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Archives: May 2006


Fill your belly or your tank?


SIMMERING QUESTION: Would you drive this purple line for dinner?

Who needs a car and a 747

When you can’t buy a gallon of gas

Who needs a highway, an airport or a jet

When you can’t get a gallon of gas

There’s no more left to buy or sell

There’s no more oil left in the well

A gallon of gas can’t be purchased anywhere


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Tales of ales (and pilsners and bocks and …)

Beer historian Douglas McDonnell, a grandnephew of the German immigrant family that founded Tacoma’s longest-operating brewery, will talk about Heidelberg (nee Columbia) Brewing Co. at The Henderson House Museum in Tumwater on Thursday. There’ll be a slide show, too.

McDonnell knows his beer and his history. Here’s a story I wrote last year about McDonnell and his brewing research.

The Henderson House Museum: 602 Deschutes Way SW, Tumwater, 360-754-4217. $2 suggested donation.

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You grill, girl

OLYMPIA — Ranch House BBQ founder and prize-winning pitmaster Amy Anderson is featured in Food Network’s special “Grill Girls.”

It airs 9 p.m. tonight; 12 a.m. Wednesday; 2 p.m. Saturday; 6 p.m. Sunday.

Here’s the network’s hype:

“This one-hour special showcases women who are taking over backyard barbecues and competitive big rigs. Meet an all-women’s barbecue team hoping to make a name for themselves on the BBQ circuit and find out why women are moving their cooking to the back yard. Plus, discover how women are changing the way we think about what’s for

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Pie spy: A do-si-dough with Garlic Jim’s

My issue with Garlic Jim’s isn’t about pizza. It’s about privacy. About a year ago when the Everett-based chain moved into the South Sound, I patronized the then-new Federal Way store.

I walked in and placed my order. I was going to carry it out. The girl at the counter wanted to know my telephone number. I asked her why she needed my telephone number when I was standing right there. I refused to give her my telephone number.

Not long ago, while researching pizza places for today’s GOEATS column, I called Garlic Jim’s from a telephone

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Oysters and lager, steak and strawberry dessert

SIERRANEVADA.jpg persille.jpg

Sierra Nevada’s summer brew, left. Persille du Beaujolais blue cheese, right. Pacific oysters, top.

Sometimes, I get to take my work home. Tonight was such a night. Here’s what I had for dinner, and a little about what I’m working on:

A trio of triploids

Pacific oysters from Sound Fresh Clams & Oysters on the Totten Inlet in Shelton. XL, medium and small. They were all sweet and

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Openings on Sixth Ave.

Dad’s Bakery & Deli opened last Saturday at 2914 6th Ave. (at Junett) in Tacoma. Baked goods include breakfast pastries, donuts and breads (Italian, French, etc.), plus a new one on me: the fried burrito, a tortilla filled with apples, rolled up, deep fried and glazed. There’s also a chocolate version.

Dad’s décor is diner retro, but not kitchy. Well, just a little: pictures of TV Dad’s grace the walls, including Robert Young ("Father Knows Best"), Hugh Beaumont (Ward from "Leave it to Beaver) and Robert Reed ("The Brady Bunch").

Speaking of openings on Sixth Avenue,

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Of mops and flops

Yesterday’s telephone call from Denny Driscoll of The Lobster Shops perplexed me. Did he think I’d been in his Ruston Way restaurant and noticed something? (See blog entry below.)

Then it got me thinking: What if restaurant owners lose sleep over what I think?

Could they anticipate problems and fix them before I had a chance to gripe or snark?

With more restaurant activity on Sixth Avenue, I think it’s fair to say Old Milwaukee and Shakabrah are on my radar. Here goes wishful thinking:

One needs to hide its dirty mop and bucket from

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