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Tag: Kimberly’s Cafe Lakewood


Babblin’ Babs on the move – the Proctor cafe finds a home in Lakewood

Pictured here in this 2010 file photo is William Mueller of Babblin' Babs, which recently announced it's moving from Proctor to Lakewood. Dean J. Koepfler/Staff photographer
Pictured here in this 2010 file photo is William Mueller of Babblin’ Babs, which recently announced it’s moving from Tacoma’s Proctor neighborhood to Lakewood. Dean J. Koepfler/Staff photographer

If there was one constant theme at the Proctor neighborhood’s Babblin’ Bab’s Bistro, it’s that there never was enough seating. Years ago, the neighborhood cafe outgrew its cramped 900 square foot quarters.

The bistro known for only serving breakfast and lunch frequently had weekend breakfast lines out the door, something that chagrined owners William and Shannon Mueller, who worried about the amount of business they lost because of their lack of seating.

The cramped interior held only a handful of tables, even after the bistro turned a tiny side room into additional seating. The kitchen was outfitted with the bare necessities and was about the size of a walk-in closet with an annex area for storage.

Dec. 29, the Muellers served their last meal in their Proctor cafe. They’re destined now for a space more than three times the size of the original Babblin’ Babs, which they opened as a 14-seat bistro in 2006 (it operated as a Dinner Solutions before that). Read more »


Rise and shine Lakewood: Eggy abundance in breakfast from all over the city

Clockwise from bottom, The Mediterranean omelet, S.O.S. and Eggs Benedict at Kimberly's Cafe in Lakewood. Photo by Dean J. Koepfler/Staff photographer

Burs, Carr’s, Moon Rise, House of Donuts, Cascade Bagel – Lakewood earns its reputation as a breakfast diner’s destination.
Today, I delve into a new restaurant in Lakewood: Kimberly’s Cafe, a pretty restaurant with a polished presentation that turns out plates of delicious gravy-laden carbs and fluffy omelets.
And I also take a tour of breakfast eats at five more Lakewood restaurants: Burs, Carr’s, Moon Rise Cafe, House of Donuts and Cascade Bagel. Click “more” to read the reviews. Read more »


Good find: S.O.S. at Kimberly’s Cafe in Lakewood

Hello, plate of fat, carbs and yum. I like you. S.O.S. is $3.95 on the beakfast menu at Kimberly's Cafe in Lakewood.

On today, this drizzling, gray and mighty cool Monday, I’d like to add something to your list of things you should go eat this week: A big plate of S.O.S. for under $4. For the newly returned cold weather dining, it’s grub that sticks to your ribs and may help soften the rough transition to the return of the ARGH&^%&* rain that amazingly everyone has forgotten how to drive in. Not that I’m bitter about this morning’s drive to the office or anything.

I found this magical plate of meat gravy over toast at Kimberly’s Cafe, a cute little bistro-esque spot that opened in July in the space where Vive Bene once operated. The woman in the kitchen, Kimberly Connell, is the granddaughter of the man who owned Lakewood’s Burs Restaurant for 27 years. So that explains the perfect execution of S.O.S., which for the purpose of this family-friendly blog, I simply will call Substance on a Shingle. Read more »


Restaurant flurry: Get ready for twelve new restaurants to try in the Tacoma area

Since 2006, I can’t think of a time when the South Sound region welcomed a dozen new restaurants in a three-month period. Restaurant watchers might remember the restaurant boom in 2006 that introduced Matador, Masa, Stadium Bistro, TwoKoi and a string of other restaurants in a short period.

Now it seems history is repeating. Will the economy make it a bust? Only time and your dining dollars will tell.

And speaking of the economy, what’s with the flurry of restaurants opening when the business landscape is not exactly friendly? Read more »