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Tag: Puyallup Fair food


Gut busting: Opening weekend dining at the Washington State Fair


Pictured here, fried pickles from the Totally Fried booth at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. The fair runs Sept. 5-21, 2014.
Pictured here, fried pickles from the Totally Fried booth at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. The fair runs Sept. 5-21, 2014.

Bacon, artichokes, candy bars,cookie dough, lemonade and even corn. Just about anything and everything can be dipped in batter and dunked into a deep fryer at the Washington State Fair. I know because I just spent the day in Full Glutton Mode.

I went searching for grub guaranteed to get you a lecture from your mother or doctor. I’m talking food covered in gravy and cheese; bacon that’s been deep fried inside waffle batter; blobs of peanut butter encased in puffy fried dough. And, yes, I even found the Fleischkuechle booth (I’ll tell you how to pronounce that in a moment). Let’s call this The Tour of Food That Will Kill You Slowly. Check back next week for more fair food features. Read more »


Fleischkuechle, an unpronounceable fair tradition for decades, moves inside the fairgrounds

The standard beef fleischkuechle. Yours won't look eaten like mine. I promise.
The standard beef fleischkuechle. Yours won’t look eaten like mine. I promise.

For nearly two decades, eating fleischkuechle was an unpronounceable fair tradition, even if it never was an official part of the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.

Fair goers could find the Fleischkuechle trailer operating amid a row of vendors along Fairview Drive, outside the faigrounds. They weren’t vendors hired by the fair, but nevertheless offered generically named scones and discounted onion burgers to throngs exiting the fair. Read more »


A fair tradition: Fried meat pies

The smell of fried food is pretty much everywhere at the Puyallup Fair, but some fried things just smell better – especially when that fried thing is a fleischkuechle.

Fleischkuechle has a funny name. It’s a flattened meat pie stuffed with a filling so tasty, you know it’s going to be Defcon Level Unhealthy. Try not to think about that as you order three. It’s a dish with farflung European origins – Russian and German. It’s pronounced flish-KOOSH-lay or flish-KEESH-lay, depending on your European address.

Served out of a truck located just outside the fairgrounds, the business

Read more »


Sweet treats: Feasting on Puyallup Fair desserts

The scone, elephant ear and funnel cake are the trifecta of classic fair desserts, but the Puyallup Fair introduced three new sweet treats this year – fried apples with caramel sauce, a waffle cone filled with sweet potato fries and something called the “apple wallup.” We gave them a try.


Eating outside the Puyallup Fair, worth the savings?

A $4.25 cheeseburger might sound like a deal, but the execution of this burger I bought outside the Puyallup fairgrounds left me wanting.

TNT Diner Facebook follower Kim Ochs asked a great question about Puyallup Fair food: “Sue, several friends of mine have commented that the food vendors that are outside the fairgrounds seem much more fairly priced than inside the grounds, thoughts?”

I noticed the same thing and wondered if a better deal really was just that. Click “more” to read about a few vendors I sampled this week. Read more »


Fried meat pies are back at the Puyallup Fair. And they beat deep-fried butter by a looooong shot.

I like fried pies. Especially when they're filled with tasty meat.

For 17 years, sisters-in-law Pat Jorgensen and Pat Tuthill sold fried meat and fruit pies outside the Puyallup fairgrounds on Fairview Drive.

You’d remember it if you ever walked by their meat pie truck. The waft of fried meat was unmistakable … Oh, wait. Nevermind. The entire Puyallup Fair smells like fried meat. Discerning that particular scent of fried meat might be tough, but once you bite into a fleischkuechle fried pie, you don’t forget the flavor. Read more »


Leave your diet at home: Deep-fried eats are what’s on the menu at the Puyallup Fair

The Totally Fried booth will offer chocolate covered bacon, deep-fried cookie dough and all kinds of deep-fried food at the Puyallup Fair, which opens today.

If there are two things Ben Hilberg knows about fair food, it’s grease and portability. His Puyallup Fair food booths, Totally Fried and Food on a Stick, generated food buzz last year thanks to a menu full of kitschy eats.

Case in point: A fried chicken patty with Krispy Kreme doughnuts as buns. Yes, you read that correctly. Hilberg served fried chicken doughnut sandwiches at the Puyallup Fair last year. And people ate them.

Both booths will return to this year’s fair, which opens today and continues through Sept. 26, with food that’s exaggerated on the caloric scale. Pair his fried eats with an Earthquake burger and you better make sure you eat a week of vegetables to detox. Read more »