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Archives: July 2008


Where oh where has the Freight Hause German place gone?

Scrolling through this month’s liquor license applications, an interesting tidbit: the resurfacing of that German deli in Freighthouse Square.

The Freight-Hause German Corner deli appears to be finding its new home on Fern Hill. The TNT Diner crew will be do a dutiful drive-by at lunch to investigate. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here, a collection of German restaurants to sniff around.

UPDATE: A lunchtime drive-by yielded a pleasant surprise. A sign promising a German restaurant at 8233 S. Park Ave., in the Fern Hill Center (between the post office and a nail shop). We

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Who’s got pie?

With berry season upon us, we’ve been salivating all week in the newsroom over thoughts of pie. We’re formulating our pie lust into a story, of course.

We’ve got our eye on interviewing a few of the winners from the Puyallup Fair pie contests, but who else should we lob our pie questions at? Any great pie bakers around here we should talk to? Which restaurants dish up great pie?

Oh, and the important question: what makes you want to dig your fork into a slice? The crust? Filling? The delicious merging of both? Your thoughts

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New name, new voices

Changes are afoot at The News Tribune’s restaurant blog. Ed Murrieta resigned this morning, so staff from the TNT will take over this blog effective immediately. The blog’s name will change to TNT Diner and will continue to bring you regular reports from South Sound restaurants, diners, pubs and other eating establishments, continuing the conversation that has evolved in this space.

Starting Monday, Aug. 4, the URL will change to so please remember to update your bookmarks and/or RSS reader.

If you have questions or comments, contact Norma Martin, our assistant

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My chorizo staycation ’08

I took two weeks off from the grind called work. What did I do? I stayed home and ground my own.

Chorizo, that is.

There’s a hoary saying about the ugliness of witnessing the production of either journalism or sausage. Read on; this one’s pretty tasty.

My home-ground chorizo experience started in April, when I bought a 7-pound pork loin at QFC, dramatically marked down the day before its sell-by date. I stuck it in the deep freeze and forgot about it until I saw 10 pounds of pork shoulder at Costco. I beelined over to

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Mad Dog and stick-up man, and anything else I missed

I stop eating in Tacoma for two weeks and what happens? Someone pulls a gun at Pacific Grill — after a customer orders fortified wine and tries to rob a private dining room full of doctors and drug reps.

A suspect’s been arraigned. The guy who pulled a gun was a customer helping to detain the suspect. I’ll be trying to find out if the doctor who was packing heat had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Meanwhile, what else did I miss?

Eat anything good while I was on

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Throwing down the Sixth Ave. Farmer-Friendly Food Challenge

Tacoma’s newest farmers market, the 6th Ave., kicks off at 3:30 p.m. today, just off Sixth Avenue on Pine Street, in front of Engine House No. 9.

Here’s a new Farmer-Friendly Food Challenge, specifically for Sixth Avenue-area restaurants:

Buy some products at the farmers market — anything from fruit to veggies to cheese to seafood to meat — and use them in menu items.

Chefs: If you’ve got any Farmer-Friendly food up your sleeves, promote them here.

Diners: If you come across any Farmer-Friendly food — or simply have suggestions for

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