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Tool rocks, inspires with psychedelic set in Seattle

Tool, as viewed from the back of KeyArena Saturday night (photo by Ernest Jasmin).

Tool is one of the strangest, most inspiring anomalies in pop music today. The “thinking man’s metal band,” as they’re called, crafts songs that are brazenly weird, cerebral and arty. They eschew trends, instead packing albums with sprawling prog-rock epics that have more in common with Rush and King Crimson than anything trendy on top 40 radio today. And they take their own sweet time between albums, having produced just four proper full-lengths in 18 years.

Yet, in the fickle world of pop, they’ve remained staples of MTV and mainstream radio since grunge was king. Hey, how’d that happen? And based on Saturday night’s appearance at KeyArena, Tool may be more respected and relevant than ever.
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