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Super-producer Jack Endino weighs in on forthcoming Sonics EP “8”

By now it’s a given that the Sonics take their own sweet time doing things. Tacoma’s garage-rock heroes disbanded in 1967 and – an early ‘70s reunion gig in Seattle aside – didn’t get around to their comeback bid for four decades.

Then, last October, lead howler Jerry Roslie revealed the names of four new cuts his band had been working on, “Bad Attitude,” “Vampire Kiss,” “Cheap Shades” and “Don’t Back Down” (interview audio posted here.) And now, band manager Buck Ormsby expects those new songs to finally see the light of day on a new EP that’s simply called simply “8.” Ormsby speculated that copies of the new disc could be in stores by the end of this month.
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Grit City Bootlegs No. 58: The Fabulous Wailers return

The Fabulous Wailers had been out of commission since December as front man Kent Morrill battled serious illness (related story here.) But the godfathers of Northwest rock roared back into action this weekend with a pair of crowd pleasing and sometimes emotional performances, the first Saturday in Issaquah and the second last night capping off a Gulf coast benefit at the Swiss Tavern. Morrill sounded great, and shaky camera work aside, I managed to record this garage-rock classic for those of you who missed it.

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