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Charlie Murphy on the demise of “Chappelle’s Show,” a rematch with Prince (audio)

I wrote a preview of comedian Charlie Murphy’s headlining set at Seattle’s Moore Theatre on Saturday night for tomorrow’s GO section. Meanwhile, you can click the links to hear Charlie talking about the demise of “Chappelle’s Show” (a couple of guesses at who Comedy Central wanted to step in for Dave) and who would win a hoops rematch with Prince. On that second on you get on of Charlie Murphy’s really true Hollywood stories.


Prince pens wussiest football fight song ever

If you’ve seen “Chappelle’s Show,” or you just have an annoying friend who won’t stop quoting all the best bits, you know Prince has mad skills on the basketball court. Well, at least he did before he needed a hip replacement.

But who knew his Purpleness was such a big fan of the pigskin? He’s been caught on camera attending his hometown Minnesota Vikings’ playoff games. And now, in the tradition of the “Superbowl Shuffle” and that so campy its good “Super Chargers” song, here’s a little something he to get Vikes fans fired up as their favorite

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