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Food fight: Healthy dining vs. deep-fried bombs at the Puyallup Fair

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers are served at the Totally Fried booth at the Puyallup Fair.

This story started as a debate in the newsroom. Greasy, fried fair food: yea or nay? Half the reporters in the conversation said, “Blech.” The other half solidly voiced support for Team Fried Food.

So we hatched an idea to take on the Puyallup Fair with nutrition in mind. Could healthy eats even be found at the fair? Really? This is an event, after all, that used 1,232 35-pound containers of shortening during the 2008 Puyallup Fair (that was the most recent figure that concessions manager Dan Sharp could find).

My mission: Find tasty gut bombs. (I got the easy assignment, clearly)
Craig Sailor’s mission: Find food that is reasonably healthy.

We spent a day at the fair over opening weekend, and here’s what we found. Read more »


Marcia’s Silver Spoon in Tacoma now open for dinner. Full-pound burgers on the menu.

This just in my inbox: A new dinner menu for Marcia’s Silver Spoon. The longtime South Tacoma Way diner started serving dinner last night, and now will be open daily for dinner until 8 p.m. Last night’s special was spaghetti with a salad for $9.99. The menu is a mix of diner eats and, get this, full pound “Man” burgers.

Click “more” to see the menu. Read more »


Last chance to vote in the TNT Diner Bar Burger Noshdown

Research for the TNT Diner Bar Burger Noshdown – where I’ll name the best bar burgers found in the South Sound – has been ongoing since June, but here’s your chance to pick at least one of the restaurants where I’ll dig into a delicious bar burger.

NOTE: This is your LAST CHANCE to vote. The poll closes on Wednesday Sept. 15.

It’s a closed poll so we don’t tip off the restaurant of a visit, but we’ll alert readers which of the bars was the reader choice when the TNT Diner Bar Burger Noshdown publishes this Fall.

Click “more” to see the nominees, and to vote. Read more »


Leave your diet at home: Deep-fried eats are what’s on the menu at the Puyallup Fair

The Totally Fried booth will offer chocolate covered bacon, deep-fried cookie dough and all kinds of deep-fried food at the Puyallup Fair, which opens today.

If there are two things Ben Hilberg knows about fair food, it’s grease and portability. His Puyallup Fair food booths, Totally Fried and Food on a Stick, generated food buzz last year thanks to a menu full of kitschy eats.

Case in point: A fried chicken patty with Krispy Kreme doughnuts as buns. Yes, you read that correctly. Hilberg served fried chicken doughnut sandwiches at the Puyallup Fair last year. And people ate them.

Both booths will return to this year’s fair, which opens today and continues through Sept. 26, with food that’s exaggerated on the caloric scale. Pair his fried eats with an Earthquake burger and you better make sure you eat a week of vegetables to detox. Read more »


Memorial service will be held Saturday for Chef Blandon Dillon, owner of Creole Cafe

Chef Blandon Dillon, pictured here in February, will be memorialized by family and friends Saturday, Sept. 11 at Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1223 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma

The family of Blandon Dillon will hold a memorial service Saturday for the chef and owner of Creole Café, a southern restaurant that specialized in food from Louisiana.

Dillon, who died July 11 of heart disease, was known for his affinity for fresh crawdads and his gracious hospitality. Here’s a link to his obituary. A guest book is linked to the obituary for friends to leave messages for the family. Click “more” to read about Dillon’s service Saturday. Read more »


Social networking meets burger joint? Here’s something sort of strange.

This Aug. 30, 2010 photo released by David Sundberg shows 4food in New York. 4food, a new restaurant specializing in burgers, allows customers to add their own creation to the menus and share it with friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. AP Photo/David Sundberg

I was searching for food copy for next week’s SoundLife section, and I found a story about a Manhattan burger restaurant called 4Food that lets customers build their own burgers by digital screen. That customized burger then becomes part of the menu. It’s not just a vanity creation. If other diners order a customer’s custom burger, the burger’s creator gets a slice of the profits – in the form of a 25 cent credit every time their creation is ordered.

It sounds like a novel concept for a restaurant. Other interesting things to note: it doesn’t serve fries, burgers are more nutritionally focused and there is a social networking component to the restaurant. Would it fly here? Probably not. We like Pick Quick and Frisko Freeze the way they are, thanks. But it’s still an interesting concept.

Click “more” to read the Associated Press story. Read more »


Free Cup Friday: Infinite Soups in Tacoma serves fall cheer in the form of a free cup of autumnal yum

Just in time for the autumnal chill, Infinite Soups is launching a handful of new Fall flavors.

And the small, plucky business – a micro niche restaurant that serves wonderfully executed soup and only soup – is starting what the restaurant’s owners are calling Free Cup Friday. Starting Sept. 10, anyone who asks for will receive a free cup of soup every Friday at the Sanford & Son location of Infinite Soups (not the Tacoma Avenue location). And the free cup offer is good every Friday until December.

“We’re doing it because my niece who works down there (at the Sanford & Son Infinite location), she’s excited because school is back in session and she wanted to do something nice for students,” said owner Wendy Clapp, who runs the two locations of Infinite Soups with husband Todd DeShazo and daughter Laura Adams. Read more »


Finally, being named Dave pays off: Free bbq for you today at Famous Dave’s restaurants

This just flew into my inbox: Free barbecue meals today, Sept. 7, for people named Dave at the Tacoma and Puyallup Famous Dave’s restaurants. Is Dave your middle name? Not to worry, you get half-off barbecue. Find locations and details here.

Here’s the release:

Know a Dave? Bring ‘em over for a free entrée at participating Famous Dave’s in Washington! Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que Restaurants in Tacoma, Puyallup, Tukwila, Silverdale and Everett are celebrating 16 years of delicious, lip smackin’ Bar-B-Que and in honor of the Founder, “Famous Dave” Anderson, participating Famous Dave’s are offering a free entrée

Read more »