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Burger Smackdown: Three new South Sound burger restaurants

The Ranch Hand cheeseburger at Blazing Onion in Tacoma. Lui Kit Wong/Staff photographer
The Ranch Hand cheeseburger at Blazing Onion in Tacoma. Lui Kit Wong/Staff photographer

Since 2008, I’ve taken you on tours of burger stands, bar burgers, highfalutin burgers, fair burgers and the finest handcrafted veggie burgers in the South Sound.

With three gourmet burger joints that have just opened in the South Sound — one in October, two in January — I thought it time for another burger pilgrimage.

Today’s burger trail encompasses the land of “chain restaurants,” a term that usually strikes fear deep in the gut of a dining critic.

Don’t worry. These aren’t those mindlessly homogenous could-be-in-Toledo-or-Tacoma chains. These chains are small and Washington-born and bred: Blazing Onion, Lunchbox Laboratory, and Bob’s Burgers & Brew.

Whose burgers proved best? That designation goes to Blazing Onion for superior burger construction, skilled service and pricing that won’t bust your wallet.

I rated each restaurant for variety, construction and flavor. I ate similar burgers at each: a “classic” cheeseburger, a blue cheese burger, a burger with a smokey flavor profile, and a wild-card burger from the “other than beef” category. Each restaurant was visited twice. Read more »


Blazing Onion announces Tacoma site for new burger restaurant

On Tuesday, I told you about Blazing Onion expanding its Northwest-based chain of gourmet burger restaurants to Tacoma. Company CEO David Jones announced last night where the new Blazing Onion would be built – a new building at the Tacoma Mall. Read more »


Coming to Tacoma – Blazing Onion Burgers

The farmhouse patty at Blazing Onion is made with brown rice, cheese and roasted veggies.
I recently reviewed veggie burgers around the South Sound and Blazing Onion made my list for its farmhouse patty, made with brown rice, cheese and roasted veggies. The restaurant uses Painted Hills beef in its burgers. Soon, there will be a Tacoma outpost.

The Northwest-born burger chain Blazing Onion is looking to Tacoma for its next outpost. Blazing Onion CEO and co-founder David Jones mentioned a Tacoma location in tweets last week. Read more »


Cuban sandwiches, take one: Blazing Onion, Chambers Bay Grill, Powerhouse Brewery and Panera serve puckery sandwiches full of pork

The Cuban at Chambers Bay Grill is made with pepperjack cheese and a jerk spice aioli.

Think of the Cuban sandwich as a pork-filled, puckery, grilled cheese sandwich.

A traditional Cuban, popular in the southeastern United States, is made with crusty bread grilled on something called a plancha press (a flat-top version of a panini press) or simply grilled.

All Cubans – or at least the good ones – have one thing in common: Two kinds of pork. Thick, chewy ham gives the sandwich an unctuous bite, while roasted, shredded pork adds a luscious layer of texture and flavor. Cheese glues together the sandwich’s porky textures and lends a rich edge.

I’ve seen the Cuban sandwich here with Swiss, gruyere, jack or cheddar, although traditional Cubans are made with Swiss.

And here’s an essential component for a Cuban: Pucker and crunch in the form of pickles and mustard. Without that? It’s just a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

Depending on the source, the Cuban sandwich was born either as cafeteria cuisine or it was a favorite sandwich of sugar mill workers that dates back to 1930s Cuba or earlier. It’s a sandwich that’s gained popularity in the southern part of the country for many years, but it didn’t seem to really blip onto Tacoma’s sandwich radar until last year.

I’ve seen every configuration of Cuban sandwich, including a porkless one at ­Asado made with fish (can you even call that a Cuban?) and another at Panera made with chicken. I’ve even found one at the Ram that was in burger form.

Today and tomorrow, I’ll take a look at nine restaurants that serve their own interpretations. You be the judge of authenticity, but here are the details of whether they’re worthy of your dining dollars.  Click “more” to read about today’s four sandwiches.

Read more »


Bar Burger Noshdown: Hundreds of napkins, plenty of heartburn and 20 bar burgers you should eat before you die

The bacon cheeseburger at the Beach Tavern in Tacoma.

Bar noshing doesn’t get any better than a big, cheesy gut bomb of a burger. It’s the anytime accompaniment to a cold pint at your favorite watering hole.

I’ve spent the past six months touring South Sound bars, taverns and pubs in search of perfect bar burgers. (Yeah, I know it’s a tough gig I’ve got here.) What follows today through Friday is my report of the top 20 bar burgers I wrapped my hands around.

I compiled this report largely based on recommendations from TNT Diner blog readers. Other recommendations came from chefs and foodies about town.

Here are the bars I’ll be writing about:
Tuesday: Powerhouse Brewery, Cliff House, Matador, Blazing Onion and Beach Tavern.
Wednesday: Engine House No. 9, El Gaucho, Katie Downs, The Parkway, Ram
Thursday: Crown Bar, Harmon, Bite Restaurant, West End Pub, Cheers South Hill
Friday: Asado, Maxwell’s, Pacific Grill, The Hub, The Right Spot

I set up a burger mission statement from the beginning. Read more »