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Fleischkuechle, an unpronounceable fair tradition for decades, moves inside the fairgrounds

The standard beef fleischkuechle. Yours won't look eaten like mine. I promise.
The standard beef fleischkuechle. Yours won’t look eaten like mine. I promise.

For nearly two decades, eating fleischkuechle was an unpronounceable fair tradition, even if it never was an official part of the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.

Fair goers could find the Fleischkuechle trailer operating amid a row of vendors along Fairview Drive, outside the faigrounds. They weren’t vendors hired by the fair, but nevertheless offered generically named scones and discounted onion burgers to throngs exiting the fair. Read more »


Fried meat pies are back at the Puyallup Fair. And they beat deep-fried butter by a looooong shot.

I like fried pies. Especially when they're filled with tasty meat.

For 17 years, sisters-in-law Pat Jorgensen and Pat Tuthill sold fried meat and fruit pies outside the Puyallup fairgrounds on Fairview Drive.

You’d remember it if you ever walked by their meat pie truck. The waft of fried meat was unmistakable … Oh, wait. Nevermind. The entire Puyallup Fair smells like fried meat. Discerning that particular scent of fried meat might be tough, but once you bite into a fleischkuechle fried pie, you don’t forget the flavor. Read more »