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I Defy undergoing “trial separation”

All is not well in I Defy camp. So says vocalist Jason McKibbon who last night said he and the veteran Tacoma punk act are going through “a trial separation.” More specifically, McKibbon said he’d quit the group three weeks ago, angered by unpaid bills related to the recording of I Defy’s forthcoming album and DVD.

“I can’t keep spinning my wheels like this,” he said, though he predicted “The album and the dvd will still come out.

Sorry to break the news, I Defy fans. But maybe this clip, from happier times at the old Hell’s

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Was that Guttermouth’s Mark Adkins or Lou Dobbs?

So Cal punk vets Guttermouth will headline Hell’s Kitchen Friday night, and leading up to my interview with front man Mark Adkins I read many a story about how he revels in pushing people’s buttons. Well, let’s just say he wasn’t shy about sharing his opinions on …

… why punk is dead.

… PBR-chugging punk poseurs (especially the ones that tried to beat him up in Ventura.)

… his obsession with politics. And this is where he does his best Lou Dobbs impression.

I debated how much of the political stuff

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The Thermals interview (audio)

Portland’s popular punk trio, the Thermals, is headed north for a pair of big shows at Seattle’s Neumo’s (Friday) and the Northern in Oly. That second one will be open to all ages on Sunday.

We’ll have a related Q & A in this week’s GO section and the Olympian’s Weekend. Meanwhile, I figured fans might get a kick out of a few clips from my interview with drummer Westin Glass. Click the links below to hear him talk about …

… being the semi-new guy.

… recording

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Agent Orange, more headed to Backstage

We now have a better idea of the bands general manager Joy Hutt plans to bring to the forthcoming Backstage Bar & Grill, which is under construction at 6409 Sixth Ave., in Tacoma, formerly home base for the short-lived Game On Sports Grille.
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The Melvins’ King Buzzo talks Hollywood, “Groucho Marxism” and Fox News (audio)

Better late than never, but as promised here are a few more clips from my interview with Melvins leader Buzz Osbourne (first batch here.)

The godfathers of grunge are still in the area. And as anyone who witnessed the band blow the roof off of Hell’s Kitchen Monday night will tell you, tonight’s all-ages show at Olympia’s Capitol Theater should not be missed. Meanwhile, click the links to hear King Buzzo on …

… band stability and playing with Jared Warren and Coady Willis from Big Business.

… appearing

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The Fun Police phenomenon

The Fun Police are really weird. That is to say, the septet is one of South Sound’s most offbeat and wildly inventive bands, with a creative vision that encompasses genre-blurring party anthems – parts punk, Celtic, reggae and country – satirical PSA videos and even good grub. (Fun Police associate “Fryin’” Ryan Hatcher served up gourmet grits during the band’s performance at Tacoma’s Grit City Fest in June, as captured on film here.)

At the moment, the “Bullies in Blue” are busy winding down their first West Coast tour with their hard-drinkin’ homies from Ten Miles of Bad Road. Singer-guitarist Kevin Schulz – a.k.a. Ranger Ruffhousen, has kept me up to speed on some of the highlights: Lots of busking, some bridge diving, a possibly schizophrenic break-dancer. Getting chased by real police outside of Disneyland. You know, the usual. But Sunday, they’ll both be back in town for Ten Miles’ Outlaw Music Festival at O’Malley’s Irish Pub.

We’ve got a related story running in Sunday’s Sound Life section. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the band’s music videos and PSAs.

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Tacoma Rock City approved (Aug. 13 to 19)

A few events worth checking out in the week to come.

Music and Art in Wright Park benefit show

Earplugs are not optional on Saturday. At least not if you want your ears to survive the epic metal sludge and hardcore mayhem that Mico de Noche and C.F.A. will unleash on Tacoma’s New Frontier Lounge. The bands are looking to raise about $2,500 to help finance the MAWP festival, which will also feature the F-ing Eagles, Gold Teeth, Lozen, Girl Trouble and more on Aug. 21 at Wright Park.
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The story behind “Quiet Shoes,” a.k.a. the Girl Trouble movie (video)

Quick trivia question: What do Justin Timberlake, Will Smith and Tacoma’s Girl Trouble all have in common?

Duh! So obvious, people! They’re all multi-talented stars of stage and silver screen.

Wait, you say you’ve seen “Black Snake Moan” and “Ali.” But you’re drawing a blank when it comes to a feature length film that stars Girl Trouble, the beloved local garage-punk quartet that’s been, in their words, “eluding fame since 1984.”

Then head down to Tacoma’s Rialto Theater Saturday evening to catch “Quiet Shoes,” the new, low-budget comedy that was co-written by

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