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First look at Vanity

I took my first peek at Vanity last night. That’s the new nightclub that opened last weekend at 5602 S. Washington St., the cavernous space previously occupied by Station 56. And while I noticed a few good cosmetic improvements – the stage is now on the left hand side of the room, for starters – I left really confused about exactly what they’re going for over there.
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New nightclub Vanity is headed to former Station 56 site

A new nightclub called Vanity is headed to 5602 S. Washington St., in Tacoma, previously the home of rock club Station 56.

Local entrepreneur Ali Mehdizadehkashi – who owns Cheers Bar & Grill in Puyallup and has been affiliated with the Sixth Avenue Bar & Grill, Area 151, Cheers West and Lipstix, among other local establishments – is leasing the space. He applied for a liquor license for Vanity last month and has revealed tentative plans to open by mid-September.

Among the entertainment he said he may showcase are live rock bands, comedy, jazz and salsa.

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“Michael Jackson” in concert

Michael Jackson’s fans are all rushing to their local cineplex to catch that new “This is It” flick. And as an added bonus for locals, some guy named Scorpio is headlining a couple of tribute shows, one Friday (Oct. 30) at the Cedarwood Dome in Fife, the other Halloween night at Station 56 in Tacoma.

Personally, I’d just rather see the guy break-dance (clip number 3), but judge for yourself.

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Grit City Bootlegs No. 31: Church of Hate (video)

Tomorrow, I’m back in the office after a few days off, but couldn’t wait to post new content. Here’s a clip of Tacoma’s uber scary Church of Hate shot during a recent set at Station 56. You know, just to get you all primed for Halloween and all.


Grit City Bootlegs No. 30: The Missionary Position at Station 56 (video)

The other day I added a couple of tracks from Post Stardom Depression front man Jeff Angell’s newest band, The Missionary Position, to the South Sound Mix Tape. Then I took Angell up on his invite to check his trio out at Tacoma rock club Station 56 on Sunday.

TMS was kind of a square peg on an XIL records bill topped by the massively aggro Church of Hate. But Angell and company held their own, delivering swaggering, bluesy versions of several cuts from their “Diamonds in a Dead Sky” album, sans the drum loops and horns you’ll hear on the CD (though Angell says they perform the songs that way, too, depending on the venue.)

But enough jibba jabba. My favorite cut was called “Why Me? Why Now?”

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