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Devo founder Gerald Casale describes “groundbreaking” new video (audio)

Devo delivered one of the most striking and iconic music videos to ever grace MTV with “Whip It” in the ’80s. And after interviewing band founder Jerry Casale this afternoon, it sounds like the new wave pioneers may be setting the bar again with their forthcoming clip for “What We Do,” the next single from last year’s “Something for Everybody” album.
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EMP/SFM’s ninth annual Pop Conference to focus on technology

Seattle’s EMP/SFM announced that its ninth annual Pop Conference will focus on the gizmos and tech that’s been used to compose popular music over the years, from player pianos to Autotune.

The conference will run from April 15 to 18 this year, with with panels on post-punk reverb, deconstructing Freddie Mercury, Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad and other topics. A keynote address on “Making Technology Bounce” will be presented at 7 p.m. on April 15 by producers Nile Rodgers and Joe Henry and rising Outkast protege Janelle Monae (who you can see in a

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Favorite albums of ’09, No. 1

Hotels, “Where Hearts Go Broke”

Seattle’s Hotels deserve to be as popular as a gang of other bands that have hit pay dirt by mining the post-punk sounds of Manchester, circa 1980. Then again, maybe it’s not quite fair to lump this group in with those other sad bastards since its lush aesthetic draws equally from the breezy synth-pop of Stereolab and cinematic spy themes. Bottom line: These guys are way more fun in concert than Interpol.

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Favorite albums of ’09, No. 2

Late of the Pier, “Fantasy Black Channel”

I nearly didn’t include this on the list because of a technicality; it actually came out in Europe last year before officially arriving on our shores in January. The British outfit cast a wide net, with songs that draw liberally from arena rock and new wave traditions alike. But Don’t tell them they sound like Gary Numan. It ticks them off.

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Sons of Ivan on the South Sound Mix Tape

Sure, the Sons of Ivan broke up and all, freeing up Jason Falk to play with Mono in VCF, Mike Krushka to sing with the Legend of Bigfoot and the Fernandez bros (Reylan and Lino) to work on their new garage-rock band, the Dignitaries. But that doesn’t mean we can’t remember this Tacoma band, courtesy of a track I added to the South Sound Mix Tape.

They still maintain a MySpace page where you can hear more here.