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Tag: Sumay Fine Indian Cuisine Puyallup


Heavy on the heat: Tandoor ovens create succulent grilled meats

Chicken coated with yogurt and spices is inserted on a skewer into a Tandoori clay oven. Sumay is an Indian Restaurant on Puyallup's South Hill owned by Ramesh Kumar. Photo by Peter Haley/Staff photographer

Don’t think of tandoori as only that brightly colored red chicken on a typical Indian buffet. Tandoori is not just a dish – it’s a cooking method. Delve deeper into the cooking style to find a world of grilled meats beyond chicken tandoori. Lamb, fish and shellfish are all popular dishes at local Indian restaurants.
Tandoors, the clay ovens that create tandoori, cook meat and bread at very high heat in a short amount of time. Internal oven temperatures can reach as high as 800 degrees. At home, a traditional tandoor might be powered by hot coals, but in South Sound restaurants, the tandoor is fueled by gas. Gas heats the clay walls of the oven and lava rocks in the bottom radiate intense heat that quickly cooks meat and bread, such as naan. Read more »


Eggplant on the menu: It’s not just for vegetarians

Pictured here is fried eggplant with tofu, on the menu at Le-Le Restaurant in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood. Photo by Dean J. Koepfler/Staff photographer

Eggplant can transcend culture and cuisine. It’s a vegetable at home in any number of cultures. I found it on the menus here at Italian, Indian, Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants.

Eggplant can be relegated to side-dish status or always in the ubiquitous eggplant parmesan. I purposely left that dish off the list for this assignment; it’s too easily found. I was going for eggplant esoteric here.

In restaurants around town, eggplant takes center stage in inventive ways for vegetarians – or even for an omnivore looking to add just a bit more nutrition with dinner. However, as is the case with much restaurant food, eggplant is only as healthy as the ingredients with which it’s prepared.

Click more to read about four eggplant dishes on menus now. If you eat a vegetarian diet, please note that the level of vegetarian friendly varies at every restaurant. Ask before ordering.

Your turn: Please comment here to tell us where you eat your favorite eggplant dish, even if it’s eggplant parmesan.
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Lounge act: Two restaurants expand to offer live music

In an era when restaurants are closing at what seems like an even faster than usual pace, it’s good news when restaurants expand.

LeLe’s Gig Harbor restaurant, the upscale outpost of the Tacoma Hilltop Thai and Vietnamese restaurant that opened last year, just expanded its restaurant to include a lounge; and Sumay, the Indian restaurant in Puyallup that opened just over a year ago, recently started an expansion. Click more to see what’s in store for both restaurants. Read more »