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Category: Burger of the Month Club


Yum on a bun: Five more Tacoma bar burgers to try before you die

Pacific Grill duck sausage sliders. Photo by Lui Kit Wong/Staff photographer

It took months and three bottles of Tums to recover from last December’s bar burger series. Remember that? I wrote about the 20 burgers you have to eat before you die (or die trying).

This time, I took a considerably smaller bite out of Tacoma’s bar burger footprint: Five more bar burgers you should add to your list of must-try-or-die burgers around town.

Just don’t tell your doctor before you embark on your eating project. Click “read more” to see my top five bar burgers of the moment. Read more »


Burgers and chips: Hop Jack’s in Bonney Lake and The Spar in Tacoma spare me from fry fatigue

Bacon cheeseburger at the Spar Tavern in Tacoma.

Burgers with fries. Anyone who follows this blog knows how much I’ve written about that combo in the last year. If not, just click here, here, here, here, here and here (did that make you dizzy?)

The last few months, I’ve encountered a few burgers served with house-made chips worth a mention. I was starting to suffer from fry fatigue, so the burgers at Hop Jack’s and the Spar, both served with crisply fried, thinly cut potato chips, found a fan in me. Read more »


Lefty’s Burger Shack coming to University Place

For six months, Pam Hubert has told curious passersby that she’ll be opening Lefty’s Burger Shack in “two weeks.”

This time, she means it.

The University Place burger restaurant has been Hubert’s working dream for two years, and all she needs now is health department approval to open. She expects that will come this week or next. The burger restaurant will serve Read more »


Burger radar: The one-pounder LPG Monster at Lakewood Pub & Grill

The one-pound burger at Lakewood Pub & Grill. You better wear your big pants to finish this one.

TNT Diner reader agtoth has been telling me to go try the Lakewood Pub & Grill since I took this job. Recently, I took a bite out of the pub’s one-pound burger. Click “more” to hear all about it. Read more »


Burger radar: Marcia’s Silver Spoon. Classic diner burger at a great price.

Marcia's Silver Spoon serves classic diner burgers. And a lot of fries.

Sometimes you just want a classic diner that serves great breakfasts or a perfectly grilled burger. In Tacoma, that place is Marcia’s Silver Spoon. This week, I’m taking a look at burgers recommended by readers. Click “more” to read about Marcia’s. Read more »


Burger radar: Masa burger. A burger with fried cheese. Need I say more?

The Masa burger is a flavor weapon of mass destruction. Be prepared for big flavor if you take a bite out of this.

In case you missed it, way back in December, I went on a mission to find the best bar burgers. That resulted in 20 bar burgers you have to eat before you die. This week, I’m coming back to visit more burgers suggested by readers (you can read about other reader suggested burgers here).

Today’s featured burger: The Masa Burger.

Click “more” to read about this flavor bomb of a burger.

YOUR TURN: Comment below to nominate your favorite burger in town for Burger of the Month Club. Read more »


Bacon burger fail, veggie burger win. Where do you go for house-made veggie patties in Tacoma?

The Mama Africa burger at Quickie Too is a house-made millet and quinoa patty. Where else do you go in town for a veggie burger? Click "more" and comment.

I paid a visit to The Ram for a burger exploration mission. I forged one bite into the new Bacon Bacon Bacon burger ($10.99) and immediately injured the roof of my mouth from too much crunch. While a burger with bacon mayo, a bacon-studded patty AND chicken-fried bacon sounds over-the-top swell in theory, this burger was poorly executed on two separate visits. The crispy chicken-fried shell on the bacon was just far too crisp and dry, leading to a burger that scraped more than pleased my palate. Pass.

While I might not return for the chicken-fried bacon burger at The Ram, I do know what I would return for: The veggie burger. Read more »


Burger basics: After almost 50 years, Little Holland Mikie Burgers still are flipping

  • The cheeseburger still comes on a crunchy, toasted bun with a healthy smear of Mikie sauce.

    I remember a phone conversation with the new owner of Little Holland/Mikie Burgers, just over a year ago. “No, we won’t change a thing,” said Chi Baek. She said it multiple times during that phone interview. I asked why she was being so repetitive. Baek sighed and confessed. Simply put: Fans of the well-known burger drive-in restaurant were insistent that the new owner stay true to the 50-year-old burger drive-in’s honest approach to burgers, fries and shakes. Putting it more bluntly: Baek received backlash in verbal form and in not-so-nice comments posted on News Tribune online stories about the change in ownership. Her takeaway: Longtime regulars didn’t like the thought of change and they were suspicious of Baek. Baek remained adament that she was not going to add teriyaki to the menu (a suspicion/accusation more than one fan tossed at her). She said she wouldn’t raise prices much, if at all. She said she would mostly stick with the same vendors.

    And now? After more than a year operating in the new location, Baek asserts that she hasn’t changed much at all. Anyone who works in the restaurant industry knows that saying things won’t change “at all” is near impossible with rising food costs, demanding customers and market shifts, so I’ll cut Baek slack on the finite details of a price change (5 cent increases hardly can be criticized) and adding a few new burgers to the menu. And I’d agree from a few recent visits that very little seems different about the nuts and bolts of the restaurant: the burgers and fries still taste the same. The Mighty Mike, the Mikie Burger, the pork sandwich, the plain cheeseburgers, the Mikie D – they’re all still listed on the menu. Read more »