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The Sonics will perform in Olympia on New Year’s Eve

Here’s some big news manager Buck Ormsby wasn’t quite ready to announce yesterday: The Sonics will play Olympia’s Capitol Theatre on New Year’s Eve, only the legendary Tacoma garage-rock outfit’s third local performance since the classic lineup broke up in 1967.

The show will support the Sonics’ forthcoming EP “8,” featuring the band’s first new songs since the ’60s (see previous blog item.) The band also plans to shoot video footage during the Olympia performance for a future DVD release.
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Super-producer Jack Endino weighs in on forthcoming Sonics EP “8”

By now it’s a given that the Sonics take their own sweet time doing things. Tacoma’s garage-rock heroes disbanded in 1967 and – an early ‘70s reunion gig in Seattle aside – didn’t get around to their comeback bid for four decades.

Then, last October, lead howler Jerry Roslie revealed the names of four new cuts his band had been working on, “Bad Attitude,” “Vampire Kiss,” “Cheap Shades” and “Don’t Back Down” (interview audio posted here.) And now, band manager Buck Ormsby expects those new songs to finally see the light of day on a new EP that’s simply called simply “8.” Ormsby speculated that copies of the new disc could be in stores by the end of this month.
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The Sonics hope to finish new album by fall

Last fall, I reported that Tacoma garage-rock legends, the Sonics, were working on a batch of new songs with Seattle producer Jack Endino. (If you missed that post, click here to find audio of lead howler Jerry Roslie describing the new songs.

Then, Roslie thought the band might release a four-song E.P. But today I got this e-mail update from Sonics camp with some exciting news.

Hello Ernest

The Sonics will be leaving for our 4th European tour on June 30. We’ll be playing festivals in Italy, Norway, Finland, Spain, Belgium and Germany.

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The Sonics nearly done with four new songs, iconic singer says (audio)

A year ago Saturday, Tacoma garage-rock legends, The Sonics, showed us they still had it with a fierce, swaggering set at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre, their first local performance since the Nixon administration.

And as this Halloween approaches there’s more Sonics news that’s so good it’s scary. Lead howler Jerry Roslie tells me his band is close to finishing four new songs with Seattle super-producer Jack Endino.
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Pearl Jam set list, night two

I missed Pearl Jam’s second show last night at KeyArena. But big props to reader Kevin Healy for the set list he forwarded from a fan forum:

Set List: Sometimes, Why Go, All Night, The Fixer, Dissident, Johnny Guitar, Faithfull, Lukin, Not For You/(“Modern Girl” by Sleater-Kinney), No Way, Unthought Known, Unemployable, Comatose, Insignificance, Present Tense, Got Some, Go

1st encore: Just Breathe w/the Octava String Quartet, The End w/the Octava String Quartet, Black, In My Tree, Spin The Black Circle

2nd encore: Supersonic (sung as “SuperSonics” with new lyrics about SuperSonics basketball team), Do The Evolution, The Real Me (by Townshend) w/the Syncopated Taint Horn Quartet, Porch, Yellow Ledbetter/(Star Spangled Banner)

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