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Tag: Earthquake burgers


Fair food: It’s big, and it just keeps getting bigger. See what’s on the menu in Puyallup tomorrow

The Earthquake Burger. Do not try this at home.
The Earthquake Burger. Do not try this at home.

Fair food always is enormous – and seems to become more gigantified every year.

The caloric count of an Earthquake burger at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup (Sept. 6-22) probably could sustain an entire family for a day (add cheese and onions cooked in butter and make it two days).

As the staffer tasked every September to eat fair food and write about it – check back next week for the report – I try not to think about what all those giant burgers, bricks of fries and foot long corn dogs do to my arteries. Let’s just say I spend the last half of September attempting to go vegan.

But calorie counting is just no fun, right? Let’s squish deep down inside us all those terrible things our mothers told us about eating fatty foods.

The fair is about caloric splurging. And food oddities. And really big food. And grease. Lots of grease.

My tongue is planted firmly in cheek when I write this, but this year’s offerings at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup look bigger, better and more fried than ever. Take a look. Read more »


Puyallup Fair chowdown: Deep-fried gluttony and other things that will kill you slowly

Deep fried, topped with melted cheese, stuffed with goo and drizzled with marshmallow fluff – vendors at the Puyallup Fair seem to compete every year to see who can pack the most fat and calories into a single piece of food. This year is no exception. Read about classics like the Earthquake burger and Krusty Pup, as well as a few new fried offerings.


Food fight: Healthy dining vs. deep-fried bombs at the Puyallup Fair

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are served at the Totally Fried booth at the Puyallup Fair.

This story started as a debate in the newsroom. Greasy, fried fair food: yea or nay? Half the reporters in the conversation said, “Blech.” The other half solidly voiced support for Team Fried Food.

So we hatched an idea to take on the Puyallup Fair with nutrition in mind. Could healthy eats even be found at the fair? Really? This is an event, after all, that used 1,232 35-pound containers of shortening during the 2008 Puyallup Fair (that was the most recent figure that concessions manager Dan Sharp could find).

My mission: Find tasty gut bombs. (I got the easy assignment, clearly)
Craig Sailor’s mission: Find food that is reasonably healthy.

We spent a day at the fair over opening weekend, and here’s what we found. Read more »