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Tag: Puyallup Fair


Eating outside the Puyallup Fair, worth the savings?

A $4.25 cheeseburger might sound like a deal, but the execution of this burger I bought outside the Puyallup fairgrounds left me wanting.

TNT Diner Facebook follower Kim Ochs asked a great question about Puyallup Fair food: “Sue, several friends of mine have commented that the food vendors that are outside the fairgrounds seem much more fairly priced than inside the grounds, thoughts?”

I noticed the same thing and wondered if a better deal really was just that. Click “more” to read about a few vendors I sampled this week. Read more »


Gluttony at its finest: I took one for Team Readers and ate my way around the Puyallup Fair. Here’s what you should and should NOT eat.

The Earthquake Burger. Do not try this at home.

Gut-busters, pants-splitters and food on a stick. The eats I found at this year’s Puyallup Fair sound as if they were created on a whim, or maybe on a dare by Scottish cooks. Some of it is just plain delicious, all of it pretty much is stuff your mother told you never to eat. But, go ahead, defy mom and read on for some of the most caloric, delicious or adventurous bites I could find at this year’s Puyallup Fair*.

(*No arteries were injured in the making of this story. I hope.) Read more »


Fair chow: Chicago sandwiches, dogs and fried meat turnovers offered just outside the Puyallup Fair gates

A meat turnover from the Fleischkuechle cart just outside the Puyallup Fair.

News Tribune reporter Sara Schilling wrote in this story Monday about the end of a food era at the Puyallup Fair. For 17 years, the Fleischkuechle trailer has sold fried meat and fruit pies just outside the fair grounds. But, they will sell fried pies no longer. The fair is purchasing the property where they operate their stand. This will be their last year.

I enjoyed my last fair taste of fleischkuechle, a German-Russian turnover, late last week. The thin pocket ($3.50) released a puff of steam as I bit into the hot pie filled with savory ground beef. As I stood at the corner of Ninth Avenue Southwest and Fairview Drive, I could see a few dozen food vendors spanning the block to Meridian hawking everything from fried turnovers to something called walking tacos, corn dogs, bottled water, funnel cakes and even side-by-side booths selling Chicago hometown favorites – Italian beef sandwiches and Chicago style hot dogs. Click “more” to read about street food outside the fair. Read more »


Sweet treats: Fried fair desserts, and one bowl of nitro frozen ice cream

Fried cookie dough at the Puyallup Fair.

While some fair goers go searching for Krusty Pups and Earthquake burgers, others crave the sweeter side of fried. I took a tour this week of Puyallup Fair desserts, which included my first tastes of an Elephant Ear and fried Twinkie.

And, you know, for sugar coated fried dough and a fried snack cake, they weren’t…. horrific. I might even call both sort of tasty. But I didn’t find them nearly as tempting as the chocolate chewiness of fried chocolate chip cookie dough. And, of course, nothing tops a Fisher fair scone.

Click “more” to read a tour of Puyallup Fair desserts. Read more »