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Archives: April 2007


We are not alone

It’s surprising that … great food and spectacular views don’t generally coexist… It seems like there would be a strong market for this type of restaurant: One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is where to dine with a view.

That’s a blog bite from the San Francisco Chronicle’s restaurant critic. You know, San Francisco — a city filled with breath-taking views and supposedly great food.


Artwalk and German wine


What’s under your cork?

If I was stranded on a desert island and I only got to pick one type of white wine to take with me, it would be a Riesling from Germany (preferrably from Alsace). A well-made Riesling is a thing to behold. Let your fear of white wines be wiped away and be swept up by the beauty and complexity of a fine German Rielsing!

I’ve enjoyed a few glasses of Rieslings lately. Not only am I making it a professional goal to taste more wine, I’m making

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Gimme some sweet talk

After some gloriously tasty weeks researching cheese and bread, I’m sucking down soda.

Which isn’t a bad thing.

They’re all made with sugar or honey. Or at least the ones I’m drinking are.

Which means I won’t write about the aloe soda I found at Pal-Do World. It’s got high-fructose corn syrup. And bits of aloe vera. Sorry.

I’m interested only in soda pop made with real cane sugar. Or honey.

Here are some sodas I’m featuring in my story: ginger ale and ginger brew from Silver City and Fish

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They think they can, they think they can

A couple of weeks ago, I enjoyed canned Gordon beer. Last week, I toyed with the “Local” cocktail at The Mark in Olympia: a can of Olympia beer, a shot of Maker’s Mark whiskey and an American Spirit cigarette in the patio by the Airstream. Yesterday, my colleague Ernest Jasmin reported the coming of Cans, a canned-beer joint, at 9th and A streets in downtown Tacoma. It’s the old Taboo, done by the Varsity Grill guys. I’m gussying up the ring around my blue collar now.


Battle for downtown: Thugs ‘n’ drugs vs. diners ‘n’ dollars

There are two signs in the windows of Paddy Coyne’s Irish Pub on Pacific Avenue:

One advertises weekend breakfast, starting May 5.

The other sign reads: WE SUPPORT YOU LAURA!

Laura is Laura Hanan, the downtown Tacoma gallery owner who has been accused of libel and slander by a religious organization that funds the nightclub which Hanan contends is connected to underage drinking and drug dealing.

“I did not come to Tacoma to open a business to deal with thugs, gangs, all ages shows, drug dealers or panhandlers,”

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Mark your calendars

Thursday-Dec. 13: the Emergency Food Network, Pierce County’s emergency food distribution center, Food Connection, Pierce County’s largest food bank, each mark 25 years of service this year. To celebrate, they’re jointly presenting a silver-anniversary silver-screen salute: The Cans Film Festival.

Starting Thursday, the Tacoma non-profits will screen food-themed movies and partner with local restaurants that will offer dinner specials throughout the month to raise funds for Food Connection and Emergency Food Network. Movies will be shown at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma’s Proctor district. McGavick Winery will provide complimentary

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A laundry list of restaurant concerns

As a professional eater and writer, I’m allocated about 650 words to review a restaurant. That includes assessing food, service and other things that constitute the dining-out experience.

A reader who calls himself amateur eater sent me 609 words on the things that are important to him when he dines out. Food isn’t mentioned.

Click on the READ MORE link below to read them all.

When you’re done reading the list, tell me what’s important to you.

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