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Soundgarden to release live album, record new songs

Soundgarden will release its first live album, “Live on I-5” on March 22, and has headed into the studio to record new material, Rolling Stone reports. The live album consists of tracks recorded on their West Coast tour of 1996.

“We brought Adam Kasper out on the West Coast leg of our headlining ’96 tour,” guitarist Kim Thayil tells Rolling Stone. “We wanted him to record it for a number of things – as a way to appraise and review the performances, we were hoping to maybe provide content for B sides for foreign releases, and

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Super-producer Jack Endino weighs in on forthcoming Sonics EP “8”

By now it’s a given that the Sonics take their own sweet time doing things. Tacoma’s garage-rock heroes disbanded in 1967 and – an early ‘70s reunion gig in Seattle aside – didn’t get around to their comeback bid for four decades.

Then, last October, lead howler Jerry Roslie revealed the names of four new cuts his band had been working on, “Bad Attitude,” “Vampire Kiss,” “Cheap Shades” and “Don’t Back Down” (interview audio posted here.) And now, band manager Buck Ormsby expects those new songs to finally see the light of day on a new EP that’s simply called simply “8.” Ormsby speculated that copies of the new disc could be in stores by the end of this month.
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Spin runs revealing story on Soundgarden reunion

There’s a great Soundgarden interview coming up in the September Spin, on newsstands Aug. 24. Among the tidbits you’ll learn:

Bassist Ben Shepherd – the Soundgardner I’ve spotted most around Seattle the past few years – is apparently homeless: “Literally. I’ve been sleeping on studio couches and at friends’ houses. I’m totally broke,” he tells Spin.

Also, that cryptic tweet that Chris Cornell sent out on New Year’s Day – the one about how “Knights of the Soundtable ride again!” – wasn’t a reunion announcement. According to guitarist Kim Thayil, “We’re not the Knights of the Soundtable,

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Pearl Jam says good-bye (for now)

Could Pearl Jam’s two-night stand in Seattle last year have been our last shots to see the band for a long, long time? Several sources, including Harms from Seattle’s KNDD-FM (The End, 107.7) in Seattle, are reporting that Pearl Jam is going on hiatus.

“Thank you for coming to our last show,” Eddie Vedder told a crowd at the Optimus Alive Festival in Lisbon Portugal. “Not our last ever, but our last in a long time.”

That’s the widely circulated translation of

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Soundgarden rumored to play secret show at Showbox

The recently reunited Soundgarden’s first official, confirmed gig is at Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival in August. But Billboard and other sources are reporting that the grunge titans will actually launch their comeback bid Friday night at Showbox at the Market. If true, it’ll be their first gig since 1997.


Soundgarden reunion

Last week I was kayaking, snorkeling with Crayola fish and eating shaved ice a stone’s throw from Barack Obama’s vacation crib in Kailua. Needless to say, I’m a little bummed about being back in the cold, drizzly Northwest. But at least I have the Soundgarden announcement to lift my spirits a bit.

Here’s Chris Cornell’s Twitter announcement, for those who haven’t heard:

The 12 year break is over & school is back in session. Sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!