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Hundred-year-old bottles of Tacoma beer found under a stairwell, local brewers intend to drink it

Photo courtesy of Pacific Brewing and Malting.
Photo courtesy of Pacific Brewing and Malting.

Wine and Scotch – two things that age well.

But does beer?

The likely answer is a big, fat no. Most beers aren’t meant to age at all, let alone age for nearly a century before consuming. But Tacoma brewer Steve Navarro, one of the owners of the new Pacific Brewing and Malting, will find out soon enough what level of skunk they’ll encounter when they crack open a bottle of hundred-year-old Tacoma brand beer that was recently discovered in a stairwell of a California hotel.

What makes the discovery of unopened bottles  significant is the story of the company that made the brew. Pacific Brewing and Malting will be Tacoma’s newest craft brewery when it opens downtown later this year, but the new company is an homage to a brewery of the same name that operated a century ago in Tacoma. By the early 1900s, Pacific was the second-largest beer producer in Washington with its two beer lines – Pacific and Tacoma. Read more »