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Archives: Nov. 2006


Drinking in a winter wonderland


WHAT: Washington Brewers Guild’s Winter Beer Festival

WHEN: Saturday, noon-10 p.m.

WHERE: Hale’s Ales Brewery & Pub, 4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle.

HOW MUCH: $20 at the door for a tasting cup and six 3-ounce tastes, or $20 advance for a tasting cup and 10 3-ounce tastes. Designated driver admission $8 at the door. 21 and over only, with valid ID. Tickets at some guild member pubs or at TicketWeb.

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Christmas dining dollars

My cousin Bob started a new job recently. He was immediately invited to the office Christmas party. It’ll be at The Herbfarm.

Since my cousin Bob’s tastes run toward Red Baron pizza and Swanson’s pot pies, I’ve offered to go to The Herbfarm in his place, promising to stock my freezer and clean my microwave so he can dine on his favorite foods while I get my first taste of chef Jerry Traunfeld’s culinary extravaganza -– nine-course, five-hour studies in herbal alchemy and exacting wine pairings that cost about $180 per diner. Bob didn’t fall for my

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UPS No. 3 in veggie poll


The University of Puget Sound is America’s third-most vegetarian-friendly college or university, according the world’s largest youth animal rights organization, behind Indiana University in Bloomington, Ill., and Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif.

peta2 says the demand for meatless meals has never been higher, and college-age people are leading the charge. Nearly one-quarter of all college students ask for vegan options in school cafeterias. Sales of vegetarian mock meats doubled between 1998 and 2003 and now constitute a billion-dollar industry.

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Time of sharing, and caring which restaurants are reviewed

Dear Ed,

My wife asked me, “why doesn’t Ed eat at Europa Bistro?” So I said, “I don’t know, but I can find out.”

bbahnsen, a registered user of this Web site

Dear bbahnsen:

Please let your wife know I have eaten at Europa. I have not reviewed Europa, but I wrote (fairly positively) about the restaurant in my neighborhood dining tour of the Proctor District in February.

Your inquiry touches on an issue I struggle to keep in balance in the South Sound’s growing but still shallow dining pond: review widely

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I returned from my "gone fishin’" vacation to see some other "gone fishin’" signs at local restaurants:

Dad’s Bakery & Deli opened in May (2914 6th Ave., at Junett, in Tacoma) and is now for lease. The agent’s signs in the windows say the place is turnkey – with all equipment and fixtures in place, it’s perfect for an honest-to-god delicatessen or breakfast spot, if you ask me.

I noticed this one before I left but I am just getting around to noting it now: Meat For the Soul, a Federal Way ribbery, has closed.


Vandalism is wrong; PBR is wronger

“Puyallup is more sophisticated than Tacoma.”

Brewpub impressario Dusty Trail was talking about his wine list and the difference between his current place, the comfortably sleek Powerhouse in Puyallup, and the place he opened 30 years ago, gritty Engine House No. 9 in Tacoma.

I quoted him, exactly as he told it to me. Now it looks like someone is, unfortunately, trying to make him eat those words.

Trail called me today — in what sounded like a pretty good mood, considering — and said since I wrote about The Powerhouse two weeks

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Gone fishin’

Am I wrong about this? If I am, I can change.

I hate it when food servers address two or more women customers as “you guys” — as in, “Are you guys ready to order?” or “Can I get you guys something to drink?”

It’s just as easy to say “you folks,” so why do they insist on saying “you guys”? This usually comes from 20-somethings, and I suspect it’s a matter of poor training. It even happened to my elderly mother and me when we went out to a nice place for dinner. What about us makes

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Local burger buckaroo does good

A Tacoma boy’s original hamburger creation has been selected from a field of more than 16,000 entries and will be featured in a kid’s cookbook that will be sold at Red Robin restaurants next summer to benefit the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Through its "The Next Gourmet Burger Kids Contest," Red Robin asked kids, age 10 and under, to submit an original gourmet burger creation and a 100-word statement on why their burger deserves to be America’s next gourmet burger. Seven-year-old Adam Sorg’s "The Buckaroo Burger" was among the 50 finalists. It’s a buffalo burger smothered

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