, there are a ton of those” to describe something and he looked at me, laughed, and then launched a hilarious diatribe against the South Sound colloquial use of “tons” to describe anything prolific (He’s right. We do that here.). That spawned a conversation about the colloquialisms he picked up living in the south.

I’ll miss random conversations about tons of things like that. (Sorry. I’ll stop using that word now. I promise).

Now here’s a piece of coffee news that may dull the raw edge of Origin 23’s passing: Another coffee house has opened on Sixth Avenue and it’s really worthy of your coffee dollars (coffee caveat: Amocat Café also has opened in St. Helens, but more on that in a moment).

Caffe Dei opened for business Tuesday at 2607 Sixth Ave. Here’s something of note: the coffee house caters to vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free diners and offers an exceptional array of coffee with a bend toward the aromatic. Think orange zest, Mexican chocolate and chile powder flavorings. Read more »