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Second bites: Revisiting Netshed No. 9 and Art House Cafe

The Rubenesque panini - made with pickles and pastrami - at Netshed No. 9 in Gig Harbor.
The Rubenesque panini – made with pickles and pastrami – at Netshed No. 9 in Gig Harbor. Peter Haley/Staff photographer

Call it third helpings.

A re-dine. A do-over.

One of my favorite things to do as this paper’s hired belly is to tell success stories about restaurants that have pulled a great turnaround.

In 2013, we saw a cascade of openings that made the South Sound a more robust dining region. While some restaurants nailed the concept on their first try, others proved they required more time to settle into their kitchens.

This Friday and next, I’ll be writing about third helpings of restaurants that debuted in 2013 with concepts I applauded, but with shaky early deliveries.


They’re performing just fine. Read more »


Restaurant openings: Sushi and Peruvian food in Gig Harbor, Bourbon Street Bar and Grill in Puyallup

The nigiri and maki lunch special at Domo Sushi.
The nigiri and maki lunch special at Domo Sushi.

Three new eateries have opened around the South Sound. Domo Sushi in Gig Harbor is now serving an extensive menu of Japanese sushi and specialties, but also delves into Korean and Chinese dishes. The casual eatery Taste of Peru also has opened in Gig Harbor. In Puyallup, the New Orleans themed Bourbon Street Bar and Grill opened last week. Check back for a first-bite report of Bourbon Street Bar and Grill later this week. Read more about all three restaurants and check out the menus below. Read more »


Opening in Gig Harbor – Taste of Peru

For 14 years, Betty Vasquez has sold her Peruvian specialties at farmers markets from Gig Harbor to Kingston. Next month, she’s taking her recipes – tamales, ceviche, quinoa and anticuchos – to a brick-and-mortar location.

Expect an opening for Taste of Peru sometime in December at 5500 Olympic Drive N.W. – in the storefront that formerly held Quizno’s. Read more »


Opening Friday: Lunchbox Laboratory in Gig Harbor

The Lunchbox Laboratory's homage to a Dick's Deluxe burger comes with bacon. Burger tested at the Bellevue location.
The Lunchbox Laboratory’s homage to a Dick’s Deluxe burger comes with bacon. Burger tested at the Bellevue location.

The burger diner Lunchbox Laboratory is a nod to an era when “Mork and Mindy” inspired our clothing and Fonzie-isms entered our vernacular. Retro lunchboxes and ‘60s-‘70s themed toys rule the dining room. There’s a picture of the Six Million Dollar Man on the menu. Tang appears on the menu – as an actual beverage option.

The Seattle burger chain’s Gig Harbor outpost opens Friday on Point Fosdick Drive in the same shopping complex as Safeway. Lunchbox Laboratory has cloned itself once in Bellevue, but this is its first venture into the South Sound ‘burbs. Read more »


Coming to Gig Harbor: The Hub, Lunchbox Laboratory, Domo Sushi

Gig Harbor,  prepare for a restaurant flurry – three restaurants will be opening between now and November. Here’s what’s on the way – a brewpub with pizza and burgers, more gourmet burgers and a sushi restaurant.  Read on. Read more »


Gourmet Burger Shop opens in downtown Gig Harbor

Don't you want a bacon cheeseburger now?
Don’t you want a bacon cheeseburger now?

After a few months of delays, the Gourmet Burger Shop opened Friday in its new downtown Gig Harbor location.

Owner Travis Hightower has been working on the space all year (it was previously occupied by Le Bistro before a fire closed that restaurant in 2010).

In April, Hightower  closed his first hole-in-the-wall burger shop. That spot always felt a mismatch – a painfully tiny roadside spot serving upscale burgers, shoestring garlic-herb fries and beet chips that seemed as if they’d be more at home on Sixth Avenue than a remote location beyond the Purdy Spit. Despite the location, Hightower found success – and crowds. Read more »


Coming to Tacoma – Blazing Onion Burgers

The farmhouse patty at Blazing Onion is made with brown rice, cheese and roasted veggies.
I recently reviewed veggie burgers around the South Sound and Blazing Onion made my list for its farmhouse patty, made with brown rice, cheese and roasted veggies. The restaurant uses Painted Hills beef in its burgers. Soon, there will be a Tacoma outpost.

The Northwest-born burger chain Blazing Onion is looking to Tacoma for its next outpost. Blazing Onion CEO and co-founder David Jones mentioned a Tacoma location in tweets last week. Read more »