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Archives: Sep. 2011


Gluttony at its finest: I took one for Team Readers and ate my way around the Puyallup Fair. Here’s what you should and should NOT eat.

The Earthquake Burger. Do not try this at home.

Gut-busters, pants-splitters and food on a stick. The eats I found at this year’s Puyallup Fair sound as if they were created on a whim, or maybe on a dare by Scottish cooks. Some of it is just plain delicious, all of it pretty much is stuff your mother told you never to eat. But, go ahead, defy mom and read on for some of the most caloric, delicious or adventurous bites I could find at this year’s Puyallup Fair*.

(*No arteries were injured in the making of this story. I hope.) Read more »


Fried meat pies are back at the Puyallup Fair. And they beat deep-fried butter by a looooong shot.

I like fried pies. Especially when they're filled with tasty meat.

For 17 years, sisters-in-law Pat Jorgensen and Pat Tuthill sold fried meat and fruit pies outside the Puyallup fairgrounds on Fairview Drive.

You’d remember it if you ever walked by their meat pie truck. The waft of fried meat was unmistakable … Oh, wait. Nevermind. The entire Puyallup Fair smells like fried meat. Discerning that particular scent of fried meat might be tough, but once you bite into a fleischkuechle fried pie, you don’t forget the flavor. Read more »