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Get to know Sweet Kiss Momma (video)

Just ‘cause they’re from the Northwest doesn’t mean they can’t rock like Skynyrrrrrrrrrd! Sweet Kiss Momma is one of South Sound’s most popular “southern” rock acts. (Hey, go with it. Puyallup is south of where I’m sittin’, anyway.) And the band debuted this slick, new mini doc during their most recent appearance at Jazzbones. Check it out.


Kid Rock set list

For Kids about to rock … we salute you. (Photo by Ernest Jasmin)

At some point during Kid Rock’s return to the Puyallup Fair Sunday night it struck me just how artificial a lot of what you hear on top 40 radio is these days. It was right around the time that Kid – a guy who’s spent the latter part of his career lifting riffs from Metallica, Warren Zevon and ZZ Top – bragged about how authentic his band was because, you know, they play instruments and stuff. Oooooh, ahhhhh.
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Kings of Leon talk new songs, the price of fame

This week’s hot ticket is to see Nashville’s Kings of Leon at the Gorge Amphitheatre, a band that in the last few years has grown from club-headlining indie darlings to one of the hottest bands on the planet.

The Kings are Friday’s GO cover story, so pick up the paper tomorrow to read what they have to say about returning to the Gorge and what they learned from Pearl Jam. Meanwhile, check out these clips I recorded during a May conference call brothers Caleb

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Kings of Leon will road test new songs on forthcoming tour

Expect to hear some fresh, new cuts when the Kings of Leon drop by the scenic Gorge Amphitheatre on July 17.

“Today is actually our last day in the studio, and we’re wrapping it up,” said singer-guitarist Caleb Followill of the Nashville band’s forthcoming album. He was taking part in a conference call with brother, Jared, and a bunch of rock writers from around the country today.

“There are times when it’s very tropical and beachy, but there’s always that dark chord in there that makes it Kings of Leon,” he said of the new material,

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