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Rise and shine Lakewood: Eggy abundance in breakfast from all over the city

Clockwise from bottom, The Mediterranean omelet, S.O.S. and Eggs Benedict at Kimberly's Cafe in Lakewood. Photo by Dean J. Koepfler/Staff photographer

Burs, Carr’s, Moon Rise, House of Donuts, Cascade Bagel – Lakewood earns its reputation as a breakfast diner’s destination.
Today, I delve into a new restaurant in Lakewood: Kimberly’s Cafe, a pretty restaurant with a polished presentation that turns out plates of delicious gravy-laden carbs and fluffy omelets.
And I also take a tour of breakfast eats at five more Lakewood restaurants: Burs, Carr’s, Moon Rise Cafe, House of Donuts and Cascade Bagel. Click “more” to read the reviews. Read more »


Bakeries about town: Cascade Bagels in Lakewood and Bagel Brothers in Olympia

An assortment of bagels at Cascade Bagel & Deli in Lakewood. Photo by Peter Haley/Staff photographer

Remember when bagels seemed as ubiquitous as frozen yogurt or L.A. Gear shoes?

Stop shuddering. Apologies for the bad (read: tragic) fashion reference.

Bagels once were the food trend du jour. Like frozen yogurt and pastel shoes, the concept faded but didn’t disappear. As with many a food fashion, the locally owned mom-and-pop shops that sprouted up around the trend remained while chains pulled up shop and left town once consumers showed palate fatigue.

In South Sound, two remaining bagel bakeries are worth mentioning: Bagel Brothers, founded in 1994 in Olympia, and Cascade Bagel, which has been around since the 1990s and switched hands to local ownership in 2003. Click “more” to read about both. Read more »