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Category: The You Plate Special


Project pastrami – searching for the best South Sound sandwich

The Andres is a pastrami Reuben offered at Foley's on the Green at Tacoma's Meadow Park golf course. Peter Haley/Staff photographer
The Andres is a pastrami Reuben offered at Foley’s on the Green at Tacoma’s Meadow Park golf course. Peter Haley/Staff photographer

I relish readers who ask me to go looking for the perfect something or other.

In 2013, readers sent me searching for the crispiest fish and chips, sloppiest meatball sandwiches and cheesiest chile rellenos.

I start 2014 with a mighty mission: to find the perfect hot pastrami sandwich.

Tacoma reader Jack Green sent me his must-have list for a hot pastrami sandwich. His hallmarks mirror mine: a sandwich piled high with pastrami of the juicy variety, made purely of rye bread and meat, although a pickle and mustard are an occasional nice addition. Read more »


Reader question: Where do you find good fish and chips in Tacoma?

The battered cod at Northern Fish in Old Town was $7.95 for a two-piece with fries on my last visit.

Dear readers, I love your questions – even when I don’t have a particularly solid answer.  This question comes from Don Peterson, “Sue, where can we go for fish and chips – just like SPUDS – in Tacoma? Don’t like battered fish and not fond of frozen french fries, we like the fresh potatoes like SPUDS makes.”  Here’s my response to Peterson’s question. Want to chime  in? Go ahead. Read more »


Reader question: Where to get wiener schnitzel in Tacoma?

Hey, what is that under all that gravy? That would be delicious schnitzel, paired with red cabbage, a sour cucumber salad and potato dumplings with gravy.

Dear readers, I love your questions. I try to reply to all of them. This question came from Gloria and Bill Durkee: “Hi Sue, where can we go to eat for a good wiener schnitzel? Years ago we went to the Bavarian on North Division. Their German food was outstanding.” I have the perfect answer, or as close to perfect as I think one can get. Read more »


You Plate Special: Back by reader demand

TNT Diner readers have asked that I start a new You-Plate Special thread. It’s the place where (almost) anything goes. Scan previous threads to see all kinds of interesting fodder. It’s pretty engaging stuff.

The rules: No smack talk, unless it’s really entertaining (kidding, really). No promoting your restaurant or your kid’s restaurant. Trolls, you know who you are. Stay away. Dining criticism, commentary, questions and observations only, thankyouverymuch.

What’s simmering, people?


Hungering for breakfast and brunch

Breakfast, at Alfred’s Cafe.

Over in The You Plate Special, Ed’s Diner regular cking9900 asks:

Ed, Will you do a write up or start a blog on places around town for Breakfast and/or brunch? Will be entertaining out-of-town company soon.

I wrote an A-to-Z round-up of breakfast favorites in January. That one took about a month’s worth of morning-meal research, so I’m not sure I’ll make cking9900’s out-of-town-guest deadline.

I can’t vouch for everything on the menu, but in a first

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The people speak, and I agree

Here’s something from The You Plate Special:

tuddo, a regular and patron whom I’ve never met but have seen dining in the same restaurants at the same time as me, writes:

I heard from a friend that a favorite Chinese restaurant is considering options, including closure if business doesn’t pick up. It is a rare Szechuan (Sichuan) restaurant, rare, that is, for Tacoma and the NW where the blander Cantonese reigns. In Texas, where I used to live, Szechuan suits the spicy pepper-loving crowd to a “T”.

Ed reviewed it

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Today’s fresh sheet: A grunt’s perspective

ED’S NOTE: Today’s guest blogger is rivitman, a Tacoma cook and frank patron at Ed’s Diner. Regarding a story about kitchen health hazards (and more), I give rivitman the keys to Ed’s Diner today. His opinions are uniquely his. They originally appeared in the comments of other posts. They’re something to chew on.

UPDTED I’ve asked Anthony Anton, president of the Washington Restaurant Association, to offer his organization’s perspective (or rebuttal) to rivitman. I’ll post his response here if and when he replies. — Ed Murrieta.

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