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Burger basics: After almost 50 years, Little Holland Mikie Burgers still are flipping

  • The cheeseburger still comes on a crunchy, toasted bun with a healthy smear of Mikie sauce.

    I remember a phone conversation with the new owner of Little Holland/Mikie Burgers, just over a year ago. “No, we won’t change a thing,” said Chi Baek. She said it multiple times during that phone interview. I asked why she was being so repetitive. Baek sighed and confessed. Simply put: Fans of the well-known burger drive-in restaurant were insistent that the new owner stay true to the 50-year-old burger drive-in’s honest approach to burgers, fries and shakes. Putting it more bluntly: Baek received backlash in verbal form and in not-so-nice comments posted on News Tribune online stories about the change in ownership. Her takeaway: Longtime regulars didn’t like the thought of change and they were suspicious of Baek. Baek remained adament that she was not going to add teriyaki to the menu (a suspicion/accusation more than one fan tossed at her). She said she wouldn’t raise prices much, if at all. She said she would mostly stick with the same vendors.

    And now? After more than a year operating in the new location, Baek asserts that she hasn’t changed much at all. Anyone who works in the restaurant industry knows that saying things won’t change “at all” is near impossible with rising food costs, demanding customers and market shifts, so I’ll cut Baek slack on the finite details of a price change (5 cent increases hardly can be criticized) and adding a few new burgers to the menu. And I’d agree from a few recent visits that very little seems different about the nuts and bolts of the restaurant: the burgers and fries still taste the same. The Mighty Mike, the Mikie Burger, the pork sandwich, the plain cheeseburgers, the Mikie D – they’re all still listed on the menu. Read more »

  • Jan.

    Little Holland – the windmill is gone, and the name deserves respect

    I happened through Fircrest today, and stopped in at The Little Holland. I’d been meaning to give it a try.

    I remember the first Little Holland, long before it became known as “The Little Holland,” back in the ‘60s when there was an actual windmill on the roof.

    Those were the days when going out for a burger was something of a cultural event. We’d go up to Sixth Avenue where the disc jockey spun his platters in the booth above King’s. We’d go to the Dairy Queen, or Jubilee, or Frisko Freeze. We’d be listening to KJR, KOL and

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    Little Holland’s rebirth: Mikie Burgers are back

    The Mikie Burger. Photo by Craig Sailor/The News Tribune
    The Mikie Burger. Photo by Craig Sailor/The News Tribune

    For Little Holland fans, the wait is over. The iconic burger restaurant reopened Monday.  The new location, with a sign out front that reads Mikie Burgers, is across the street from where the Little Holland drive-in burger stand operated on Center Street until last summer when it closed and was torn down.

    The simmering question for Little Holland fans: Is the food the same? Read more »


    The reincarnation of the Little Holland Drive-In

    The mighty mike, as seen in the front seat of my car in March this year when I wrote about Little Holland Drive-In.
    The mighty mike, as seen in the front seat of my car in March this year when I wrote about Little Holland Drive-In.

    It looks like a mid-December opening for the reincarnation of the old Little Holland Drive-In, the burger stand — famous for its creamy frozen custard and “Mikie’s Famous Burgers” — that went out of business last summer.

    When it comes to the new version of Little Holland, the “drive-in” part of the name has been dropped. The new Little Holland is opening as a walk-in restaurant in a strip mall across the street from where the original drive-in restaurant opened in 1965 on Center Street. The question brewing among Little Holland fans: will the food stay the same?
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