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Portable eats: Lumpia, piroshky and empanadas around Tacoma

Angel's Original lumpia from Northwest Lumpia. Photo by Lui Kit Wong/Staff photographer.

Dough and meat – it’s a universally understood pairing. Just about every culture has some kind of dough stuffed with some kind of meat, then baked or fried. In China, it’s bao. In India, you’ll find samosas. In Mexico, try tamales. In England, they have pasties.

Meat-filled dough is genius and has been a portable meal for centuries. And restaurants long have capitalized on our penchant for quick, inexpensive eats with the one-two, carb-protein fill ’er up punch.

I’ve noticed a micro-trend lately of tiny businesses serving dough stuffed with meats from far-flung places in the world. Two new restaurants interested me because they serve food not readily found in the South Sound region: Filipino lumpia and Russian piroshky. A third business is one I’ve encountered before and has appeared in this newspaper: an Argentinean empanada business that sells its turnovers three days a week out of a Tacoma bakery. Read more »


First bite: Russian Piroshky opens in Milton

The salmon and cream cheese is one of the most popular piroshky on the menu at Russian Piroshky in Milton.
The salmon and cream cheese is one of the most popular piroshky on the menu at Russian Piroshky in Milton.

You might smell the new Russian Piroshky bakery and deli in Milton before you actually see it. It was my nose and a delicious yeasty aroma that led me to the new take-out store that opened two weeks ago.

This is the first venture for Olga and Roman Grezhdieru, a young couple with a penchant for baked piroshky.

Baked piroshky? Yes, they only make baked piroshky.

“It’s true, most piroshky is fried,” said Olga when I asked about her recipes. “We asked people before we opened, ‘What what would you like?’ We went and asked our friends and family and everybody likes piroshky, but they said they’re too greasy. So we came up with a recipe to bake them instead of fry them.” Read more »