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Category: The You Plate Special


Dinner and … oh, forget about it!

A vocal Ed’s Diner regular scratches at a problem many people have asked me about, when there was a theater scene in downtown Tacoma: Where’s a good place to eat after the theater? My standard one-word answer: home. Read on, from a comment in The You Plate Special:

Wondering if restauranteurs in the downtown area feel as though they were negatively impacted by the closure of TAG. Conversely, do you feel you are positively impacted by arts audiences coming downtown to attend shows? Arts producers/presenters often state that they contribute to a healthy culinary community and I was just

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Where’s a budding foodie supposed to get a decent bite to eat?

kenshannon3 writes in The You Plate Special:

Is there a restaurant out there with a decent children’s menu? My daughter, who is 9, has gone far beyond grilled cheese and corn dog bites (she would actually prefer sushi or grilled salmon). I am sure other children would also like to explore more interesting foods as well, but the portions on the adult menu are too large, not to mention the larger price. Most restaurants are reluctant best, to allow half orders, and charge for shared plates. Are there any places out there with a menu

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Dude, where are the chick chefs?

goodeats, an Ed’s Diner regular, writes in The You Plate Special:

A little boring in here lately……parking blah blah, and breakfast angst….

I want to know why there are so many more “chef driven” restaurants with male chefs in the kitchen instead of female chefs running the show. Is this some hold-over from the days of the kitchens in France that only allowed men?

I mean, most of our Moms did most of the cooking. Why doesn’t that translate in the business world? There must be 10 males to 1 female in the

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The You Plate Special

Got something to say? Here’s the place to say it. Thanks to a recommendation from an Ed’s Diner blog participant, I’m launching a space for you to comment on and discuss what’s on your plate and on your mind. Don’t wait for me to post something to respond to. Two rules: Don’t promote your own businesses or your boyfriend’s new cafe. While I’ve yet to use it, I’ve got access to the delete button.